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The EPIC jouney from Dundee to Perth (australia)


well im off to australia on the 9th of july, one day after my medical finals. im flying out of glasgow to perth and will arrive in australia on 10th. im going to be staying in townsend lodge and working in the royal perth hospital in the radiology department (yes i know that ill be in a bunker!).

lets see how it all goes!


Diary Entries

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Location: glasgow, UK

i got back safely to glasgow.

ive had a great couple of days at home with my mum and dad and brother. im starting in kirckaldy tomorrow in gp (not overly enthusiastic about that but never mind). however it is going to be great to be back in my dundee with friends and back at the steeple.

thats all from me... love e

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Location: dubai, United Arab Emirates

hi from dubai!

im coming home people, get ready!

im having a rather intersting time here. people do stop and look at a tall white blonde girl in dubai, even more than at home!! (haha, oh and lets throw in a tee hee for good measure!)

i went on a dune bashing evening last night. it was good fun hurteling down sand dunes although it did make me feel rather sea sick, the products of which thankfully did not end up in the car! after that interlude, we headed to a dessert camp (i hope that means a camp in a sandy area as opposed to a pudding, i always get the two confused- in a spelling way rather than a culinary way!) where there were 2 camels which you could ride (i had 2 rides as it was so good)... camels are beutiful, much better than cars, although i dont think they come with air conditioning and a fridge (which our cars did).

we could then hang out in the camp, i got henna on my hand in a beutiful floral type pattern. we then had dinner and then a belly dancer appeared, shaking her stuff for all her worth as the covered up wives looked on...

ive also been shopping, THE activity in dubai and im sure ive been ripped off for all of it! never mind.

i cant wait to get home. these shanannagens (i have a feeling that ive put too many a's and n's in that word) have been great, but there is nothing like home is there?! gosh im getting quite profund now... time to go before i say anyting more incriminating.


Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Location: sydney, Australia

hi everybody

im heading off to dubai today for my last leg of adventure. ive had a great time in sydney, everyone that i have stayed with has been really friendly and hospitable.... so lots of thanks to meredith, merelyin, jen and kylie and phil.....

i need to head on now... just finish packing and get to the airport!

cant wait to see all of you


Thursday, 08 September 2005

Location: SYDNEY!!!, Australia

hello from the greatest auzzie city!

i have the most splendid news... i managed to find a battery charger for my digital camera!! and ive been using it to the full this evening.

i arrived in sydney at 3.30 and called meridith (doug forbes friend... and now mine too!) as i am staying with her tonight... its due to her wonderful generosity that i am able to write to you all just now. well, she gave me some directions to get to st barnabus church where she is a student worker.

i managed to get there about 4.30, after lugging my 25kg bag around sydney central station- lots of fun on the numerous steps, and left my bags there. i then wandered round broadway shopping centre till 6pm and then met meridith back at the church.

we got back to her house and chatted for a wee bit before heading out to a great italian resturant for dinner. i had sumptuous home made pasta and the girls had pizza. there was a sweet wee family in the resturant too who had a 2 year old boy who reminded me of calvin (out of calvin and hobbes.. if you dont know what im talking about then you are missing a pice of your heart!) as he was pretending to be a tiger and was running around the resturant like a loony!

meredith and i then headed out into the centre of sydney and i saw the sydney opera house and the harbour bridge! they are so beutiful and are not done justice in photos. there was a jazz band playing in the harbour cafe and the singer started singing 'at last' one of the most curvatious and sutlry songs ever written... we then treated ourselves to an icecream (im not going to eat for a week now!)

my mum has been a legand and has asked the medical school if there are any alternatives for going to skye for my rural gp and hopefully ill be going to kirkcaldy instead.

i hope you enjoy the pics!

lots of love

Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Location: broome, Australia


im heading off to rothsey on the 19th of september for a month of GP!!! great timing there!

oh my goodness all of my stuff is up in dundee and i have no idea where rothsey is... i know that its in scotland somewhere.... why couldnt i just have been placed in dundee?! i always have to do things in such an akwardly complicated way.... never mind im sure that its going to be fantastic fun!!!

well, after that im heading back to dundee for a block with prof nithwani on 5/6 (prho training) and then i have a month with prof rowley on 18 and 19 in orthopaedics...

i'll call you tonight parents!

love eleanor

Tuesday, 06 September 2005

Location: broome, Australia

dear all

sorry for not writing in ages. i hope that you have all survived without me!

well i have had three dreamy days in broom after a hectic romp around western auz.

day one of the tour took us to the Pinicles, hangover bay (memorable name) and up to geraldton for sand boarding. during the sand boarding the tour bus was broken into and one of my bags were stolen. thankfully my passport and wallet and most importantly, underwear was not in that bag. however it did have my elective assessment form in it so im going to have to go back to rph tomorrow to get another one.

well, after the excitment of the first day we all settled into the driving (there is no such things as turns in the road here in australia) and sight seeing.

one of my favorite days was when we were in turquoise bay, an beach next to the ningaloo reef. i was snorkeling along and looking at lots of beautiful fish and i heard a cry from one of the blokes who i was on tour with 'theres a turtle over here' i got over to the area and sure enough, there was a calm looking turtle scooting along over the reef. it was absolutly amazing to swim along with the turtle. it seemed oblivious to me being there and ocassionally turned its head to look at me and then turn away. the coral was beutiful too, with rose coral, rock coral and staghorn coral. the staghorn coral had blue tips, but the boulder coral contained all of the action with little black and white fish darting in and out of the maze to take a wee sneaky peek at the surroundings.

the other memorable day was when i was in the kalbarri national park. there are wonderful gorges there with pools of creamy blue water. the area in the park is just acres and acres of dry, dusty, hot red dirt. but in these gorges, river gums and palms live alongside the river. there are beutiful waterfalls crashing to form swimmable pools.

well, im going to sign off now as my brain is slightly wobbly.....

looking forward to seeing you all soon


Thursday, 25 August 2005

Location: rph, Australia

well i said goodbye to evereyone today in the radiology department. ive had a great time here and i got a good report from dr khangure (prof of radiology) so thats good. they have lots of maps around the department and so ive added to their collection by giving them an upside down map of the world and they all seemed really impressed with it- so much so that dr khangure ran off with it to get it laminated so they can put it up in the department.

ive just got back from the pub where i was having a cheeky wee pint (literaly) with woody (radiographer extrordinaire). it was v. cool to sit and chat about the elective with him and just have a good laugh. he is origionally from engand and is betting lots of people in the depatment on the cricket.... needless to say he has owed a lot of people a lot of coffee until recently! he has been such a star in copying interesting patients scans onto disc for me so that i can show off the beutiful pictures back home.

i met up with gen on tuesday and had a good salsa class. i was doing this paticular class for the 3rd time and at the end the instructor came up to me and asked if id done much dancing before.. im never sure whetheir they count ballet but i said that any way. he asked if i wanted to sit the test for the level and i said yes so he danced with me for about 3 mins and passed me. later on in the social dancing i danced with juan who is the supremo of the dance school (im not sure about the term but he is the head honcho anyway) and it was quite cool although he didnt give much away with regards to the leading of moves so i was just doing lots of turns- it looked good any way!

on wednesday i managed to pack most of my stuff which maria and braden (couple from riverview) are looking after for me while im up in broome. i hate to think how heavy my bag is! im going to have to wear a whole heap of clothes on the way home!

i cant belive that it is my last night in townsend lodge. ive been there for so long now and im just going to leave them all.... how will they cope?!

at the weekend i had the most wonderful time with gen on saturday shopping. we went to the greatest surf shop in cottosle where i bought some great black trousers (and any girls in the audience how wonerful a fealing it is to find a pair of black trousers) and a groovy top thing. we found the most amazing woman in a shop called hat and home in freo who was absoutly batty about her hats and insisted on plonking the beutiful creations onto our heads and giving her opinon on what looked good or otherwise!

we then went for a slice of baked cheese cake and a coffee. we were both so glad that we only got one pice to share as it was huge! we then went to a record shop as gen needed to get a birthday present for her flatmate. i saw a dave burkbeck album and strongly suggested that one... so much so that the record shop owner was bullied into playing in on the shop system so that gen could hear how good it was!

well, my lovely friends, i'll be writing next from up north!

love eleanor

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Location: royal perth, Australia

dear all

hi from sunny (I think as I have not been outside all day) Perth. I was on call last night and came in at 1.30ish till 3am. i then got 4hours of beutiful sleep!

ive been sorting out a questionnaire recently which im going to do on Monday and Tuesday next week. Im currently trying to print it off on two sides- a bit complicated!

Im going out to church tonight for an evening called 'leadership rise'- its a pre-conference thing for people who are involved in leadership in local churches. there is a bloke speaking from brisbine who is meant to be good.

bit short on chat today... v. sorry! i'll try harder next time!


Monday, 15 August 2005

Location: prh, Australia

hi all

i went to Lancelin at the weekend with Gen. we drove up on friday night and arrived at the lodge about 10pm. when we walked through the door there was a chorus of 'Gen' as if she had just arrived home! it was really cool to see the friends that she had made on previous visits. Gen got chatting to an Italian couple called Roberto and Mila who she had met on a previous trip. We had got a bottle of red from the shop and so we sat in front of the fire, watching England do extreemly well against the auzies at the cricket!

On saturday we got up at 10 ish. the weather was rather atrocious but Gen was adiment that we got out on the water. the surf school was cancelled for the day and the winsurfing hire place was shut too.. yet Gen soldiered on! she had brought some of her kit up with her so after a bakery breakfast we headed off to the beach.

the wind was so strong and the sky looked stormy and the waves were absoltly huge out on the reef- it didnt stop our girl though. Gen got out her board and mast and sails only to discover that her harness and footplate were stuck up at the other end of the van. we spent the next hour driving around lancelin, in car parks reversing fast and stopping suddenly, driving up hills and trying to fish it out, using the mast to try and coax the stuff out of the van. it was extreemly funny! we eventually went back to the lodge and got a long hook thing on a pole to get out the harness.

back to the stormy sea and gen got rigged up and out on the water. thankfully it was an onshore wind, as she would be half way to africa by now! the wind was so strong and her sail was ~4.5m- too big for the wind, so she came in after about 30 mins. im proud that she tried! there were some amazing blokes skimming up and down the bay. when they came in they said that they were over powered on the same size of sail as gen... encouraging anyway.

we both got back to the lodge and had a shower, i hadnt washed my hair in the morning as i thought that i might go for a swim, but even this cold-blooded scot was put off by the wind!

we went for fish and chips for lunch (this weekend, as you will discover, was full of healthy eating) and went back to the lodge for a wee sit in front of the fire.

for some reason, we then went for a walk along the beach. the wind was still ginormously (i dont know about the spelling) strong and we were shouting at each other all along the beach. we were not the only crazy people out, as we were soon joined by a bloke jogging along! (as you do!).

that evening there was a pizza night at the lodge as they have their very own pizza oven, and handily, pizza chef Roberto. he and his wife did a sterling job of making scrumptious pizzas (im goining all out on adjectives today) for about 40 people.

the girls and i then went to visit the two pubs in the area and terrorised the local population. in the first pub we played on the bike racing machine thing. i played against cate (new zealand) and gen (england) played against tamesin (australia)... needless to say, scotland wiped the floor with all of them!!!

we then moved on to the next pub which was full of biker chaps who looed a little shocked to see such a huge amount of loud females! we played pool for ages and chatted and generally made a large amount of noise.... we got back to the lodge and watched the cricket (speaking of which, what is going on?! how could england have lost the final match?) craziness.

the next day, gen and i went for a walk on the beach, packed up and got down the road to perth. we stopped at Yanchip national park and looked at the beutiful furry koalas.

i went to church in the evening, and that was the weekend of fun!


Tuesday, 09 August 2005

Location: royal perth, Australia

hi there

at the weekend i was taken out by Maria and Liz (two girls from the cell group) to the swan valley for a bit of wine and chocolate tasting. i think we visited about 5 vinyards, but it was easy to loose track of them after a while!

we went to some industrial type ones and also some smaller, family run ones which i prefered and i think produced far superior wine.... (oh get me- just call me jilly and be done with it!). Liz was in charge of navigation and maria was doing the driving. we all liked very different wines, the other girls wouldnt touch the reds- more for me!! and stuck to the whites and sweet desert wines which i really do not like.

we finished up at the margeret river chocolate factory where we shared a chocoloate fondu.

i got to church on sunday where ken duncan ( was speaking about his latest art work/ photography. he worked with mel gibson on the passion of the christ and was responsible for taking still photographs of the making of the movie. he showed some of those pictures along with others of australia. he had put some of the passion photos along with the landscapes to the 'above all' song.. it was very moving. Matt came with me to church. im not too sure what he made of it all, although i think he was surprised about the style and presentation of church at riverview.

Matt and I then went to the beach in the afternoon and matt built a sand castle while i played in the waves (not swimming thogh!). later on in the afternoon there were dolphins playing out to sea too. it was so lovely to see them. i got chatting to other blokes on the beach and asked if the rule about dolphins being at the beach/ in the waves means that there are no sharkes around. they laughed and said that that was nonsence. the last fatality at cottosle beach was in 2003 killed by a shark! craziness.

i went to evening church where brad birt was playing ( he was selling his cds too and i got 2 for $10!! i only asked for one but he gave me 2... so there you go! he was really good.

thanks for all the messages by the way, its great to hear from you all

lots of love

Thursday, 04 August 2005

Location: royal perth hosp., Australia


well ive put the rotto pics on the website- enjoy! im afraid that you will not see me in a bikini as the site may crash with the number of hits is would recieve! (thats sarcasm there incase you missed it)

well, i officially have a cold. oh and a lymph node under my jaw so that confirms that its serious! the consequece to this virus though is that i will not be gracing the dance floor tonight at salsa. im quite sad to miss out as there are going to be professional there showing everyone up with their glitzy outfits and spangally moves. never mind.

i went to cell group last night and had a wonderful time. it was a smaller group than last week which meant that there was a more closer atmosphere. its crazy to think that it was only my second time there. it felt like id been going for ages! everyone is so welcoming and hospitable here.

the girls in the group are taking me down to the swan valley for lunch followed by a wine, cheese and chocolate tasting extravaganza. im not sure anyone of us will be able to walk after the day is done.

i borrowed the order of the phoenix from maria (the cell group leader) and have already rompped through the first 150 pages... its not exactly taxing reading!

hope you are all well,

love e

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From Chris the Dentist
Hey, dunno if my last message about this got through. Going to see Franz Ferdinand at SECC Glasgow November 23rd and got a spare ticket. £25 if you're interested. Would be cool if you could come!
Response: hi chris

i managed to get your email although the link didnt work... i thought that you wouldnt appreciate the whole world looking at your wedding pics!!

im going to FF too!!! my dad booked tickets... were in the standing area so i can dance... music for girls to dance to!

love eleanor
From Calinda
Hi Eleanor

just reading your exploits - you are a funny bugger! we miss you here and are hoping you are really (safely) enjoying your visit up north - will hopefully see you when you come back to Perth - keep safe Calinda ;))
Response: hi there darling!

i supose that you heard that my bag was nicked with my assessment form in it?! conor said that he would get another one from dr khangure.... i'll pop in and see you on wednesday... looking forward to it!
From Chris the Dentist
Hey there Servicio,

Just to let you know the wedding went really well and our honeymoon in Egypt was superb.

I started work today, so now I'm actually a real dentist as opposed to a pretend one.

Speaking of which, I really should go back to my work now; I'm in the tower building on campus!!
Response: im so glad chris. im looking forward to seeing the wedding pics.

congratulations again on being a real dentist.

lots of love to you both


ps cant wait to come to your house and chill out with Mr and Mrs Chris Sampson! gosh youre so old!!!!

(tee hee)
From Hannah T
Hey Eleanora! How are you doing my friend? Apologies for being terrible at keeping in touch! Thanks for your postcard-sounds like you are having a fab time. The photos look gorgeous- oh these beaches!
WELL DONE for passing your exams- you are a star!
Are you feeling better today?
I've been working away here in bonnie Dundee- I'll have to wait 7 weeks to see the sun- Argentina :) Hector is in Spain just now visiting a friend for a few days- boo hoo- I am on my own. You know I am surviving- I can stretch out my legs in the bed, eat lots of veg, watch CSI, and sing loud in the morning- all of which are not so easy to do whilst Hector is around! I miss you Eleanora! David Clark and I were chatting on Sunday and saying what a great woman you are! I was through in Glasgow with Hector a few wkds ago and we came accross a Jazz band playing in a pub- they play every sat. We have to go together sometime. Most of the band are in their seventies- but hey they can still swing it bigtime! They had a lota soul!
Keep us posted on your adventures.
much love Hannah x
Response: hi there hannah

thanks for leaving a wee message for me. Im so glad that you are getting on well.

im almost getting there with the cold- nearly over it!

im off to a worship practice at riverview church tonight- im planning to learn a whole lot about how these guys have progressed from their starting points and hopefully gain a few ideas for the steeple, which i am missing a lot! i have been thinking about the worship evenings which are going to take place before christmas- there is so much potential there- its quite exciting!

i cant belive that ive only got 2 weeks left after this one- my time here has gone far too fast... i'll need to come and work out here for a year or something!

lots and lots of love
From Andy
Alright, you trout! Been hearing about you from Angela. She sent a postcard to my folks featuring the charming young doctor called Eleanor Service. I was surprised cos I didn't think the name was very common. I asked Angela if the plane was short of parachutes!

Hope all is going well down your neck of the woods. Sounds like you're having a ball, (cold excluded), which worries me slightly as I don't want you being one of these folks who decides they're going to relocate at some point in the future!

All is sweet here. Bracing myself for wedding number 4, which it would appear I have to learn approx 2hrs of music for, (boo), and also imminent departure to Stronsay. Hoping to catch up with you soon, but probably hoping in vain in all likelihood!

Camps were grand, but I'll tell you more when you get back and you give us a call to tell us all about everything. (A hint in case you missed it!)

Take care chum, Andy
Response: hi there andy

i cant believe that you are calling me a trout in public... its rather rude of you! i supose that it never stopped you before.

it was rather cool sitting next to angela. i asked where she worked and she replied in falkirk, so i asked if she knew a dr brown, she said yes. and the whole story progressed from there.

this summer seems to be the summer of weddings dosent it? i know 3 couples from dundee getting married as well. i hope that you manage to survive! oh and dont get too fat on wedding cake!!

im glad that camps went well- any memorable campers/ leaders this year? theres always one!

i must admit that i am loving the life out here, although i could never leave scotland forever- i love it too much. i think that i would miss the sarcasm and the rain!

i'll call you if you tell me where you'll be... just email me with your number.

love e
From Rachel
Wow! Rottnest island looks amazing! I'm very jealous! I'm starting school 2 weeks today. I'm a little nervous. I can't believe I'm teaching P7's!
Looking forward to reading/seeing more of your adventures!
Response: rachel that is so excititng! ill be thinking of you... im sure they are all going to love you.

just make sure you give regular art classes- those always go down well!!!

hows keren getting on? is she at camp anywhere this year?

enjoy your remaining weeks of freedom hon.

lots of love
From Helen
Hey Eleanor,

Wow, that is winter! Am very jealous at the moment - Anna has just got back from Zanzibar and has great photos as well. Ah the rewards of being a real doctor! Congratulations on passing the exams as well.

Saw Andy B and Rona at Adrian and Leanne's wedding. Andy had heard all about your flight from his parents! The wedding was very nice and Adrian looked like he enjoyed every minute of it.

Take care and enjoy,
Response: its great to hear from you helen. i couldnt believe that the woman was in practice with andys dad!

im glad that adrians wedding went well.

im looking forward to seeing you when i get back to blighty (ive always wanted to call the uk that! and now i can!!)

lots of love
From Chris the Dentist
Hey, well done on your exams! Mr Panini sends his congrats too!
Response: thanks chris the dentist!!

i was so excited to see the results- bit of a shock though!

im going to a slasa class on tuesday with Gen so i'll be able to dance out my excitement.... 5th year here i come!
From Wendy Service
Well done on passing your exams! It was (almost) worth being woken at 6.30am to hear from you. Celebrate in style! NY here we come!
love Mummy xxxxxx
Response: thanks mummy!!
im so sorry that i called so early- as Gen said (girl from Vass last year who i met today in subiaco, its as well that i didnt find out that i'd passed at 9am here!)

love eleanor
From Rachel
This is such a cool way to keep in touch. I'm looking forward to hearing all you get up to while you are out there. What email address are you using while you are out there?
It was really nice meeting your parents and brother in Samos. Your brother is very cool! What is his email address?
Hope you've settled in well. Hope to hear from you soon.
Response: hi there rachel

i was so surprised to hear that you were out in samos with the family! how was it holidaying with the services? i heard that you were out in the boats for the majority of the time.

im having a great time in auz... lots of cool things, great church- God is blessing me so much and keeping me safe.

lots of love
From Chris the Dentist
Hello there dearest, hope your trip is going swimmingly. Just been down at Keswick for a couple of days which was nice. Thanks for your wee card by the way! Graduation went really well but sitting in Caird Hall in a suit with robes on top isn't the best when it's 30 Celcius outside! Can you let me know your email address so i can send you some pics of the day? Just saw Mr. Panini for the first time in a wee while; has he had a haircut.......?!!!!
Response: i have not shaved mr panini- i think it must be caz trying to contain his crazy mop.

glad that graduation went well- i hope that you strutted your stuff on the stage and didnt get concussion from the cloth thing!

im going to try and get some pics up soon- need to get a pen drive thing (forgot to bring it with me- clever girl)

oh, i get my exam results on Monday!!! eeek

From Steve Willis
Hi Eleanor

Glad you made it safe to Australia (Dundee to Perth sounds such an everyday trip). I was at Mark Kinghan and Cat Urquhart's wedding on Monday and it was one of the hottest day of the year. Was in Alloway, near Ayr - the birth place of Robert Burns. I hope you find some interesting patients in radiology. I have a job interview in London on the 18th, scariliy enough. Would be a change from Tescos if I got it though. Did you hear about Kevin and Shiela's 2nd child, Beth, born in April? Look out for the boabab trees with the trunks that get wider further up. Hope the hospital is as good as first impressions. Steve
Response: i saw those trees in kings park!! they are amazing things. there are also wonderful things called grass trees which only grow 1mm a year so it is really cool to see waist hight ones.

am glad that mark and cats wedding went well- it must have been lovely to be there. i hope that the job interview went well in london.