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Hi All,

Thanks for visiting my travel blog. Hopefully I will keep this updated whenever I can so you can see what a fantastic time I am having. Look forward to hearing from all my loved ones back home and from others out there in the travelling fraternity.

Basic gist -

South America
London / UK
Hong Kong
Kiwi Land

Favourite new travel saying

"Don't worry about the future, it will come fast enough"

A. Einstein

Love it...

Va con dios amigos...


Diary Entries

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Location: UK

Ra ra ra

Have posted more photos up but haven't captioned them yet. Heaps of me getting drunk surprisingly. Still got heaps more to post - even some of that sacrilege competition the rugby world cup, when we were still in the competition, oh the shame!

Ra ra ra

Going to New York for Christmas - hope your all jealous.

Ra ra ra

Mohammad jihad


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Location: London, UK

Hi All,

Erm...well once again it has been a long time since updating the 'ol blog. I guess lack of travel is coinciding with a lack of motivation. However, in saying that I am off on a bit of a jaunt this Thursday to Edinburgh to catch 'The Shins' live and to check out some of the fringe festival. Oh yeeeahhh....

So past couple of weeks. Well can't say that there has been that much happening to be honest. Missed out on a cloud bubble at an exhibition - don't want to explain further but it would have been cool trust me. Been doing more of the same really, getting drunk and socialising during my weekends. Caught a few football games and getting into the swing of things - even doing alright on the virtual football league. Beating Shapleski anyway.

To elaborate further - the other week basically involved a bit of good food, some chilling out in the occasional park, and a bit of shopping. Weather has been absolutely wicked over the past two weeks but now is very much looking like the London I imagined - one word - Grey. Grey grey grey. Looking forward to another 6 months of grey, it’s really been devoid of my life as a colour over the past 5 months previous. Good on ya grey. Excuse my cynicism.

The weekend just been was pretty cool. Met up with a Scottish Lass I met in Colombia to have a few drinks on Thursday. Unfortunately whilst Luke, myself, and Genevieve (Scottish Lass) were discussing what three condiments we would take with us to a desert island ((What are your three? Also discussed top five vegetables last night (not on a desert island though). Maybe we should join 'Salient' and write these up)) some pillick stole her handbag from next to her. Unfortunately she lost her phone, keys, and wallet. Roll on the shots of Opel Neira and welcome back to the Oval hangover.

As it was with karma; of course the day at work on Friday was probably the most intense I have had so far. Had to handle meeting some important people and also had to deal with trying to get some busted Heritage Gates fixed but managed to have my first victory since working here which gave me warm fuzzies. Unfortunately all my hard work was unfolded on Monday but at least I tried my best.

Just stepping back slightly to the Friday morning - I made a complete dick of myself on the Tube into work. Think I was still a little tipsy but I ended up running down the stairs of the station to catch the tube which was milliseconds away from leaving. I managed to bowl on into the first carriage, creating a huge scene while I banged my head and nearly got my foot stuck in the closing doors. All eyes on Scott. The tube then lurched off away from the platform, and of course I wasn't hanging onto anything. I fell into the welcoming arms of a great big black dude who was standing behind me. I stammered an apology out and kept my head down looking at my shoes for the remainder of the journey. Just the way I wanted to start the working day.

Friday night I headed out to this wicked venue called Koko which would have to be one of the best bars in the world. So so cool. Had a few live gigs playing which were pretty good but the venue stole the show. Unfortunately didn't have my snapper present but will take it along next time to catch some action in the place. Only downside was the prices at the bar - 4 doubles costing 28 quid. Yeeowsa.

So now got today at the office and then I'm off for 5 days as next Monday is a public holiday. Looking forward to Edinburgh heaps, can't wait to see what the city has on offer, especially if I'm intending on moving up there at some stage.

Will post fab photos.

Toodle pip,


p.s. Another hilarious moment in the life of Scott occurred last night. I brought a new toothbrush last night only to have Luke whine that he had brought the same one. He spoke of some conspiracy to try and lick his saliva or something weird like that. Out came my trusty Sharpie pen to inscribe my name on my toothbrush to avoid confusion; amid much mocking. Somewhere along the line of writing 'toothbrush' I got interrupted by Luke and wrote 'Scotts toothbush'. Nice one retard...

Monday, 06 August 2007

Location: London, England

Hey All,

Yeah I know I know, long time no updates!

I thought that I would try to get into a routine whereby I update my blog after the weekends just to keep things on track.

So yeah, well the past week or so has flown by really. Obviously the major milestone was completing my first week of work (note the use of 'milestone' thats the project manager in me coming out...ha!)

First two days of work were hellish to be honest. Just getting back into my work mindset after 5 odd months of not having to use my brain was pretty hard.

Overall work is looking pretty good. Pretty good bunch of people (my manager is gay, a little camp but acceptable levels) and I'm getting involved in some hard core urban regeneration stuff. Stuff which I will pretty much have to study in order to make sure that I know what Im talking about. Stuff which will make the front page of the newspaper. Looking forward to the challenge though and the money is pretty good.

Weekend just been was pretty awesome. Weather on Sunday topped 30 degrees so absolutely loving it. Weather over here in the last week has been sublime. The Tubes were ridiculous though and seriously must have been mid 30's inside the lines.

So on Saturday we decided to make the most of the sunshine and so purchased the board game 'Risk' and then started on the boozer at about 4 in the afternoon. Kicked it off with a beer bong - fondly known as Rudi.

What followed was carnage on a grant scale, what with the contriversial Risk game (as always), drinking G&T's and doing beer bongs. Flatmates are not happy with Luke and I after we broke the bonsai tree, did funnels in the lounge, and I spewed in three different locations including the shower. Whoopsy.

As Luke put it, we made three mistakes:

1. Drinking in the sun
2. Not eating
3. Drinking a bottle of gin between us and polishing off the majority of it by playing the card game red-black

Best story though was Luke and I jumped on a train to go to a party over on the northeast side. Got the train no worries and then managed to doze off for, I dunno, maybe an hour. We actually reached our destination station, the train waited probably for about 20 minutes, and then started going back in the other direction.
Fortunately Luke managed to come around and wake us both up shouting "What the!...we're in South Wembley!"
Otherwise we would have ended up in Watford, 2 hours south of London, with no chance of getting home apart from a $137 quid taxi. Would have probably had to get a hotel that you pay by the hour for if we had of got stuck. Good story though.

At the party I randomly bumped into a kiwi guy who we had done some travelling with in Argentina and Peru. Small world. Good party too but I think Luke and I were the 'life' of the party if you get my drift. At least we didn't break anything or get nude or anything.

Yesterday was spent the morning in bed nursing a semi hangover which I fortunately recovered from surprisingly easily. Went to a play in the West End which was called the Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged). Missed the first 20 or so minutes 'cause we were running late but the remainder was really funny and quite well done. Not quite what I was expecting but still very cool. I'm hoping to see something at the Globe Theatre soon. Othello is playing there at the moment but apparently its about 3 and 1/2 hours long, which is a bit long to be standing up.

Well thats about it guys. Will post up some photos of the carnage which took place on the weekend. Also will give you all the grand tour of my humble abode.

Aroha to Aotearoa,


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Location: London, England

Yep (said while relaxing back in my chair and stretching my arms) I now am once again a working man.

Just had an interview this afternoon and have got the call up. I will be a Project Officer for the London Borough of Lambeth in the Environment Section. Its near Brixton which people from London will tell you is a bit dodgy and has a blossoming gay community (I know what your come back to that comment would be Jules). Apparently I should stear clear of McDonalds cause there was a shooting there the other day.

But the role sounds fairly interesting, the person in charge seems like a good bloke, and its not too far from home being roughly 45 minutes or so. Might make the shift down that side of town at some stage as well cause apparently its cheap down there with heaps of Kiwis and Ozzies as well. Its a good career move as well cause it gets me into project management and will be more interesting than processing consents, or so I believe anyway. Big step up but at least I shouldn't be bored.

So now I am having a celebratory 'Probably the best lager in the world' and looking with dread to my first working day, in similar fashion as what I used to do when I looked upon my first day back at school after the holidays. Oh well at least I get paid pounds.

Catch you all,

Scott - Project Officer

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Location: London, UK

Hidee Ho Everyone

Well its been awhile since I last updated the blog, mainly because I did nearly finish writing a update last week only for it to disappear into the great cyber unknown, much to my frustration. I haven't had the heart to write something since.

So I have been here in London for the past 12 days and to be honest I'm not too sure about the whole affair. Sure there is heaps to do and I am only just getting settled in but I am restless at the moment. That could also be because I am bored and currently just waiting for the phone to ring, and because I have no trips or events to look forward to. And everything costs a fortune and I need a job.

The last week or so has been a bit of a blur really. The first weekend I got here was pretty huge. London is kinda like first year uni for those over 20 - everyone comes here to live with other Kiwis, Ozzie or Saffas, have meanial jobs which they don't work that hard in and really just get on the booze a lot. Luke Shapleski admitted to me yesterday that up until recently (last week) he was turning up to work hungover at least 2-3 times a week.

So its bit like stepping back in time again. Gone is nice furniture and large screen TV (Becs and Nick) and back are mouldy bathrooms, kitchens smelling of last nights spag bol, worn couches, and indoor clothes hangers.

At the moment I am just sitting on my hands waiting for agencies to get back to me with jobs and hopefully job interviews. Last week I spent most of my time keeping busy getting things organised because to be honest all I have come to England with is my visa. Due to my retarded lack of preparation I am battling with job agencies, job interviews (had one), flat finding (although that is somewhat sorted out - got my first place in London), trying to open a bank account, and also sorted out the most retarded thing of all - renewing my NZ drivers licence. Why I didn't renew it before I left you may ask? Not sure (Scott in London shrugs his shoulders)

So all in all nothing really that interesting has occured. But the weather is nice although unpredicable as a Wellington northerly, the food isn't as bad as people have made out (if you can put the effort in its good), the Tube is becoming a breeze (although expensive), I have my own space (Yay!), my health is good, and in general things are going okay. And I have seen my first Squirrel. They are cool.

So I will get back into tourist mode for a while I think in order to keep my idle hands busy. Will post up some photos of some cool stuff - just if it manages to pop up anywhere. Big Ben anyone?...

Keep in touch,


Thursday, 05 July 2007

Location: Madrid, Spain

Yep as the maps shows, I´m in Europe!

Flight over here was torture. Service okay, food okay, plane falling to pieces and seat in the middle of some kind of Jewish Argentinian seventh form school kids trip to Spain. Not much sleep.

So feeling a bit bushed at the moment but overall okay. Nothing amiss anyway. Hopefully my luggage turns up in London, my travel agents words on the airline were-

¨Yeah they are crap, sent me to Hong kong and my luggage to Moscow. They are safe though!¨

So a few more hours here, one more exit stamp from the airport, and then I hit London and tackle the tube for the first time. Should be interesting.



Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Location: Argentina

Well everyone this is my final update from South America. I think I need a hug. Its an emotional time for me this.

Well my final has been a time of ups and downs, didn´t manage to complete all I wanted but then I rarely do. Had a good time walking around La Boca and brought an awesome hemp hoodie, with those two things pretty much being the highlights.

In a short time (Well 12 hours) I will be hanging out in Madrid. Has a nice ring to it when in reality I will be spending 5 hours in the airport.

Just thought that I would make a list of some of the different characteristics I noted from each of the different countries I visited, for my benefit as much as anything else:


- Food is either with an inch of cheese, deep fried, or else comes with Papas Fritas
-Macking up in public places, usually plazas
-The best damn green apples ever
-Roaming dogs
-Exhaust spewing buses
-Inelligable Spanish
-Pre mixed pisco sours
-´Dos Mil´ for everything


-Spanish looking people
-´The Aucklander´ attitude
-Peugeot 504 taxis
-Hot máte
-Men kissing (on cheeks)
-Black and white pavement tiles


-Streets smelling of urine
-The feeling that you just have to wait and hope that things will turn out for the best
-Order in street markets yet utter chaos
-Anything you can possilbly think of can be brought at a market stall, but nothing unique or original
-A general uncivility with the people


-´The Gringo Trail´
-Welcoming people
-Discontent against their neighbours
-The feeling that they would sell the grandmother


-Tribute to the equator in the wrong location (I mean the whole country is named after it to for gods sakes)
-Dodgy locals
-Drunks drinking on Sundays
-Short beggars
-The most guns (police doubling on motorbikes, one with a unhostered six shooter)


-Motorcycle capital of South America
-´Viaje Sin Armas´
-Blaring carribean music from every street and long neck beers
-Pipes for shower heads and one cold tap only
-Motorbikes for sale in supermarkets
-Tropical fruit juices
-Cactus on the beaches

Well thats about all for now folks. Will update from Spain if I can.

Adious South America, you´ve been great...

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From Alastair
I remember when I saw my first squirrel, they ARE way cool
Response: Yeah man. I dunno about those claws though. I'm gunna watch those eyes to make sure that none of them gets any ideas. You know - evil monkey Family Guy style...
From Laura
Great work Scott....even if it is in London :) sounds like a huge step up, us colonialists will be flabbergasted with your CV when you come home eventually! Best of luck for your first day....and go the ABs this weekend! Enjoy earning the stirling. L.
Response: Thanks :) Yeah it should be a challenge, but one I'm looking forward to. Hey I checked out a gig last night by this chick called 'Feist'. Real cool actually. You should myspace her to see what shes all about. Got to love that about London ;)
From mama
London at last! Guess you got your luggage. Pam Rope's little sister, Racheal Moar (said more) works at NZ House. Say Hi if you bump into her. Good luck with the jobs
Response: Geeze Mum I hope that you are taking the piss, what are the odds of me ever seeing Pam's sister let alone recognising her since I don't know what she looks like. I think the luck you sent me put me in good steed though ;)
From caitlin
Hey hey,
good to hear yr partying it up, love it! you make m want to go to columbia now...might even go on my list of places to go in life!..thats a pretty special list..i havnt been doing much, uni was petty full on but al finished up now till july 16th wop wop! im home for the weekend and went to the all blacks with dj last night, dan scored 3 tmes right under our nose!oh!so good. sounds like yr in some pretty hot weather! bit diff back here as its getting very makachilly! how was the jungle?!any monkeys?ha!
C x
Response: Yeah Colombia is wicked. You should start learning Spanish now! Yeah have missed out on all the good All Blacks happenings, might catch some of the tennis if I am lucky but will also miss the Americas Cup too I think! Nope no monkeys, just heaps of bugs and tropìcal illnesses!
From Laura
Equator photo gold!

Nice work Schott.....
From mama
Our atlas doesn't have the places you've been/are. Not sure what that means as it's made in the US. A least my SA geography is improving heaps while I try to find you!
Response: Interesting that. Apparently US Colombia relations are good, something about the combined effort against drugs. At least you should know where Buenos Aires and London are though!
From Swindlar
must have been a classy photography to nail that photo of you´re equator jump mate
Response: Can´t make that giant sweed head of yours any bigger Tom...
From L
Hey- see Max has a bid, that's great news! So stoked for you. Well deserved and what a relief! Had a girls night the other night and of course there had to be a reason...well turns out May 25 is Argentina Revolution Day (I googled it!) so I printed off photos of Alpacas and Diego Maradona.....spotted either on your travels?!! Was at a farewell party last night....and Gus was there! I know. Gold. He looks so good! Hope Columbia is breathtaking...sure it will be. Got half marathon this weekend (fist in mouth), next stop Honolulu marathon! Nothing on your travels but I am travelling Oz pver summer, the Kimberly mines, the Ghan which I've booked for as well as a few other things already, including flights, then back in time for Scotty D and Lucy's wedding...phew! I thought Liz's joke about the list was brilliant. Kudos Liz!

Take Care Scott.
Response: Yeah Max has unfortunately taken a turn for the worst - they managed to track me down to South America the bastards! Have seen plenty of Alpacas, still can´t tell the difference between them and Lamas, but havent seen the overweight Maradona on the Buenos Aires streets. Hope the half went well, being sick recently has hit me back to 84kgs, bit of a far cry from my noventa days. Good luck on the travels too, Im sure you will love it.
From mama
ah well.. bad luck about the lost items. Guess you'll have to make sure you don't lose the list if you make one.
Take care in Columbia
Response: Yeah its beginning to get to be a bit - think I may have lost my flashlight as well but hopefully that turns up when I pack today. Managed to pick up a camera charger which was $40US which was a bit expensive but at least its original fuji stuff. Yeah will take heaps of care, not looking at doing anything stupid at all...
From L
Always knew you could and would do it......
Response: Yeah I am really really glad that I did do it. Still missing the whole thing really. Such an awesome experience. I´m so nostalgic about it already...
From janelle
Hey Scotty,
just logged on to check where you are now...amazing photos & sounds like you're having a good time. how much longer have you got travelling?? we've got tentative bookings now, very exciting but still months away! take care & drop us a note when you have time. xox janelle&az.
Response: Good stuff on the bookings guys - just book them for certain and work from there. Travelling is awesome and you guys will love Asia - apart from the inevitable sickness of course!
From mama
I don't think I'd like to swim near those floating islands. Chess, what!
I have booked online a holiday to Oz. Was a bit scary but in the end I got so frustrated looking for the best deal that I just pressed Accept.
Response: Yeah I definitely wouldnt be swimming near them, or maybe anywhere on Lake Tikicaca to be honest. They take the water from the lake for drinking etc as well as the rest of it including the toilet. Not sure about how that all works for them...Where are you off to then?
From Justin
Yeah loving your blog Scott. Cool tales and great photos. Enjoy the Inca Trail! Later.
Response: Cheers Justin. Hope that your adventure is going well :) How long have you got to wait now??
From Becs
Hi Scott

Thanks for the postcard!!!! We got it yesterday. Naomi is right things did go a bit pear shaped for a while but we have a whole new hot water cylinder and new pipes, so at least thats something we done have to worry about for a while, oh yeah and the floors and deck look really good. There are some photos uploaded here there are also some there of our little holiday. Keep having a great time and we will keep on reading what you've been up to .
Luv Becs and Nick
Response: Good to hear that things are back on track - will check out the photos when I can! Yeah I am finally getting a bit more settled I think and really really not looking forward to working! If only I had of started an internet company when I was 11...
From caitlin
cool you went white water rafting! not as good as ol waitomo tho a ;) shit oi you must get pretty bugged all these full on days. i just sorted today that im going to go home next year and finish off my degree doing my practical in hamilton! funny a! im stoked!so over auckland and work. got to go to a lecture now but hope things are all good! C x
Response: Dunno - never been to Waitomo even though its on my back door step - funny that. Good stuff on sorting out the future plans - the Tron aye...back to the ol roots! Im sure that the cats and M&D will appreciate the house being a bit more than 3 people!
From Alastair
Man I can't get over the colour in the cities! They obviously don't have the RMA, Dunedin's only 10 storey building is due for a paint job - from grey to a lighter shade of grey. Some awesome pictures though keep up the good work.
Response: Yeah things over here tend to ´fit´quite well I guess. Lots of shanty towns around though which is bad urban planning. Cant all be blamed on the RMA the grey thing - remember that thats what the community wants! Even if the only interested community are busy-bodies and single 40s men...
From Mama & Hannah
Nice piccys! Mum likes the night shots the best... I was quite amazed at the Night Shot that looked like day time! Happy Birthday for tuesday and that you liked your gift. Mwahhahahahaha....
Response: Yeah the night shots I have taken so far have been my fav´s as well so far. Yeah I was jumping up and down with excitement when I took the night/day shot, I don´t think the others were quite so enthused. Cheers for the gifts, the binos should come in handy for spotting condors.
From Gen
Hi Scotti!
Glad to hear that you are enjoying the cheese of foreign lands before dogs raid the trees - that sort of thing would not happen in a nice 5 star hotel you know!
All is well here - have taken up smoking and really rather enjoying it - smoked anything good yourself???

As always
Gen x
Response: Hey Gen! Yep you are probably right, but how can you create stories like dogs eating cheese from trees when you stay in a 5 star hotel?? Glad to hear all is well, one question though - are you sure that your smoking past time is supporting your quest to be a yummy mummy?? P.s. apparently cocaine is cheaper than weed here - not that I would know of course...
From caitlin
HAPPY BLOODY BIRTHDAY!!!! shitta, yr getting old arnt ya, still going strong though so it seems! hope you are having a wonderful day and seeing the best sights ever today. will write more later!! big love Cxx
Response: Hiiiiiiiiiii!! Jeeze thanks for reminding me how old I am! I really am ready for my mid life crisis now! Yep had an awesome day thanks and did see some awesome sights. 25!!! Oh my god!!!
From Tink
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you have a great day, thinking of you heaps as always :) lots of love oxoxoxox
From mama
Happy birthday! I figure it must be the 9th by now over there (5.30pm here).
I guess going north will mean you'll be back into warmer temps. It is lovely here today (Easter Monday). Went to Arapuni and Jono, Cait and DJ waverode and Hannah got as far as squatting on the skiis. DJ says that counts as being up - yeah! Still swimming in the pool thou pretty much got to keep moving. Everyone is well and we're having a roast and banana cake in your honour.
Response: Cheers! Had a cool day at the most amazing hot pools I have ever been to. In this wicked small stream, architecturally designed, with 16 pools! Would have loved a good roast but had trout instead!
From Alastair
I love the not-so-subtle reminder that its your birthday, no we haden't forgetten, and I expect a postcard.
Response: What? I dont know what you talking about?? Unfortunately we will be in Pucon rather than San Martin as I had thought, but will head out regardless I think. Stupid expensive Chile. Whats your address again?
From Fonz
Bro you da man!!!
Response: Hey bro, hope you had a blast of a birthday. Hope uni is going well, would be good to hear how your adventure is going!
From Janelle
have been checking recent updates of all three of your sites & well done, yours has the best pics!! which is really what we're all after...something to daydream about while working : (
Nah the adventure stories do waste alot of time so they're gd too :)
Take care, talk soon. xox J
Response: Hey Janelle, well that has earned me some bragging rights with the others :] Have taken some awesome night shots as well but will you´ll have to wait a little long to see those ones. Will try to update my written blog first I think. Hope everything back in Aucks is going well.
From mama
Awesome photos! I was beginning to think that your group were alone in the mts but the one in the hut shows that you're not. Bummer not being here when you rang. The answer is yes and I will go when TK is sold. Just heard a guy saying it's impt to hold onto your luggage in SthAm, esp when you go to the loo. Hope that it just a piece of useless info. take care
Response: Yeah we were all ´hola´ed out after saying it so much to travellers. There are heaps here but I tend to miss them deliberately on the camera shots :] Met an ozzie chick who had her passport stolen from her in Puerto Natalies, real bummer but she was being pretty careless. So far all I have lost is a sock and a bottle cap for my burner touch wood. Will see how some of the more third world countries go though. So far loos have been fine but its easier with a big bunch of course.