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I've created this page to show you all how much you are missing out on by not being here! Oh, and give you a chance see what I'm up to. Hope to hear from you all. (That means leave a message, or else!) :)


Diary Entries

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Location: Denver, USA

Hi Everyone,

Well is has been a while since my last entry, but you know me, always "busy"...Well actually I have been quite busy of late, so much to organise!

But the ski season is finally over, well actually I am missing it quite a bit already, much more than I expected to initially. However, I'm sure the adventures of the next couple of weeks before I'm home, will take my mind of it to some extent.

I'm currently in Denver, seeing a few of the sights aroudn the city and outdoors, we are about to head downtown to see a few museums and the like. We have to go now, so I'd better say bye for now, I shall write again soon though. I promise

Ciao for now..


Thursday, 09 March 2006

Location: Beaver Creek, USA

Hi Everyone!

How is everything in Australia?

Everything here is quite good, has been really warm of late, getting almost to the double digits..almost. The upcoming week however is predicted to be much cooler and bring some good amounts of snow. It is desperately needed around here.

We went to Denver on Sunday night and spent a few days down there looking around, and basicaly just escaping Beaver Creek and Avon for a while. We did a lot of driving and saw a few spectacular things (photos will be posted soon).

I start work again tomorrow, and only have something like 23 days left of it. How exciting and sad at the same time. I know I will definately miss this place when I go.

Well I'm going skiing very shortly, we had a few inches of snow overnight so the conditions should have improved somewhat on the mountain, as they have been rather dangerous of late.

Well I hope you are all well, I am going to get chaged, see you all soon enough.

Lots of love


Thursday, 26 January 2006

Location: Beaver Creek, USA

Hi Everyone,

How is Australia? Hot I assume. Well it's quite the opposite here, it has been a very cold week, down to around -10 fahrenheit at night, that's about -23 celcius. Like I said.. cold. But it's all good, I'm having a great time. I've been working on my tricks lately, on monday I hired a pair on twin tip ski's (have tips on both ends so it's easier to land backward) and on my first try I landed a 180 backward (next it's the 360). However, on the last jump of the day I didn't quite make it all the way round, landed on the back of my head and knocked myself out cold... it was only for a few seconds, and was quite funny after I came around.. Luckily they say you only learn when you fall. (At least that's my excuse anyway).

What else has been happening... Hrmm. Basically I have been working..skiing..working..skiing, with a bit of partying in between.
I Have been to quite a few parties recently, it's good when you have got to know a few people, there is always something to do. Though most of the time I have little more energy after work or a long days skiing to do more than crash out, especially now that I'm trying much harder terrian more often (it really takes it out of you).

I'm very much looking forward to Thursday night, it should be interesting, Australia Day! Amazingly, it is a huge deal here, infact I had to buy tickets last week, just so I could get into the main event. I will definately take my camera and post some pictures of "Australia Day at Beaver Creek".

I don't have much to add to this blog, I really haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately to warrant a blog of its own. Hopefully in the next week I will be able to get out of Beaver Creek and Avon and expand my little world a bit. It become a little familiar around here despite the incredible surroundings.

Well I'm gonna go, I have to go and tidy my room and cook some food, it's my last day off today so back to work tomorrow, however, I do have firday off, I figured i didn't really want to work to the day after Australia Day, for some reason I might not be in the mood.

Take it easy all! Speak to you all soon.

All the best


Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Location: Beaver Creek, USA

Hey all,

Well its been a while since my last entry, what can I say i've been busy =P.

Hope everything is good where you all are, its been great here lately, I'm almost used to the early starts, and i've become quite good and managing to work on a hang over (mum and dad ignore that last sentence), but seriosuly, i'm really having a great time, I still miss the coast, the beach and family and friends but I know i'll be back there before I know it so I may aswell enjoy the time left here to its fullest. I can't beleive it has been 6 weeks already, time is flying, but you know what they say about that...

I'm on my days off at the moment so have just been skiing non-stop, trying ridiculous things, there's only 1 way to learn though. Yesterday, I went through the advanced terrain park (jumps etc.), went over the first jumped and cleared that fine (thats no easy task), then coming up to the second jump I decided i didnt have enough speed (though I was still going quite fast) and bailed off the side, what I failed to realise as I flew off the side was that it was a straight drop-off and about 8m off the ground on to the flat (not a good situation to be in).... I landed on my feet, popped out of my skis and slid down the hill on my face leaving a trail of carnage behind me. I lay there for about a minute seriously contmeplating whether i was dead, and then whether i was still in 1 piece, amazingly I was, so i got up and raised my arms to the crowd.. I now think I'm invincible (hopefully that won't last long) tommorrow i'll take a photo of the height of where I fell, it might give you a better perspective of how lucky I really am.

Well that's my story for now, I hope I leave you all confident in the fact that I plan never to make that mistake again.. I don't think i would quite so lucky a second time.

I'm having a few people over tonight, so I had better go get dressed etc.

Talk to you all soon.

All the best.


Monday, 19 December 2005

Location: Beaver Creek, USA

Sup Ya'll,

So into the second week...

This week has basically been work, work, work. I've driven a few differant lifts, it has been good seeing differant parts of the mountain. It has been much busier the last couple of days as the Christmas rush has started. I spent today picking up lots of little kids who had fallen off the lift while they were getting off.

This week started off as beautiful clear sunny days, which has been fantastic as it meant that the day time temperatures actually made it above zero, however it is now back to snowing steadily. I have never seen such huge snow flakes in my life.

The snow equals a lot more work during the day though, maintaining the ramps and getting rid of all the excess snow around the lift. I dont mind though as it gives me something to do other than sitting on my ass all day.

Haha, I now have the nickname 'crash' with my managers, yesterday skiing back from my lift, I was skiing back with a big group of other lift operators... Well it was about 5pm and the sun was well on its way down and getting extremely hard to see, especially with the goggles on. Well anyway, going around a corner on the way back, one of the other girls from lift ops cut me off on the inside so I went wide to miss, and failed to see the cliff on the left hand side, and skied right off the edge... It was about a five metre drop into power snow about 2 metres deep... Not the best position to be in.. I landed with my legs crossed and was instantly stuck when I landed.. could not move to save myself, I couldn't even reach my ski's to undo them.. Well eventually I managed to struggle my way out of the awkward position I was in only to lose a ski in the deep snow. By this stage I had a rather large audience, laughing more than trying to help.. I wasn't happy. I spent the next 20 mintues trying to find my ski, which I eventually did.. And finally got lifted out by a skidoo (snow mobile). That's my story for this week.

I hope you are all doing well, I am missing the Gold Coast more than I thought I would, but I'm still loving it over here, Might go over to Vail in the next couple of days, Avon is a nice small town, but it is still a small town, I think I need a bit more diversity, It is jsut such a mission to get anywhere other than Avon and Beaver Creek. I need to buy a car :P... one day maybe..

Well it's getting pretty late here, and I've had a big day so I might leave this diary entry here for now, I will add more soon enough.

Miss you all, Talk soon.


Friday, 09 December 2005

Location: Beaver Creek, USA

Well, well, well. The first week has passed, and i guess you could say its been interesting... and expensive..

The flight as expected was long and tedious, but it's all part of the experience they say. It was good to finially get into Denver, and eventually our current home. Haha now that this place is a story in its own. Imagine a college dormroom, filled with people only here to party and that's where we live. The police and fire brigade have been here 4 of the last 7 nights. Should be interesting when we can finally join some of the festivities.

The amount of snow that has fallen since we have been here is something of a phenomenom, literally, infact it hasn't snowed this much or been as cold in over 50 years. Its been great! especially when we got a free day to ski on saturday, tore it up all day long... well tried anyway.

What else has happened, oh how could I forget.... here is a tip for anyone who wants to get sick or injured in America.... GET INSURANCE. A few days ago I had to go to a doctor for a throat infection and it cost me $500, plus meds. Was a rather scary surprise! With luck my insurance company will agree to give me the money back.

Well I started work today, I'm now officially a "Drive Operator' meaning basically I drive the lifts and in short I sit in a booth all day and press buttons. Its a hell of a lot better than standing in the cold!

Well that has been my week here so far, it has been, I hope the start of a great 6 months. Everything is slowly starting to settle into place.

Well anyway, I wish you all well at home. I will post again in a weeks time, possible before If i can.

Talk soon.


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Recent Messages

From Wends
Hey! Nice landing in the tree!
Looks like you had a great Aussie day! I am so un-patriotic... I did nada.
I did do the snowboarding thing on Sunday though, and loved it ten thousand times more than skiing!!! You have to try it!
Did you get the packet Jen and me sent you guys?
Lots of love, Wends
Response: Hey Hey!

Yeh, snowboarding seems pretty cool, but I've gotten pretty good at skiing, hitting up the terrain park now and loving it! So is your shoulder feeling any better? Everyone here is hurting themselves, I've managed to avoid seroius injury so I'm pretty happy about that.

Yeh, Australia Day was an awesome night, was waaaay to drunk!

Hey thanks for the gifts and the letter, we only got it today, it was very nice of you both. Have yet to try the lollies, I think I might go do that now!

Well Mel want's to jump on so I'm gonna go.

I hope to speak soon.

Love you lots.

From jenny
Hey Scotty!
Happy New Years!!!
Here in Japan with Wends, having a ball. Just got back from skiing holiday, was SO awesome. We thought of you both a lot. Hope your happy!
Also: You are a bum, we checked out your site a week ago and you still have no news!!!??? What the?
But we still love ya, even if you never reply to us. anyhow, mwa and hugs. Your coz's
From Suzanne and Bill
Happy belated birthday!!! A little late, but not forgotten... Loved the photos, keep'em coming. Glad you're having so much fun, reminds me of years gone by (Bill says). Glad you're providing your workmates with lots of laughter too! And escaped with both skis - even better! (Suzanne says). OK, keep well, have fun, don't miss us, it's too hot here. All the best, the Larnookians