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Welcome to Sequoia,Cass&Dad's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them! Have a look on the right side of the page, there's a link to photos of our adventures...

Diary Entries

Monday, 08 May 2006

Location: Port Macquarie, Australia

2m of swell on the weekend we arrived home, Jai got some great waves.
Nippers (junior surf life saving) camp at South West Rocks on the following weekend. The girls had a ball and the Rocks turned it on with beautiful turquoise waters, warm and inviting, even a couple of sea turtles. Good fun hanging out with the club crew round the campfire.
We're all back into the swing of it with work and school now, but will keep posting the occasional update here as life is really one big holiday.

Sunday, 30 April 2006

Location: Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

We're all fine and well and back in Oz, nothing a good sleep can't fix.

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Last full day in Vancouver today was spent eating and shopping and checking out Stanley Park.

Yes, Jeff, we made it to Mountain Equipment Co-op, and Jai is now a life member... a kid in a candy shop.

We've had to buy another bag to carry bag all the extra bits and pieces picked up along the way. We'll definitely be well dressed for this winter.

Farewell North America... we'll see you soon Oz.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Made it back to Vancouver (now with Nancy and Greggles) after three days on the road, stopping in at Celeste and Sophia's in Happy Valley; a cheap motel at Mt Shasta; camped out near Mt St Helens; and back in Vancouver Tuesday afternoon.
Lots to see along the way, but we did the quick trip and avoided too many diversions, saw lots of rest areas and took the car pool lanes through Portland and Seattle.
The weather is gorgeous now and all of Vancouver is in bloom. We have one day to hang out in Van and get cleaned up and some fresh air before the flight back.
We'll see you soon.

Too many stories to tell that it'll have to be in person. Come and join us for the slide show, just kidding. Anyway, we couldn't fit it all into the site, but there's more photos going up now. Enjoy! We sure have!

Coming home ready for the next adventure.

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Location: Hidden Valley, California, USA

Hi folks,

arrival in Sydney details (hotmail has gone down briefly)...

we land in Sydney at 09.30 a.m. on Saturday the 29th... (no mobile or car at that stage).

we're now heading north, crossed the Golden Gate after spending the night in the Haight area of San Francisco, where it all started in 1967. Thanks to Jo for providing the digs.
Yes, Sarah and Brendan, we got a photo under the sign, flowers were worn for the photos by the bridge but had succumbed to general child use by the time we made it to the corner. Photos to come.
There are more photos up now from last week at outdoor school.

Saturday, 22 April 2006

Location: Berkeley, California, USA

Wow, it's all moving pretty fast now on our way north.
The last week at ENH was beyond belief, some amazing things came out of it, we'll add more detail to the site later, but it has been fantastic for all 3 of us. More photos to come soon, too.
We're in Berkeley now with Tony Benedetti, and will be heading north to fly out of Vancouver on Wednesday, so might not have another chance for a diary entry until we're back in Oz.
We're coming home happy, refreshed, having done more than what we hoped to do on this trip, and looking forward to sharing that energy with all our good friends back in Oz.
Peace and Love to you and all the tribe, from world travellers: Jai, Cassie and Sequoia.

Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Location: Pescadero, USA

Cassie got with the program today and took hikes in the redwoods and oaks and to the organic garden.
Jai and Sequoia visited Pescadero for garlic herb and artichoke bread, went tidepooling and saw the seals, and visited Pigeon Point Lighthouse where we saw the whales on their migration.
We are in awe.

Monday, 17 April 2006

Location: Loma Mar, California, USA

Made it to ENH! What a spin after 10 years.
Cassie has joined a group and is off on a night hike this very moment.
Sequoia completely stumped the whole school when in the middle of day 1 introductions, she got on stage with Calypso, one of the naturalists, then shooshed the whole crowd (of 200+) and told a blitzing banana slug dreamtime story all by herself, impromptu. Wow!
It's great to see this place doing so well. Those nostalgic memories have been reinforced, and the new crew is as fun as I remember the old.

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Location: Santa Cruz, USA

Ukelele, guitars and Easter Sunday with Don and Jenny and Nancy and Celeste and the girls all in the loungeroom in Santa Cruz.

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Location: Brookdale, California, USA

It's Easter Sunday and we woke up to easter eggs care of the bunny... no bilbies here.
We've postponed our day trip to San Francisco because it's raining again. It's been very wet, but it's pretty.
Dad and Don and Don's friend Jenny had a good ukalele jam last night and we all had an Easter ham.

Friday, 14 April 2006

Location: San Jose, California, USA

We went to "The Tech" science and technology centre in the midst of Silicon Valley... it was like Questacon in Canberra... lots of fun games and ways of learning about science and technology.
Sequoia's favourite game was making cat-boats, Cassie really liked the earthquake simulator.

Thursday, 13 April 2006

Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Gorgeous sunny day, so we hit the beach near Davenport. We were planning to go to Loma Mar to visit the Outdoor School and go back 10 years in Jai's memories, but it was too hard to overcome the girls' call to go to the infamous Santa Cruz boardwalk.
A few roller coasters, ferris wheels, fairy floss, and jaw breakers and the real Santa Cruz experience.
More great photos to come. And I've worked out how to make the camera do video, so will email a clip to you who can cope with a big file.

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Location: Monterey Bay, California, USA

Still wet, so we took a day trip to Monterey to check out the world class aquarium, very busy as it's spring break and a wet day, but more fun marine style. Plenty of cool marine life you wouldn't see in Oz. Took a walk down Cannery Row, as in Steinbeck's novel, now a major tourist district.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Location: San Lorenzo Valley, California, USA

Today, raining, we visited the Seymour Long Marine Lab, part of UC Santa Cruz, where the girls got to check out the local marine life. Good value.
More rain. Mudslides, river's up, road blocked. But we're comfy.

Monday, 10 April 2006

Location: Brookdale, CA, USA

It was sunny, so great for playing guitar on the deck by the river. Cassie played a bit of ukelele and both of them had a deadly kazoo session with Sophia on harmonica.
We visited Sempervirens Outdoor School and the girls fed the chooks and goats and checked out the vegie patch. Spring break so no one around til next week. Had a play at the local park and ran out of time to make it to the beach as planned, so came home to eat good food.
We met Don's new squeeze, Nancy (not the same Nancy as in Canada).
All amongst the big trees.

Sunday, 09 April 2006

Location: Boulder Creek, California, USA

P.S. we took an afternoon walk to the local village, with the very cool Brookdale Lodge. Infamous as a retreat for the stars since way back, lots of history, big ol' redwood lodge with a dining room with a brook running right through it. Haunted. Now home to some crazy karaoke and impersonator acts. Feels like it's seen some wild times.

We've made it to about as far south as we'll go. Sophia has accompanied us to her Dad, Don's, place near Santa Cruz. It's beautiful, beside a gorgeous river with a waterfall opposite, some solid rapids and deep amongst a lush valley filled with Redwoods. There's been way above average rain in the past month here, so the river's pumping and everything is lush plenty. Danno, Don's son, is here too and is 19 now. He was Cassie's age when I last saw him.
Jai has tied the girls legs to the chairs and sat them at the table so they'll write some postcards to friends and school. It's such a natural playground and with Sophia as company, there's so many adventures to be had.

Saturday, 08 April 2006

Location: Hidden Valley to Brookdale, USA

Getting ready to head south to Don K's.
Celeste introduced me to a friend, Dwight, who's been helping her class with reintroducing Steelhead Salmon into the local waterway. Dwight is pretty much doing the same job as a Community Support Officer, 'cept the structure of things in the US is pretty different. It was a real good chat and an insight into the similarities and differences in the Australian and US approaches to community natural resource management.

Friday, 07 April 2006

Location: Hidden Valley, California, USA

We are spending some of our time catching up with emails and diaries and drawing. A bit of chilled time after lots of running around. Last day of term for Sophia, and she's taken it off to be with the girls. Sequoia is still reeling from her amazing birthday in the redwoods and would like to add that she's having such a great time and hopes that everyone else is too! Cassie says she is missing everyone, but is still having a great time. The girls have been really good and are getting along as great sisters and Sophia's become like another sister. Heading further south, past the SanFran bay area to Don's soon.

Thursday, 06 April 2006

Location: Middletown California, USA

SEQUOIA'S BIRTHDAY: got a sleep in and took the girls to Sophia's school in Middletown. The girls played with the locals and Dad played didj and told stories for the classes. A bit like revisiting ENH days. Amongst Oak country today, not keen to drive anywhere, so had a giant redwood cake and sang Sequoia happy birthday here in Hidden Valley.

Wednesday, 05 April 2006

Location: REDWOODS!, USA

Awoke among the Sequoias. It's strange calling Sequoia's name here, it seems like you're calling all the trees around and are some kind of nutter! Folks ears prick up especially when they hear you call her name in an Aussie accent.
Technically, it's Sequoia's birthday now in Australia, so we spent the day in the Redwoods as promised and what a choice of locations!
First the Redwoods State Park before heading south to the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County. Walked through the Founders' Grove and stood upon some fallen giants. Spectacular place. Visited the Eel River which was in flood after 2 weeks of good rain around here, no swimming but dipped our toes. Nostalgia trip for Jai.
Pushed on south before heading east near Ukiah to go to Celeste and Sophia's near Napa. Great to see Celeste after 10 years. She and Sophia have a place right by a crik and after dark we all watched the glow of the Hot Springs in the nearby hills. First time the girls have seen anything resembling active volcanics.

Tuesday, 04 April 2006

Location: USA

Fixed the tyre in Florence and headed south. The 101 hugs the Oregon Coast which rivals Victoria's Great Ocean Road for cliffs and rocky outcrops. Seal colonies, rock/mudslides, lush forests, ICOLL's behind sandy beaches, mostly unpopulated as the weather is damp and cool year round.
Crossed the Californian border and entered redwood country. Big trees started to appear and we pulled into Prarie Ck in Redwoods State Park to camp. Lots of signs about bears and mountain lions, so the girls stayed close to Dad. It rained, and rained, and when it wasn't raining, it was wet. Saw deer and elk but no carnivores.

Monday, 03 April 2006

Location: USA

Visited the Gingko Petrified Forest, then drove south via Portland, got off the I-5 by taking route 20 to the Oregon Coast and watched the sunset over the ocean to the west. Hoping for a warmer coastal night. Flat tyre from a thorn. Camped by the coast by a long sandy beach. Got a cold night, we are still pretty well north so what d'ya expect.

Sunday, 02 April 2006

Location: Vernon to Washington State, USA

Hit the road south today. Drove from Vernon along 97 past the Okanagan Lake systems, crossed the border at Osoyoos into the states. Camped out near the Gingko Petrified Forest on the shores of one of the Columbia River Hydro dams. They have serious water here and have made some major modifications to the waterways.
Amazing basalt flows carved by the once glacial Columbia River. Extensive columnar cliffs, basalt plains on the plateaus with miles and miles of orchard country. Apples, apples, apples, and a few grapes.

Saturday, 01 April 2006

Location: Vernon BC, USA

A day back in Vernon hanging out with Sharon. Took the girls to see the Great Horned Owls nesting down the road. It's such a different environment here with deciduous trees and new fauna, and a tad colder than home!

Friday, 31 March 2006

Location: vernon, Canada

Hi all... back down the mountain and at Coldstream again. We've just had 5 fantastic days in the snow. We had great weather but also some good snowfalls, it just falls down here, that is, it doesn't come in windblown blizzards like home, there was hardly a breath of wind all week, and they are these big cornflake sized flakes not little icy pellets.
The girls have exceeded all expectations this week on skis, they are both comfortable on easy black diamonds and Cassie has even started to get a bit of a parallel turn going. Good instructors and good conditions. A real family friendly resort. Great accomodation on mountain with all we needed.
They made great friends with two other Aussie girls: Holly (8) and Annabel (5) from Wahroonga, which made for Oz Girl Ski Team.
Dad got to ski some double black while the girls were in lessons, so I'm stoked.
There was fun every night, bingo Monday night, tubing, hot choc and marshmallows on Tuesday night, movie Wednesday night, and by Thursday we had to miss the talent show, they were well exhausted. Hot tub every night (check out the classic photo) to ease the day's bruises.
It was snowing heavily as we left so it was hard to drag ourselves away, but we have more adventures to come. Tomorrow we'll check out a little of Lake Okanagan's natural wonders. We'll spend a couple of nights here before heading south to cross the border and then it's onwards to California and to definitely be in the redwoods for Sequoia's birthday on the 6th. It's all good.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Location: Silver Star, Canada

It's going so well, the girls are booked in for ski school so I've got some time to upload some photos.
This place is chokkers with Aussies, apparently it's owned by an Australian and it seems heaps come over here to work. I was just served by a girl who knew an old mate from uni, and they all wear name tags with a little line on where we're from, so Gold Coast, Charlotte's Pass, Geelong, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast, the list goes on.
It's a great venue for families with everything geared towards making it easy for kids and they're very friendly. There is loads of snow and no crowds compared to Oz. Everyone is very friendly and it doesn't have the same mass produced feel of the big resorts, like Australian resorts used to be. The weather is pleasant, being spring, and we have also had some nice falls of snow, real snow in big BC flakes.
Good social scene with a viciously fought bingo game last night. More activities, kid friendly, every night. Today is day 2.
I bought helmets for the girls today, I thought, nah, they're not going to go fast enough to be a risk, but whoah! How did I survive my childhood. Their bodies are rubber but their heads aren't, a worthwhile investment to keep them protected.
The girls are making a few local mates in their ski schools, which is great, and they're learning lots about both being in the snow and in another culture, it's all good!

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Location: Vernon, Canada

A day in the Okanagan, Sharon has shown us some lovely hospitality and we're all set for the snow tomorrow. We took a walk in the local nature reserve and saw robins and quail and the local magpies which are blacker and have longer tails than those at home. We got all Canadian patriotic with the flags courtesy of Sharon - what Aussies, where? Photo attached.

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Location: Canada

Okay, so we're in Vernon and will be doing the grocery shopping and gear hire for the snow today.

We flew from Sydney to Taipei on Wednesday arriving in the dark on Wednesday night. China Airlines were to arrange accomodation and we were worried about what we would get, it turned out to be plush first class accomodation at Miramar Golf Resort, decked out with loads of marble in a Jack Nicklaus designed venue! Now that's culture shock. Overnight in Taipei. We hung out with a cool Aussie, Cath, from Adelaide who's studying in Vancouver.

Thursday flew out of Taipei, crossed the international date line on the equinox, plus we crossed the equator yesterday, so very equal timing, we arrived in Vancouver before we left, arriving on Thursday at 8 a.m. cleared customs, picked up a hire car, and hung out in Van with Nancy scoring accomodation in Kitsilano. Slept 16 hours straight that night to get rid of the jetlag!

Friday we went shopping, the Salvo's had an amazing range of secondhand ski gear so we got decked out with gloves, beanies, pants, jackets, snow boots, saving loads of money, like $3 for good boots! Then we took the gondola ride to Grouse Mountain and threw snowballs at Dad.

and Saturday had morning tea at Kitsilano beach (see photo) then took the amazing drive over the range to the Okanagan with clear skies, 2m of snow, purple sunset, magical. Next adventure please, bring it on.

Saturday, 25 March 2006

Location: Vernon, Canada

Finally, a moment to catch our breath... recovered from the jetlag, thrown a million snowballs already... we'll put more info up soon, but for those of you who have already sent a message: yes, we're safe and well and are in the Okanagan with Nancy's Mum, Sharon, and are heading to Silver Star to go skiing soon. More photos to come as well.

Thursday, 16 March 2006

Location: Australia

Six more sleeps to go. One more day at work/school.
Tomorrow, for St Patrick's Day, Dad will play with Pademelon at the Manning River Hotel, live Irish-Stryne music, kicks off 8.30 p.m. Then it's do the vacuuming, mow the lawns, send the budgie to the babysitter and tackle the F3 to the big smoke.

Sunday, 19 February 2006

Location: Trial Bay - Arakoon, Australia

Sequoia Would Go!
I grabbed big sister's board while she and the other Girl Guides were helping out with the drinks stall at the SWR Triathlon. It was big but you just gotta go, y'know. So like I was in the green room and... you know the rest. 30 C and turquoise waters, it'll be a big shock when we land in Vancouver.

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Location: Port Macquarie, Australia

Well, Dad's got his visa and our passports are all done, so it's all ready to go. We could've left next Wednesday, but Dad postponed a month to make sure everything was organised. 34 days to take off.

Sunday, 12 February 2006

Location: Port Macquarie, Australia

Hi everyone,
we're getting ready for a big trip, so I'm in training, getting fit with Dad going kayaking, rockclimbing and stuff. I'll put some photos up of our latest adventures.
Soon, we'll be flying to Vancouver, Canada and will meet Nancy and go skiing for the first time, yeehah!
Check out the photos we attach, look on the right side of this diary page for a link to our photos page.

Photos - Click Below

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Recent Messages

From Jo in California
Hi travelers!
I hope you had a good trip and are happy to be home now.
I'm still looking for my treasure.
Hope to see you again someday.
Peace and Love,
Response: yes
From Mum
Email @ sequoiamoo. Love and kisses, Mum xoxoxoxo
Response: and same, love and kisses from Cassie and Sequoia xoxoxoxoxo.
From Jenny
It is wonderful to read this site and see 'our world' through travelers' eyes. Love the sweet messages from loved ones. They must miss you all so much!

It's been wonderful hanging around together and we're so glad you could spend the Easter Holiday and first days or Santa Cruz Spring Sun with us. Great that Don could get us all together to jam and sing.

The sky is now blue like your new uke!

Safe travels Jai, Sequoia and Cassie! Come back soon.
Hugs from your new friends, Jenny, Xia, Tisha, Joann, Robbie and Ken in Santa Cruz.
Response: thanks Jenny, it's all moving really quickly now on our way north, we'll contact you when we have a bit more time after landing in Oz.
From Nettie
Hey ye all! It looks and sounds like you're having a fantastic trip! I love your photos and feel a ski trip to Red Mountain coming on!!! (Don't tell Jeff!) Thanks for your postcard - surf huh! On ya! Jai - are you free to do a gig on June long weekend for St Joseph's, Wingham? Need to get back with answer. Keep enjoying yourselves girls! Nettie PS National Folk Festival was awsome!!!
Response: Hi Nettie, it keeps getting better, and yes,
gig on long weekend is good. lots of good music this week as well.
From Sarah & Brendan
Hi Jai,

Just showing Bren the huge trees.

How about taking a photo of the Haight-Ashbury Street sign, with you and the girls under it... with flowers in your hair...

Love and Peace from all of us here in the Swans Valley, Bobin.
Response: we're heading to Haight today hopefully, the girls are raiding gardens as we speak!
From Sarah
Hi Jai, Cassie and Sequioa,

Wow those trees look amazing. What an experience to sit in one of their nooks and feel the vibes!!!

You all look really well and happy. Jai, thankyou we got your post card it is circulating the office.

All is well here. See you soon.
Response: Hi Sarah, we're having a really good time in the redwoods at ENH (from Sequoia). Jai: can't believe I'm supposed to be back at work on Monday week.
From Mum / Grannie Joan
Hi Mike, Cassie and Sequia. Thankyou so much for all your wonderful messages and photos. Sorry I missed you last week, however I caught up this week online. So happy to hear you all loved the Redwood forest and many other wonderful adventures. I think of you every day. Hope you are well and happy.

Love Mum / Grannie Joan
Response: Hi Mum/GJ, yes we are well. Sequoia says she's having a really good time. Cassie is in with her group at the moment. Weather's good, whales, redwoods, seals, it's all good. Hope you're well, too.
From Mummy
Just checking in. Have made it South to Saigon safely. Who says it never rains in California? Love to both my gorgeous girls. Can't wait to see some more pictures of you... Thinking of you all the time and missing you lots. Kisses and cuddles, Mum xoxo
Response: Hi Mum,
we're having a really great time and I hope you are too (Sequoia). I'm glad you got there safely and it should be very sunny for next week while I'm at outdoor school (Cassie).
From emily
Your trip looks really great, I wish I was there with you. those redwood trees are so big can you see the sky. Is it very cold where you are at the moment its starting to get cold here now. today was a really nice day. last week we had the presentation. Annie was third I was second and Brittany Fens was the age champion??? when are you back and are you going to south west rocks for the board training next month.
hope so. see you when you get back and we might be able to go rock climbing or something else.

emily, anna & phil
Response: Hi Emily, our trip really is great. It's not too cold, but it's been wet this week. Yes, we'll be going to board training camp at the rocks. We're having fun but will be happy to see you.
From Jo & Lilly
looks like you are having a absolutely fantastic time - beautiful warm sunny autumn days here and cool nights - not as cold as some of yours look like.

the redwoods look sooooo big - hope you don't grow that big Sequoia

Cassie - what a funny lookin banana slug - did you know the australian bananas got flattened in the cyclone in north qld. !?

don't spend too much time on the computer Jai - take care.

thanks for the b'day wish.

Response: Hi Jo,
Sequoia: hope you're having a great and I'm not as big as those redwoods, they're enormous!
Cassie: yeah, the banana slug does look pretty funny!
Dad: I'll get off the computer because trying to crank it to make it work is tiring. See you in May when our wooden ship comes into port.
From flea
Great to get your email.
Looks like you and the girls are having a fantastic time.
Stay safe
Hi Flea,
great to hear from you. You'd love it here, good community, EE programs, surf, and just as cold, even colder than the south coast.
Hoo roo,
From Mummy
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEQUOIA!!! Hope you're still having a great time. We've been thinking of you all day. We just went to a French bakery in Sapa (an old French town) and had a very special chocolate pie as a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday Sequoia! Will send a longer email to Sequoia's address. Lots and lots of love and kisses and cuddles for you both, Mum & Ian xoxoxoxo
Response: Thanks Mum, I had a great birthday. I spent my birthday (Australian time) in the Avenue of the Giants and in local time at Sophia's. We had a giant chocolate redwood cake.
From Sarah
Hi Jai, Cassie & Sequoia,
It is great to see the photos of you all on this website!
Looks like you are all having a great time.
Jai, everything here at the office is going well, Nikki seems to be handling everything no worries. Nicole and I arelooking forward to many lunchtime tales upon your return.

Response: Hi Sarah, yeah, it's great. I'm very proud to be explaining what we do at work to the locals here, for good reason. Hi to all, Jai.
From Suze, Paul & Kayla
Happy Birthday Sequoia!!
Response: Thanks Kayla, Suze and Paul. We are having a great time! We're having the best time that you could imagine really and you'd be amazed at the redwoods.
From Mum/Granny Joan
Enjoyed reading about your travels, skiing, etc. I hope you all have a great day celebrating Sequoia's 6th birthday with the redwood trees as well. Heaps of love, Granny Joan/Mum
Response: thanks Granny, hope you're having a great time, too. We have been filling in our Sassafras diaries today. Love Sequoia and Cassie.
From Mummy & Ian again
Love the photos! That hot tub looks reallllllllly good!! We are in the mountains now, almost in China. Tomorrow we will go trekking in the mountains and will stay with local villagers along the way. It should be quite an adventure. I will try to check in again on Thursday night for Sequoia's birthday. Love you both heaps. Hope you're still having lots of fun. Try not to fight too much because it hurts Dad's head, and because you love each other very much. Give each other a big cuddle and kiss from me. Lots of love, Mummy & Ian xoxoxoxo
From jeff
hey guys, I'm really loving your website. Communications come a long way since I travelled for sure. So, skiing and hottubs eh? What a lovely combination, and do you stay in till you're all wrinkly?
Where to next? All's good here, Nettie has been to a mosaic class in Sydney and I've surfed all weekend.
Keep those wonderful pics coming ( loved the pademelon ones too). happy travels Jeff
Response: We're just cruising. Folks here are amazed at the support for community NRM in Oz, and Manning Bushcare is a great case study to explain. Not enough time to get wrinkly, there was always something else to do with eating, sleeping, skiing, eating, sleeping, skiing, etc. that we couldn't stay in the spa for ever.
From Mummy
Hi Gorgeous Girls, Sounds like you're having a great time. We have just been sailing for a few days on a Chinese junk, around hundreds of small islands. Tonight we are catching a sleeper train to the mountains on the Chinese border, and will trek to some villages there. There is so much to see and do. Love you both soooooo much. Can't believe it is only five days to Sequoia's birthday!!!!! Mumxoxoxo
Response: Hi Mum, this is Sequoia speaking, I hope you are having a great time in Vietnam. I hope you've been checking out all the emails and photos we put on the internet.
Cassie: Hi Mum, we are having a great time. We've had lots of fun skiing and are having one more night in Vernon. Lots of Love, Cassie.
From Nikkers & Sare
Hello intrepid adventurers
Hope you're having as good a time as it sounds you are (better in fact) - Royal had $7 oysters for lunch today J but we couldn't go without u.
miss ya
love N & S xxx
Response: You can't get oysters like that in Canada, but then again, there's not 2m of snow in Taree.
I've gone completely into traveller/dad-the-tour-guide mode and haven't stressed at all about work, but great to hear from you. Pass on our shameless boastings to all the crew in the office, thanks Jai.
From Granny Joan
Thinking of you all and hope you're having a wonderful time. Love Mum/Granny Joan.
Response: Hi Mum/Granny,
yeah it's going great, we have a couple of ski champions in the family. More photos soon.
From Mummy and Ian
Have arrived in Hanoi. AWESOME. Very, very sleepy.... Lots of love xxxxxx
Response: Hi M and Ian,
I'll pass it on to the girls,
From martin
cool site, i'll show kids tomorrow. hope all are well. martin
Response: thanks Martin, the girls say hi to Nienke and Zali. We're having a great time, hope you're well!
From Mum
Just checking in. Hope everyone is having fun. Lots and lots of love, Mummyxxx
Response: Hi Mum,
we're having a great time. we love going to the snow and I'm (Sequoia) looking so much forward to going to Silver Star. it's going to be a great time.
From Daintry
It looks like you 3 have been way to busy to add info to your travel page - I hope all is going well and look forward to some updates

I hope you do not break any bones on the slopes

love from Daintry
Response: We'll be safe, no broken bones yet or planned. Weather's great. Snow conditions are great. Photos going up soon. thanks for writing.
We hope you have a great trip.
Love Doug & Dee
Response: Thanks to Dee for the jumper, from Cass. Thanks Dee for the vest and I'll be missing you so much but I wish you well and I want you to have a wonderful time while we're away, Sequoia.