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Central America

Hey all!

So off to Central America for a three month trip of traveling and to surf, surf, surf.

We will be landing in Managua Nicaragua this Monday the 17th. I will try to have pictures and post as much of my travel adventures as I can for you all to read. Anyway, see you all in three months, Adios!


Diary Entries

Monday, 05 January 2009

Location: Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hey all, Sorry for the long delay but i will try and get you all up to date on what went on since our last entry in Santa Teresa. Well, we wanted to find a good place for christmas were we could relax. So after some dispuit we ended up deciding on Montezuma, about a 30 min ride to the opposit side of the pininsula. We went their prior with the canadian boys on quads to cheak out the town and the waterfalls and ended up really liking it. And with no waves on the forecast untill after christmas we all agreed it would be a fun place.
So overall montezuma was a vacation on our travels. We got a place right in town on the beach and spent well over our budgets. The town is great. Small center with a laid back feel full of stores, resturants and a few town bars located right off the shore. The towns main attraction is the waterfalls but there are all sorts of things to do. I would recommend this place for nice getaway for a week if your not looking for good surf. We mostly went to the waterfalls, relaxed on the beach, ate out and went out to the local bar called chicos for a few nights which was alot of fun. We took a boat trip to the island of tortuga which was pretty cool. It is a small island that has got an amazingly beautiful beach, snorkleing, that sort of stuff. Two families live on the island to maintain it, its really just a tourist spot, but definitly worth going if your ever around there. Christmas eve we spent at the waterfalls then of course celebrated the pura vida way with a little bit of well deserved partying that night. Christmas morning, us and the canadian boys did a little secret santa to get us in the Christmas spirit, because its kind of hard in 80 to 90 degree weather. Overall it was a great time and when it was all over me and cory we itching to surf.
So, on the 27th we took off from montezuma headed for playa hermosa, which is located about 6 Km from Jaco, a large beach city. However, because after we took the fairy across the pininsula we were to late for the last bus to Jaco and ended up in San Jose for the night, the capital of Costa Rica. We ended up in playa hermosa around 3 the next day and found a little cabina with ocean views, cable, hot water (huge for down here), for the next week or so. Hermosa is great, it has black sand from the lava rock which we have not seen before, very nice but so hot during the day. The surf is also pretty sick, right out in front is hollow beach breaks that generally close out but if you make it, you can count on a barrell. Today is Monday the 5th and the major swell hit yesterday. So we have been surfing quite a bit. There is about 12 miles of beach and all the way to the end is a national reserve, and instead of a hollow beach break it breaks about 200 yards off shore and is usualy about double in size depending on the swell. Yesterday and today there were 9 to 10 footers coming through and let me tell you from experience you do not want to get caught on the inside when those come through. Tossing and turning underwater for about 3 to 4 consecutive waves is not fun. Anyways, thats about it for now. We leave on wensday to head to the carribian side to puerto viejo. THis is their high season for surf so its time to change coasts. Oh and its home of salsa brava, go cheak it out on youtube. Its a pretty scary wave. Hope your all enjoying the winter as much as we are!


Monday, 15 December 2008

Location: Mal Pias and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

I have to say the private shuttles are much more enjoyable than the the busses that we have been taking prior to the trip to Mal Pias. So after a nice ride from Tamarindo to Mal Pias we ended up finding a place in Santa Teresa called the Funky Monkey. This place is amazing. Its got it all, cabinas a big main house, bar, a killer pool, and we wake up everymorning looking out over the ocean because our room is a the top of the hill overlooking the water. Pretty sick place for traveling for sure. We woke up early and headed out and what we found was some seriously fun surf. Mal Pias and Santa Teresa basically share one big beach and a main road but just have different names. The entire beach has breaks up and down it so it really spreads out the crowds quite well. So after about three days of surf and sun we decided to cheack out a town called Montezuma to see the waterfalls that they had there. So we all decided to get four wheelers to get over to Montezuma which ended up being epic. We took a route that the rental place didnt tell us about that took us through the jungle passing through some sketchty bridges and rivers. There were some amazing views. So we got to the falls which basically were three seperate pools all connected by three falls about 30 to 40 feet up, which resulted in some pretty amazing views and soem sick rock jumping. After spending the day there we took to four wheelers to cheack out the town and it ended up being a really sick little town with a really cool and laid back vibe. We liked it so much we made reservations because it seemed like the perfect place to spend Christmas.
So we got back from the falls to find out that there is a full moon party at this bar on the beach that night. So we all got together made some food and had a pretty sick time at this party. Overall, probably the best day we have had yet thus far. We are still in Santa Teresa and should be here till about the 20th then we are off to Montezuma! We will continue to keep in touch, miss you all but not the cold!


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Location: Tamarindo Costa Rica

Hey all,
So we took off from San Juan Del Sur on a bus to go to the boarder. Our first bus we got on took us to a small town between San Juan and Rivas. The driver basically yelled at us to get off in a place where we had no idea were we where. So after a few encounters with some locals we saw a bus screaming up the road going in the opposit direction. Unconciously we flagged them down and while the bus was still in motion we packed our things on and jumped aboard. Luckily for us it was in fact heading for the boarder, and not to mention no room to sit, about room for two to stand when we had five, and a bus capasity that said 65 when there were about 100+ on board. Non the less we made it to the boarder. The boarder consited of about 300 venders asking for things or to carry your bags. After about two hours we finally made it over the boarder were we needed to catch our next bus that ended up being more packed than the first one. Corey was the first on, so he could get the boards and bags in the back and luckily scott and myself were the last two to get on. So while corey and our English freinds had nice seats in the back, scott and I were lucky to find a square foot each to stand for the 2 hour drive to liberia were we could get our next bus to tamarindo. I fell sleep standing up for the first time and corey fell asleep at a local who he was sitting next to. I didn´t see it but i guess it was pretty halarious.
So around 9 we found ourselves in Tamarindo. By far the most Americanized place we visisted so far. A really nice vacation and tourist destination in Costa Rica with shopping, supermarkets, nice hotels and resorts, fun party town and some great surf. We all fell asleep right away and woke up at 6 to go surf langosta which is a reef break which was about a 20 min walk from our hotel. Of course because it was our first surf at a new town corey broke his board, which he has done in every new place we have surfed since we have got here. We partied that night which was pretty fun, and still managed to get up and surf the local reef called pica grande. That night we tried to go back to the spot but the locals were not having it. We stayed in Tamarindo for about 6 days surfing everyday and doing our fare share of partying with some British Canadian boys we met. So after our English freinds headed south we decided to do the same three days later with the Canadian boys and some Swedish girls on a shuttle headed for Mal Pias and Santa Teresa. This is Scotts last week so hopfully we will have some good times before he takes off back to the lovely snow and ice of New Hampshire. Pura Vida!


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Location: Popoyo II / San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

So we took a trip to this break called Ranchos Santana.. it was about a 45 minute walk south from Popoyo .. this was one of the sickest break any of us have ever seen not alone surfed. it was like the newport wedge in california if you know what that is.. like three peeks that form together and absolutly throwwww.. so after some good surf and it being thanksgiving and all and there being no turkeys in Nicaragua we decided to have a nice lobster dinner at our old hotel, El Toro. The next day we all took a boat trip out of Asrillia to a break just north called Playgrounds which is considered to be just like Trestles on pro tour.. It was a pretty sick trip and we were able to get some real solid waves..

So after about two week staying in Popoyo we thought it was time to get moving and head to San Juan for a little socializing and some surf and relaxation.. IT was a pretty cool little town. Very Busy and a big spot to stop for travelers before crossing into the costa rican boarder. We stayed there for three days and it was basically flat and so it was time to get out. So after looking at the swell forcast we saw that Costa Rica would be our best bet to see some surf. So there it is..... Off to Tamarindo!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Location: Popoyo Nicaragua, Central America

Hey everyone Sean here,
Sorry it has taken a little longer than expected to get you all updated but Popoyo is not exactly the meca of technology. So its wensday and about a little over a week into our trip and so far it has been amazing. Today we slept in untill 8 and it is the first time we have done so since we have got here. So i have some time to get you all updated.
For all you who dont know, there are three of us that left boston for a trip through central america. Scott Lang, Cory Smith and myself. We got into Nicaragua on monday around 4, and after going through customes our taxi driver had my name on a peice of paper waiting for us outside´. Suprisingly he actually spelled my name corrects, however he also did not speak a lick of english. After finding out quickly from both Cory and Scott that my spanish was the best I knew this was going to be an interesting trip. As soon as we left the main airport in Managua we drove directly through the slums were people basically live in this distict area of the sity that their houses were made out of trash bags and wood. It was a little shocking in all and after seeing buses full of rebel flags because of the upcoming election it was clear we wanted out of managua. Once out of the city we saw the first of two active volcanoes in Nicaragua. Pretty awsome i must say. We made it to Rivas which is a small city south of managua and usually a spot you need to get to to take a bus for your next destination. So there were many travelers and markets in this area. Just outside the city we took a right on a road that looked like a dirt driveway in the States. Little did we know this was the road that would take us to the coast which we were on for nearly an hour and a half going through mud, rivers, and all sorts of rugged terrain.
We finally arrived at our hotel in Popoyo, called El Toro. Because it was dark we really did not know what was around us so we couldnt tell were the beach was besides the sound of the waves off in the distance. That night we met an English couple who have been traveling for the last three months from mexico. Right away we hit it off. The next morning we woke up at first light and walked one street over to the beach to surf the beach break at Popoyo. It was about Chest high with perfect winds all day. You can only surf this break at the incoming and outgoing tides at high. So after we had a great session that morning we took a break and went out during the afternoon between tides were the break basically closes out everytime. But since it was our first day it we went out and got worked for a solid hour. Later that night we had our last surf with our friend Ben from the U.K., which was about the same condistions as in the morning, perfect. After getting out of the water the group of us were walking down the beach when approached by a group of cows with horns, and in this croup stood a bull that came out from the pack to protect them. As we got closer the bull claimed its territory by charging at us. Cory, Scott and I were instantly running for the retaining wall when we looked back to Ben making some weird noise and stopping the bull. Little did we know ben has a farm back home and told us that we should never turn our back and run.. Yaaaa right..
Well the swell dropped significantly over the next few days where we waited for the next one to come in. It was still 2 to three feet however far more powerful than anything back in teh east coast so it was surfable throughout the lull. During that time we did alot of exploring and fishing. Scott caught a fish on his first cast and two days later another Red Snapper were the cook at our new place (located on the beach) wipped up an increadible lunch for us. That is one thing for sure, the food is amazing down here, all nicaraguan resturants and cooks take pride in their cooking.
So after four days the swell finally hit. Popoyo is basically one beach inlit that has a beach break of the far right and two reef breaks, inner and outer reef, to the far left. Our new place is located closer to the left of the beach so we have been surfing the inner reef for the last few days mostly. The outer reef breaks on dry reef and when it is breaking it is about a ten second barrell equivilant to pipeline in Hawaii. Cheak it out on youtube its pretty epic. However the swell brought in head high plus waves and when we returned to the beach break two days ago it was huge and closing out. But yesterday it was working. It was the fastest, heaviest, and all around craziest wave I have ever seen up close. We all tried droping in to a few of the set waves but were basically getting worked. However the locals, mostly americans x pros, have this wave dialed in and were gettin barrelled on every wave. It was basically a how to surf expo for everyone out there besides them.
Today we our hiking to a break called rancho santana. Its an A frame wave ( you can go right and left) which throws over into a heaving barrel. Also tomorrow we are getting a boat to take us to some of the surrounding breaks in the area which is going to be pretty sick so I will let you know how that goes next time we are around a computer. Friday we should be heading south. So for now we our going to enjoy our last few days in Popoyo. So long!


P.S. this computer does not have spell cheak and it is a spanish key board. So sorry for the grammer and spelling errors.

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From steve smith
Will contact you within week to plan dates,etc., for possible visit.
Response: sounds good
From sean
Miss you alot especially over the holiday season. Your making me age with the update on the surf...Dad wants to come and hook up with you. I am glad all is well. Stay safe and enjoy your experience. Love, Mom
Response: miss you too mom.. love you and i will stay safe.. miss all you guys.. pura vida!
From Alicia Smith
Yo. I hear you may be staying down there into march. If so, my spring break is the 1st through the 8th so I am coming to visit you, already made up my mind :-). Miss you lots, love ya.
Response: yyaaaaa.. let me know
From steve smith
Looking at coming into panama city jan 21 to jan 27(wed to tues). Will you be there ,etc.?? Let me know. Please check your spelling. Also, it is Cory and I ,not me and Cory. Kind of embarrassing after a 200 grand education! Know you will love this message.
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From Rhyno
like the p.s. about spell check (cheak). Get in those barrels. Paddle HARD HARD. GET AMPED and STAY AMPED. Best days of your life. I hear things of some heartthrobs. Get back to me boys. I am closing on my place the 20th of the month seth and i are going back to do the construction. Stay till march. hahahaha. Miss you boys
Response: yoooooo.. ya man got barrelled yesterday in some sick surf.. be in bocas on the 17th.. going to prob stay till march.. what hartthrobs>?
From Ron Whitham
we're all here for xmas eve - including alexis!!have a merry.
Response: thanks uncle ron.. things are great and miss you all.. but the weather here is much better than back home ! haha.. miss you guys and happy new year
Hi Sean,

Hope all is well. Getting ready for Xmas. Going to Judy's Xmas eve . Picking up Alexis at Logan Xmas eve then on to Judy's. We all miss you and hope you have a great Holiday season. We got 24 inches of snow this past weekend. Its been a rough few weeks. Were will you be around January 11 and on. I was thinking about coming down for a week if you are someplace that I would like! Let me know. Are you close to the Nicoya Peninsula, Harko, Capos, Domincow??? Merry Christmas!! Love, DAD
Response: ya we are in playa hermosa right now.. right below jaco.. surf is amazing but we will be in panama by then i think
Response: ha lucky you.. january we will be in bocas del toro i will look up some info for you guys and let you know.. love you too
From steve smith
Hi Guys,

Hope all is well. You are missing a wonderful ice storm with power outages lasting up to four to five days. When can you upload some pctures?? Love you and take care!
Response: hey dad.. i heard about you accident i will try to call you tonight.. but i will get some pics up today
From Ryan Spillane

When you coming back here? I leave for Nicaragua in January to work for a local NGO outside Managua. Lets catch up somewhere before you return.
Response: I am coming back late feb or later.. i left nica a little while back and going south.. i have some good spots for you to check out in Nica ..
From Alicia Smith
Loved the update, I'm so happy you guys are having a great experience. Soak up the culture as much as you can while you're there because you won't find any of that when you come back home! Miss you a lot and hopefully talk to you sometime over Christmas break! Love ya.
Response: ya will doo.. got one coming for ya.. cheak it out
Hello gringos,
Sounds like it has been a good time down there, wish i could be there as well.....Waves look sweet as well. I am completely jealous the water up here is real cold.....keep the updates coming!!! dont get arrested!
Response: will do my freind
From steve smith
Great update, get some pictures up of friends met and places stayed, love you and be safe!!!
Response: yea they will be up by next week
From alexis smith
Hey Boys,
Hope all is well and hope you hada great Thanksgiving in the sun! sean, e mail me...i miss you tons and hope you boys are being safe and having some good surf!
Love your big sis
Response: hey yeah.. will do soon.. miss you lots.. we are heading to costa rica tomorrow i think.. nicaragua has been flat for about 3 days.. so off we go!
From kirsten
slightly jealous
Response: haha yes very fun so farr
From Mom Martha
Hi guys, we are waiting for your news!
Response: Sorry guys the page has been down the last two times we have gone on..