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Shadco vs the world

Join Billy, Ducky, Kazz and Lynda as they travel through Stinkypore, London, Canada, Alaska and the US. We will try and keep this page updated with photo's and stories (and yes there will be no secrets)
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Diary Entries

Sunday, 04 September 2011

Location: England

Hello to you all its August and yet again Dad and Duck are going on another SKIing holiday (good on them). This time they are returning to UK going to Scotland to catch up with them Family. Ireland and the lakes district and good old London town. They also trying something new by going on a CRUISE to the eastern Mediterranean. This is our way to keep up with them and also write to them. Please if it any BAD news let one of the Kids know and we will deal with it.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Hawaii, USA

Ducky's Birthday
Happy 21st birthday Will we will party hard on Saturday Night

Friday, 15 June 2007

Location: Hawaii, USA

Well here we are our last destination before returning to reality
we are just going to take it easy white we are here. Our hotel is fantastic we have a great rooms by the pool friendly staff everything is great we walked to the beach had a look around did a little shoppin at the market then that night we went on a dinner cruise YES WE HAVE DONE OTHER THINGS APART FROM EATING im just not to sure what they are. The sunset was amazing good entertainment good food great views.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Location: Vegas, USA

Hottest Day This Year
Travel to Hawaii

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Location: Vegas, USA

More Casinos

Monday, 11 June 2007


As the olds hit the Clean Show at the convention center Kaz and I hit the strip we gt the monorail to MGM then we explored the Casinos are amazing New York New York was awsome it is to be seen to be belived. We found the M&M shop 4 stories of M&Ms only in vegas we also discovered the Cinema it was getting hot so we caught a movie. We both have a new love it called a yard of margaritta that quenched our thought cause it was a bit hot you can walk along the street drinking anything you like smokin any thing you like it seems to be very common that you can do what ever you like along as you have a good time no one seems to mind. Our lesson learnt that day that if anyone asks you how long you are in town for you MUST say we are flying out that day they will try to scam you with every thing.

Helicopter Flight
The only way you should see Vegas at night is by Helicopter it was awsome there are lights every where then all of a sudden it justs stops and the dessert starts would do it again anytime a real highlight.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Location: Travel to Vegas, USA

Today was spent traveling to Vegas. Just planes airports Billy drove when we arrived so more back seat driving was happening but he got us there and to the supermarket 18 bud light for only $10.99 now thats a bargin. House was good nothing flash but we each had our own rooms big screen tellys every where and a pool table plus the AC worked what more can you ask for.

Saturday, 09 June 2007

Location: Hollywood- Dodgers Stadium, USA

We started the day with an very intresting very long trip on the bus 2 hours to get into LA. LA city itself must close on weekends as nothing was open at all we got a little lost but some nice people helped us on our way. We caught the train to Hollywood we intended to see all the hands at the chinese theater but when we arrived there was alot of hype pappazzi every where and they had rolled out the red carpet (yes they were all for me they really do know that I am a star) it was a premier of some movie called something about something a there was lots of stars that I had no idea who they were but it was very exciting some stalker lady got arressted it was eye opening. We then took a tour bus around the sights we saw the sign, studios lots of celbs no idea who they are but they were there a big festival with some really talented dancers they must work out very nice bums.
Hollywood it not as flash as I expected but it was cool.
Yes we wen't to see the Dodgers play the Toronto Blue Jays it was fantastic they atmosphere was amazing makes the MCG seem like a local footy oval everything was triple the price of any where normal.
One of the Blue Jays guys hit a home run it was amazing we had fantasic seats. Really loved it oh yeah the score well lets just say the MIGHTY Dogers came second.

Friday, 08 June 2007

Location: Disneyland, USA

Day two
After me having a little morning hissy fit we were on our way for day two of disney the place was packed it was shocking really busy after filling in the gas of what we missed on day one we headed over to California Disney where we learnt how to draw minnie mouse ducky stalked cindrella for her autograph and kaz and i went white water rafting and only got a little saturated. I forgot to mention yesterday Kaz & I meet the boss of Disney Micky he loved us.

Thursday, 07 June 2007

Location: Disney Land, USA


Day one of Disney we woke early it was just like christmas we packed our day bag and walked to Disneyland after passing through security (yeah we are getting better at it no one got felt up) we entred the home of Disney. We had no idea where to start Mickey, Donald,Curella Deville, Goofey and Pluto were there to greet up aswell as the other thousand people. We were honored to all get our Disneyland Vigin badges.
We all rode the materhorn mountain Duck discovered that if you have high blood pressure back and neck problems you were advised not to go on but she sai bugger it and went on anyway after alot of screming and swearing the ride finished and Duck was not going on any rides EVER AGAIN!
The folks dumped us after the fantastic parade we all felt 8yers old again so we hit the rides we wnt on everything we found we left the park at closing time and slept very well.

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Location: LA, USA

Look out disney land ond the dodgers Pete I will try for your short stop MORE TOO COME too busy

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: Island Princess, USA

We arrived on the ship on Monday Afternoon after finding our rooms and trying to find each other which we didn't for hours Kaz and I searched the boat my how flash she is (yet again photos will happen at some stage) left Vancouver at around about 6 ish having to sample some cocktails was a job Kaz and I were forced into but we did it having 3 or so all very nice. By this stage we had found the folks and our balcony where Kaz played this really cool game called oh shit I dropped my glasses overboard and which floor did they drop to. Duck saved the day by yelling down to the man and asked him his room number however Kaz didn't find out which floor so she visited a lady in a inside cabin and asked if any thing had dropped on her balcony which of course had not as she had a inside cabin so she tried the next floor where she found her glasses. Dinner that night was fantastic (yes more food I'm a bit over food) it was great to be served on met some people from US at dinner great meal great service great company. After attendin the welcome show it was bed time.
Day 2
Breakfast time we all made grand plans for the day while exploring the ship
I started to feel a bit sick so went to the room where I found that i don't have sea legs then while Kaz and folks went to lunch Kaz found Ralf she is now very close to our toilet I think its true love. After being drugged up by Doctor Duck woke to get ready for the first formal night went to dinner and couple of shows.
Day 3
Dad woke us up 5.40am to ask if we could see ketchikan and as we don't have a window we did not. Had a look around town and went on a trolley car tour around town went to an indian village and looked at totem poles and stuff. went back to the boat for lunch decided to join in a game of passenger feud we were asked what do children play karen said hide and seek 8 points, i said playdough strike ducky said dress ups and dad said skippy both strikes so we scored a grand total of eight so we were out just goes to show us kids don't play games outside as the highest score was computer games. the folks rested while we sat on the top deck and had a few cocktails lifes hard. Early night we were exhausted.
Day 4
Again we were woken up we were in the port of some other place that i can't spell at the moment but it started with a j and had a u in it. just a bit of shopping today no sightseeing tours sick of being ripped off me and the folks napped while karen went to watch a movie more to come later nearly out of time
We let down australia with passenger feud

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Cruise, Canada

Well we are off to the great blue ocean to see Alaska can't wait we are very excited. We can unpack our cases for a whole week yee har.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Started the day very lazy slept in then washing then headed into town to visit grouse mountain had to wait a hour so we ate yes we ate yet again we had more food Tim Hortons is good. Then we headed up the mountain to get to the top you have to take a cable car so yet again we were hundreds of feet off the ground in some man made object and yes we shit again however not as bad must be getting used to hights on top of the mountain it was covered with snow there is a grisslie bear encloser there but it was too cold for the bears to come out and play with us. Then we attended the lumberjack show it was fantastic they are very talented even though our rep let us down. It was still cold so we had hot choc and took the not so scary cable car down the mountain you could see all of vancouver and souronding mountains realy spectaculair.
On the way home there was a traffic jam that went for 15 miles or more cause by one little prang on the bridge.(glad we were headed towards town.
Tea tonight was fantastic Earls (yes more food) he made us happy with his chicken dishes very nice beer was also good bud light and karkonnee.
Start Cruise tomorrow one week of doing nothing and not having to repack thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yes photos to come as soon as we can sorry for delays

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Hotel Burnaby Accent Inn nice (hot shower)
Explored vancouver tourist bus and shopping a bit chilly today but we dress for summer anyhow.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Woken at 3.50am by a phone call from bill from his flash hotel to tell us it was snowing after looking out the window we stated very clearly that there was no fringen snow at our hotel their hotel had everything. Travel to train station to board the great rocky mountaineer and yes it wasa snowing at the station Kazzs first time seein snow (frigin cold eh!) after a visit to the most disgusting toilets in world and we have seen a few in our travels. We entered carage cb10 and meet our attendent adam. The train set off and adam feed us breakfast then a pre snack snack then a snack the land scape was amazing thick snow every where (we will add photos when we can sorry for delay) then we had lunch followed by a snack then we arrived at Kamloops very tired stright to show IF YOU EVER DO THIS TRIP DONT GO TO SHOW AND DON"T STAY AT THE QUAILTY INN.Slept

Friday, 25 May 2007

Location: train, Canada

Started the day with frezzing cold showers for all the guests then follow by rude staff that don't give a rats bum.Train day 2 kamloops to Vancouver more eating more stories more snacks more eating more photos more mountains more trees more river details to follow at later date

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Location: Calgary, Canada

Hi well it Wednesday of week two it hard to remember the days we are in the great town of nothing to do Calgary we been to wal mart and rested dad & duck are staying at a different hotel from us Thank goodness hehehehe room wasnt big enough for 4 well on train tomorrow have to be there by 5.30am will report more in vancover how eva you spell it bye for now

Monday, 21 May 2007

Location: Niagra Falls, Canada

Hello to all. After a very early pick up by New York Shuttle Bus (do not recomend them at all) we wated at plane station for hours sampled all the healthy treats such as baby ruths and peanut cups, pretzels and the worst coffee in the world we had a very pleasent fight to Canadia air canada are very nice great entertainment. Landed in Canada no hassles at customs this time thank goodness. Picked up hire car Black Path Finder fantastic car drove to Niagra Falls Billy did a fantastic job no one way streets or anything sitting on passanger side driving the beast was a bit strange nice drive canada is very pretty with nice looking houses and beautiful landscapes. Arrived at hotal the headed to the maid of the mist got all dolled up in our sexy blue plastic ponchos and toured the falls it was fantastic a high light of the trip we all loved it pics will be posted when we get a chance. Walked around town very tourist friendly kids would love it here. Yet again we tested our fears of hight by going on the 175 feet high sky wheel that has amazing views (yet again i crapped my self) fire works tonight (just cause they knew we were in town how nice the locals are) not really its Victoria Day today. Well off to calgery tomorrow good night

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Location: New York, USA

We had to be up at 4am to get to the airport on time and then our ride was running late. Not happy so we had to race through check in and everthing else making it just in time well we probably had plenty of time but it didn't seem like it. A short flight only 8hrs this time. We had a change of planes at washington to get to New York and not much time to do it we had to go though immigration and customes then re check our bags Mr shad put his on the belt and we were told to leave ours because we had to board the train. Well we won't be doing that again beacuse when we got to New York only one case came off the belt they had been left in washington. NOT HAPPY. They finally arrived at the hotel at about 2am. So in our dirty clothes we headed out to see new york. That night we headed to broadway till in the same clothes went to see hairspray was really good although i do think i nodded of few times we had been up for nearly 24hrs. Home to bed only to be woken up when the cases arrived.

Today after breaky we headed of to central park we had a horse drawn buggy ride around it there was people everywhere (fun run) Is a very pretty place and quite big. We then caught the ferry to staten island past the statue of liberty and back again. Lynda and I wanted to go up the top of the empire state building but there was an hour wait so we decided against it. Had lunch on the street corner from a hot dog vendor well we are in new york after all and it wasn't bad at all. Got on a sight seeing bus and had a bit of a look around had a guide so we got to hear a lot of stuff we normally wouldn't also a lot of stuff we probably didn't want to hear. And that's about it so far heading out for tea still don't know where and the who knows. Being picked up at 6-55am in the morning for our flight. Will try to update a bit more often. Hello to eveyone one week down 4 to go. xxxxx

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Location: London, England

Arrived at in London at about 5-30 in the morning all very tired went straight to the hotel and left our bags but couldn't check in until 2pm it was a long day and we had gained an extra 5 hours. Caught the underground to victoria station and had breakfast. Lynda had a bit of a run in with the maccas chick she needed to pee and you have to pay to pee and she was rather desparate. We ended up jumping the turnstall. Caught the changing of the guard at liz's place.(found 50quid) Went to the westend and got some show tickets. Had tea at a pub and then we went to see Billy Elliot was fantastic although I think the theatre was built for midgets.
Day two of London stay we caught a train to New Forrest where mrs shas niece Liz lives. Her and Stuart met us at the train and we had a drink at the pub across the road. Drove through the town for a look was very pretty. We then drove through the forrest was very green beautiful tall trees they are obviously getting rain unlike us at home. They took us to beautiful hotel was an old royals hunting lodge called rhienfield house beautiful room and amazing gardens. Headed to liz's she has a beautiful house we all fell in love with it. Then back to the pub for tea and the train home. We went for a stroll past big ben and along the thames the home to bed.
Day three Lynda and I went on the london eye and went to madame tussades while the parents did the washing. And by chance we met up at Harrods I've never seen anything like it they sell everything one minute your looking at prada bags and then your in the deli section. We ended up in this very dodgy part of town with market stalls I think half of them were stoned. A bit of a rest then off to tea at another pub near the tower of london. Had an early night because we had a very early start the next day.
Lynda tid bits Thank you so very much to Lizzie & Stewart we had a fantastic day.
I love most of english beers not to keen on abbots ale though.
Ducky took a dive on streets of london.
Realy love england would like to return again and again.
Will add more at later date

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Location: Singapore

Sorry we haven't had time to update no time to get to a computer we have been flat out we are in New York at the moment but will backdate to let you know what's been going on. And this is Karen so entries probably not as interesting as Lyndas

After the zoo we headed over to sentosa island it's very pretty had a bit of a look around. We caughty the cable car back to the main island was a bit scary to start off with. Headed back to the hotel to wait for our ride to the airport Left for London at about 11-30. We managed a little sleep but not a great deal.

Hello all its Lynda
Zoo was fantastic saw Polar bears elephants white tigars and we were all given day leave from the zoo. Taxi ride to Sentosa Island was very green fantastic fauna (plants) Sentosa Island ( new meaning Island of many many many stairs very pretty but very expensive. Cable car i spent a while convincing Kaz it would be fine but as soon as we left the dock i crapped my self. Kaz was fine but i had white knuckles even duck was fine. Company who transfered us to airport were fantastic very friendly very informative highly recomed them ( name to come at later date.)
Highly recomed singapore airline the food service and facilitys are fantastic. Bagins for trip Kaz & I bought new cameras Billy got a digetal camera for $60sing. Really enjoyed this leg of trip Tigar beer is yummy

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: Lizzies Place Totton

Zoo was fantastic all got pass out dad was questioned though. will put more on at later time sorry about short message. Take care

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welcome home jet setter. you can tell by the way everyone has showed up that they/we missed you. bryon has a big package for you when you get over being home. angela did nothing but talk her self to sleep about how she missed you. (none of us existed while you were gone) hope that makes you feel better. see you back in uniform REEEEEEL SOOOOON.
Response: Yeah uniform is not good
From ang
So did the folks get hitched again or what no one is talking?????
From murrays
Happy Birthday Nanny missing you lots Chels says I love u and she wants to tell you about her operation and show u her belly, and her blue hat she got from surgery, Hope you have a good day.
PS Campbel wanted to know if Nan was Russles mum can you clarify this for us ?
Response: No I'm not Russles mum i'm your mum's mum. Thank you very much for your birthday wishes and we will see you next week and you can tell us all about your op lots of love Nanny Jo do you know it is fathers day here on 17th June so tomorrow Duck has to share her day
Response: Thank you Judith we will make sure Ducky has a fantastic birthday it will be Sunday here for her birthday your Monday. And thanks for the update on James he trulely is a legend
From Miss Wendy
enjoying your holiday diary so far - glad you are all having lots of fun!
I thought I would get in early and wish Cathy a very happy
birthday for the 17th!
Take care and keep on enjoying your holdiay
Response: Thanks Wendy will pass that on
From benjamin
Hi, good to hear your having fun, enjoy.
Miss ya heaps
Response: Yeah but we are all very tired it will be good to get home
From meaghan
Hi lynda , glad your having so much fun, i love reading all your updates. We will have to have a slide night to see all the pictures. I want to see a few honeys in there. We have been getting a few with all the football club do's lots of eye candy here lately. Ang had best veiw of them walking up the stairs. Ha Ha. Anyway love ya heaps and catch ya when you get home love and kisses meg, reece and chloe.
Response: Thanks Megs yes we have thousands of photos
From The weeds
Hi all hope not long until you return, hope all is ok. Michael (paintshop man ) has made an offer of 500 bucks on 2 maytag gas dryers, they are from the party shop near the warehouse which has since closed down.Did you want to buy them, Michael wanted Col to give him the money to purchase them, but we wanted to check with you first.
Response: Thanks no we dont want to buy them thanks
From ANG
Response: 4.50pm next week
From ang
We got your postcard from alaska today but i have'nt seen it cause codge got it before me. I am about to go ran sack his office for it. take care miss you heaps only 1 week 1 day left. ang
Response: Who's counting?
From Peter
Sean and Rebecca got engaged on Thursday, another Shadwick wedding
Response: Thats fantastic news
From Sharna
Hay lynda hope all is well and your leaving a lasting impression and your mark over there
Response: Yes i am catch you soon
From margie acting Manage
If you put the hard word on Mickey and he decides he would like to come to Mildura to check out us country folk,he won't be able to work side by side with you in the deli,firstly he won't be fresh food trained and second he won't be able to fit the hat on his head.Not sure if I can quite picture the two of you together....bit I don't really know your choice in men so maybe Mickey turns you on......
Response: not into rodents but if i did i wouuln't need to return to the deli do you know how much he is worth
From The Weeds
Trying to do a photo slideshow for wills 21st, went to your place to look through old albums, but cant find any old photos of him, do you know where I might find some.
Response: at lynda's house i have photo's of him photo albums are on the veranda in wall unit at folks mine are in my photot albums on my book shelf or under phone table in my room ask ange to get for you
Hi its Margie,
Long weekend in town and boy are there some hotties in here. Pheww, its a fernace in here.......
Response: you really dont do any work do you mags
From Tim
Angie and I want some more updates as the kids are asking!
So i hope u found some good presents not for me the kids of course.
It a boring Thursday night and iam doing Wendy Ha Ha. My boy is getting bigger Angie love him but she can't have him.
Hurry up and come back as I am sick of drinking on my own on Wednesday nights.
c u all soon
Response: do you miss me sweety i got lots of gifts for nearly every one but lots foe ME he he he. What colour? also internet is costly so we have been limited
From Liz, Denis, Stu and
Hi folks, just updated myself on your shenanigans since you left England. We had a fantastic time with you all too, come back!!!! New Forest Ale and chocolate fondues await! Well hope your stomachs survive the rest of the holiday and your pursestrings do too, although you won't have much to worry about if the receptions's covered when you get back, grog and all!
Response: We have managed to expand ourselfs a great deal. We will be back we promise.
Hey you,
Are you having that much fun you have no time to tell us all the names of the bounty;s you have picked up. Its bloody freezing here so if its warm there, stay there. Well the news is that Ange- your friend and mine- slept with Brian AGAIN , but this time she actually threw the leg over.. Is nobody safe from this girl???????? I have been to vist jai jai and he smiled when i mentioned your name. Chelsea wanted to know if you saw any alaskimo people and wandered what they would look like. Do they have flat noses from kissing??? see ya soonxxxx
Response: Do you ever work Margie
From ang
Thanks I did get my Post card it was lovely sounds like you like the beer. Hope you are having a ball take care chat soon. miss you
From Peter
Good luck with the reception...

I actually attended the Bambill Ball at the Workers, I assume i am one of the hotties that you were referring to....
Response: I think not, Yuck
From margie acting Manage
Don't know if you will fit back in to ole Mildura...small town etc.There wont be too many folks that will be able to chat bout all the sights you have seen and we may seem boring..I suggest you meet a nice upstanding citizen in one of you ports of call and convince him to fall hopelessly in love with you and ask him if he will take you away from your old way of life...oh,did I mention he should also be rich AND goodlooking.He will need to be rich to be able to fly us all over for the lavish wedding..Time is running out over there so get cracking......
time is running out i know might put the hard word on mickey tomorrow at disneyland and see how i go
From peter
as long as they are providing the free grog i am in for a reception...
Response: no we have to supply everything
From ang
Saturday night was bambill and went very well.
Response: cool they will be back after i return good to hear they had hotties
From ang
Wheres my post card????????????
Wheres some photos??????????????
What Pressies are we getting??????????????
Response: how come you don't have your post card yet. Photos public computrs suck. and pressies HA HA HA you should see the grog bill
I dont think the mounty with the over sized thighs will fit in to your suit case. margiexxxxxx
Response: no room for air in my suitcase