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Welcome to My Travel Page! As regular readers will know this is where I will keep a record of my travels for my next epic journey around Australia.

Please feel free to leave a message for me or Frankie!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 04 August 2009

Location: Fremantle, WA, Australia

I've suddenly found myself back in Fremantle. Its cold, green and there's people and cars in quantity! I'm finding it hard to come to terms with being back in civilisation of sorts! Yes my time in Exmouth flew by, I really can't believe it four months have gone by so so quick. Had a fabulous time some life time experiences, met some amazing people and left my new love Tone behind for a couple of weeks basking in the warmth of Exmouth while my toes tinge with the cold of winter here. Still I'll brave the cold with the dream of warmth and diving in tropical seas lying ahead for us both in Indonesia.

I head to Margaret River tomorrow and then down into the southern cold to the forests of Pemberton to become requainted with what a tree looks like!

With a quick flying visit over to Adelaide to visit my Uncle and onto the sun of Indo for a few weeks. I'll be back before I know it braving the cold of the Autumn in Wales. Looking forward to seeing the last of the changes of the colours of the seaon.

Right I'm off to find some great coffee in this town! Yippeee :)
Shaz x x

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

Still here, I've not fallen off the planet just into the crazy time warp of Exmouth. Can't believe its been two months since my last entry. In which time I've celebrated another year younger and started dating a new fella! How time slips away here...

Still swimming with whale sharks in fact the season is nearing its end now, the sharks have been plentiful, manta rays abound and the migrating humpbacks never cease in the waters of Ningaloo Reef at this time of year.

Time has drifted by so quick that I'm already planning my onward journeys home. From here the plan is to check out the SW of WA before heading to Adelaide for a week then onto Indo for a bit of travelling and diving with Tone (my new squeeze) before venturing back into my first 'winter' for two years, and an attempt at completing the Great North Run with little running preparation.

Life is great, hope its smiling on you :)
love shazza x

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

Wow what a month I've been having. Did 17 days straight working over the holidays. Have had a couple of days off in the last week which has been great - I've at last seen some sights of the cape!

Today only half a boat of people were on so there was only really the need for one group of people in the water. After swimming on 3 WS's we found a WS who was happy to let us swim along side for 45mins - of this I spent 40mins spotting the 6m WS! (Hamish the other spotter was happy to let me swim - and so was I) Truely awesome swimming along with a creature of such magnitude and , there was a beautiful school of travelly and a magnificant 1.5m cobia swimming next to it too!

Apart from being an absolute workaholic I've been socialising well, trips to the pubs and BBQ's around town. Even managed to get out kitesurfing the other day.

Going to be an old woman tonight and hit the sack early, got a cruise ship coming to town tomorrow so I've a later start than usual! NICE :D

Shaz x

Thursday, 09 April 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

There are no words to describe the amazing week I've had working. I'm going to make you guys feel really sick over the next few months, you'll probably get bored to death of my diary enteries!

Today was... INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swam with my largest WS of about 9 metres! If that was not awe inspriing after I had just taken a group out on a 4.5m WS and it had dived a 7m WS pops up right besides the boat and is swimming around the boat nudging it with its nose- at one point comes up vertical and pokes the hull with its nose. Then it looks up from the port side and stares at everyone on the boat. I'm still in the water at this point - gobbed smacked by what I'm seeing. Then the WS dives under the boat (my job is to follow and not lose the WS) so I start chasing the WS around the boat, people climbing in and out of the water - bit chaotic but a truely magical moment that I'll recall for the rest of my life.

So basically I'm going to be flat out working for the next fornight over the easter school holidays - not too hard but feeling pretty tired today was feeling it a little when keeping up with a 5m feeding WS earlier in the day. An early night is defo the go, so away I go.

Shaz x

Monday, 30 March 2009

Location: Exmouth, Australia

Arrived in Exmouth last Tuesday! Still coming to terms with the heat, glad I got aircon in my room! Have been flat out since sorting the boat out. While sorting out the mooring last week the guys gave me a trial scuba dive on the reef - weird feeling at first but once I'd gotten over the breathing uner water thing I was off like the very fish I was scaring with my bubbles! Decided I must take my open water while I'm here - what a better place to do it!

Yesterday while we were taking the boat around to the mooring from the pen I got my first swim in with a whale shark! It was truley amazing, not enough adjsctives to describe the experience. The visibility was a little poor, and the swell huge and the second drop I suffered from awe factor and had to play chase the WS, which when I caught up to it dived outta sight! Not to worry plenty more days to fill in with whale shark swimming! First tour is wednesday really looking forward to it - I really can't believe that I'm doing this for the next 4 months!

Off for a swim - gotta get fit for these sharks!
Shazza x

Friday, 13 March 2009

Location: Freo, Australia

Been pretty full on partying the last month! Haven't stopped since the river cruise, the return down the river back to Freo was a complete blank! Fortunately for me I got to go the following week back up on the charter boat with my new boss to be so I got to take in the scenary sober!

At long last I made it to Rottnest Island last weekend. Spent the day looking out for Quokkas and fortunately for my dire need to quench my thirst for cider made me take a short cut through the island and virtually cycled over the cute looking things!

My leaving party tonight!!!! Need I say more going to be great going to the beach for a BBQ then back to the house where we will have Nikki DJing out on the back porch with a firepit blazing under the tree.

Must dash and get myself the important alcohol suppies and ice!!
Love Shazza x

Friday, 20 February 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

HA,HA,HA!!!! I went splosh today in the harbour! Fell off the edge of the boat I was on and into the drink! Was a bit of a shock but bloody funny, at least I entertained my work mate Ru and the sailing clubs sparky who was working on the jetty! Grinning ear to ear I squelched my way home as there was a cold wind this morning I needed to change! Well it had to happen before I left, that's what I get for being half asleep, and standing on the edge with soap suds on my feet.

Not managed to recover from my big weekend had a full on socialising week with various things and tonight I'm off on a party cruise up the river towards the city - the cute Aussie invited me :)

Should try and get some sleep before I go but I'm torn - its beach weather this arvo.

Shaz x

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

My dislocated knee has been healing well over the last 3 weeks, fortunately it clicked itself back into place saving me money from seeing a professional! Have been able to walk on it without limping for about a week now.

Was off the alcohol for 3 weeks because of the injury (speeds up the healing) was intending to go for another week but that got broke this weekend. Had a full on weekend partying, think I got in 3 hours of drunken sleep in 48 hours - all good fun but looking forward to a quiet one this coming weekend.

Friday was a fancy dress house party themed with a V. I went as a vamptress looked terrifying don't know how I managed to pull a cute Aussie boy :) Best costume was the fella dressed as a can of VB beer! Partying continued through to early hours and on into Saturday night when I went to Em's farewell BBQ pool party. That got quiet messy and not to say the least that fully dressed dry people got thrown into the pool!

Em's off up to Exmouth to work on the whale shark tour boats for the season. I'll be following her up in a month or so all going well to work myself as a guide with another company!!

Needless to say that my travel plans have changed yet again but I couldn't pass up on the opportunity of a life time to swim eveyday with whale sharks. I'll be back beginning of September defo as I've scored myself a place in the Great North Run in Newcastle!

Life is good :)
Shazza x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Will I never learn how dangerous a sport is drinking! My first traditional sunday sess at Cottlesloe ended with night swiming and a busted knee! After fighting off the white pointer... Really the wave bit me instead, taking my knee cap sideways as I tried to graciously dive into the surf. I may be in extreme pain, but I'm counting my blessings that I never drowned or really did loose my leg!

So I spent Aussie Day unable to stand, straining my neck to watch the fireworks over Freo's locals and being affectionately called "cripple" by the lads in our group (said comment was to hide the chivalry when they carried my bag - I thought it died). The plus side to this injury (apart from having my bag carried, is that I don't have to scramble on top of the boat roofs to scrub off the sea gull pooh!).

My socialising has been booming. Last Wednesday Ali and I were joined by a group of her friends when we went to see The Waifs who were supprted by Anne Difranco. Nice evening under the stars. Friday a trip into the local brewery for a few resulted in me not drinking Saturday night when I attended a grauation fashion show of a friend of Ali's. Following which we went to The Moon to eat greasy food and consume sugary drinks and belly laugh, at terrible suggestive stories involving greasy fingers! :D

Shazza x

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Hey there!
Have eventually gotten back into the groove of working though its been extremly hard! The heat is a killer especially when you're trying to change bed sheets in cramped quarters its like a sauna - no wonder I've lost weight I'm sweating it out of me! I've also learnt this week that hangovers, extreme heat and boat washing do not mix. Serious 42 degrees yesterday with a hangover after Cheeky's birthday BBQ night before, I just wanted to drop into the ocean and die!

Not been up to a great deal, however I have a few music gigs and festivals to look forward to - so hard to save my money with so much good music coming to town this summer! And of course so much summer drinking to be done!

Looks like it might rain this evening, be nice to get a run in in the rain!
Sha x

Friday, 02 January 2009

Location: Australia

Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year. I had a quiet one just hung out at a local brewery (Little Cretures) and went to listen and dance to a band to bring new years in. I was so proud of myself yesterday, having not drunk myself stupid I managed to get out of bed - which is a first for me for a New Years Day for many a year!

Last night went to a Fat Freddys Drop gig in town, had a brilliant time, the vibe was so realxed and loving, the music was fantastic and nobody wanted to go home. Ali and I did get an invite for a house party but I'm off kitesurfing this afternoon and Ali had an early start so like two old woman we headed back home to drink tea!

Please can someone send some rain! The heat out here is starting to drive me nuts and the sharks as well I think. Last weekend I went down to Safety Bay to kitesurf and discovered on my arrival that only a couple of hours prior there had been a fatal shark attack in the Bay - certainly tunes you back in to the reality of the ocean. Further to 2 more sharks being spotted in the bay people were advised to stay out. Then 2 days later there was news of a cheeky shark disturbing fishermen in the same locality! Let's put it this way I'm swiming in the shallows at the moment!

Right I'm off to get some coffee and late breakfast at Cheeky's. Have lots of fun!
Sha x

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Location: Freo, Australia

Happy Christmas!!! Nadolig Llawen!! Hope you all have a wonderful time.

Crossmas was a ball! I spent the evening being a very naughty gent and pinched all the 'womans' bums. In the early hours of Sunday functioning on only 2 hours sleep Cheeky smuggled me onto her wild dolphin swim down at Rockingham. What a great experience I've been so lucky to be given the opportunity to swim with a pod of male dolphins - who I might add were busy mating!! He,he.

So I finished work for two weeks on Monday and enjoyed the pre amble of Christmas approaching. Even though its here now it still doesn't feel like it! Well going to have to make a difference there and crack open the bubbles! Off to divulge in glorious brunch and sunshine.

Have a great one!
Sha x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Wow, I've started to become slack again with my entries! How time has flown by. Well its officially summer down here with the temperature reaching a painfully hot 39 degrees on Sunday! Boy I'm so glad I live stones throw to the beach!

Haven't been up to much interesting. Been busy in work (getting bronze) and hanging out at the beach with hangovers at the weekends - well it is the party season! Had our work xmas shin dig on Friday night, went out clubbing after, urggghhh we were all in a bit of a state thank god!!

So looking forward to a fortnight off for Crimbo though I don't buy the hot xmas thing - just doesn't feel festive! I'm actually missing the bad weather and darkness!! Going to make some xmas decorations with Mia later this week, perhaps then it'll feel a little more like it.

Planned night out on Saturday, group of us heading out to a Crossmas party. Its a cross dressing party! I can't wait its going to be so much fun!!! A sure fantastic way to start the celebrations!

Well I'm off to my yoga class with Cheeky and then a BBQ!! (OK perhaps I don't miss the British winter too much!)

love to you all
Sha x

Friday, 21 November 2008

Location: Fremantle, Australia

Had a great weekend just past, as predicted I was exhusted on Monday not used to 2 late nights in a row (must be getting old!).

Went to a burlesque show Saturday that was a scream lots of fun and laughs to be had. Ali and I dressed up for the occasion and joined her sister, brother in law, and their friends for the performance. Which turned out to be a graduate class performance of the art of Burlesque. Following which Ali and I headed back into Freo for a night cap, game of Uno and a perv and flirt with the cute barmen in town.

Sunday night brought along the highlight of the Freo Festival with a Bhangra street party, was great people watching territory especially loved the old loved up Freo hippies giving it their all dancing the night away with dreds and arms swinging in age old riteous spirit.

Had a cruisy week washing boats in glorious sunshine and today (friday) have been given an unexpected day off, so I think I'll go and enjoy the beach and fly my new kite!!

Sending some of the sunshine your way :)
Sha x x

Friday, 14 November 2008

Location: Freo, Australia

What an exhausting week I've had! After working part time for about 3 weeks I get bombarded with work this week. Not complaining as you need to make hay while the sun shines!

That reminds me, Ringo dropped in last weekend on his way up from Esperance out to Lake Grace to work on the harvest. Think he must have brough the weather with him as the sun has been shining ever since. Friday afternoon we ventured out a little too late to get into the maritime museum, we were lucky enough to get a spot on the submarine tour. That was really interesting, a small group of us was led around a 1960's sub and explained its capability.

Surfacing on Saturday it was our turn to take the controls for an adreline ride on superfast go-karts (ok not quiet the same league as Red Bull Pilots) which I came second only 'cos there was only the 2 of us racing! Good fun though. Rest of the weekend was whiled away at museums the cinema and various institutes serving alcoholic beverages.

Last night Ali took me along to her friend's Catherine's for Full Moon Celebration dinner and R and R. It proved to be a very wide eye opener for me as I was served a plate of raw food. Catherine I discovered has been on a raw food detox for the last 4 weeks and served us an amazing array of kale salad and quiche, and chocolate and cokie dough balls for desert - all of which were delicious! How I hear you all ask do you make a quiche without cooking it? I'll leave those of you so intrigued to 'google' it and maybe try!

This weekend promises to be yet another action packed one. The Fremantle festival is on this week, and in between the shopping I've got planned and Saturday night out with Ali and Co. and the numerous carnivals and street party I think I'll be more exhusted on Monday then I am tonight.

Well I'm going to finish my beer and hit the sack. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you may do.
love Sha x

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Recent Messages

From Linda Lee
life is good but not as great as yours........ reality bites as eirian's just sighed as she makes her way back to her desk.................. :(

glad ur still havin a blast
Response: I won't mention that I had my first humpback whale swim beneath me today out in the big blue... oh sorry just did :D life is still very surreal. Couplde more months and counting... can't wait to catch up with you and have a good piss up!! x x
From Linda
stoppit - i loved rottnest island but exmouth was probably one of my favourite places in oz - mind u i was staying in a tent which didnt hav air conditioning but wat it did have was extremly cheeky emu's and fxxking noist gallahs!!!! wish i could take the next 2 weeks off and join u out there..... oh well might hav a lwc atmy oz photos 2nite ;)
Response: So wish you were here to experience the whale sharks with me - today was just f**king awesome! Glad I got aircon in my room though :D
From Linda

glad to hear you're doing well and not ended up been shark bait - there's been loads on our news bout the various shark attacks happening in oz. good news - rhiannon mair gave borth to a baby girl - lluecu and both are doing well.

i agree with your statement that drinking is a dangerous sport. of the 3 6 nations rugby matches iv seen, i can only remember the outconme of 1...... total memory loss wen it comes to the other 2. perhaps its not a good idea for a 5ft 2in person to choose bob, who's 6ft, as a drinking buddy - wen wil i ever learn.

awful news - martin has left. he finished last week and now works in cardiff for the welsh labour party. we're all gutted as you can imagine but rili happy for him.

everyone else in offices are fine. all havin a blast at this time of year cos of the rugby.

oh and enjoy the whale sharks - never had the cash to go swimming with them wen i was in exmouth although did do a couple of dives on ningaloo.

see u in sept perhaps xx
Hang on a minute I thought it was Rhinnanon's sister who was pregnant? I missed that one! Congrats to her bless! Probably not a bad thing not being able to remeber the Frence game! We better beat the Italians! Sad to hear about Martin, so you've all gotta do some work in the office now :D Can't wait to get in the water with the whale sharks going to be specatular and I'll defo be seeing you all in september! The good times will be rolling...
From Linda
that's so strange cos it's 39C here as well.......... oh no sori its 3.9C here!

missed u in the liverpool arms this year. had a blast as usual and got extremely drunk andf fell over a couple of times (no change there then i hear u say!).

jst thought id write and say nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda. hope u hav a gwd time in the sunshine (and raw food) xxx
Response: Great to hear that you're keeping the side up in your drunken antics! Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda hefyd chick! Looking forward to bathing in the sunshine! x
From Ailsa
Sounds like your still having far too much fun out there -
Gavin is getting well jealous of you, he rather liked Freemantle.
Thanks for the postcard - you are uncanny - arrived on the day and everything.
How long have you got left out there now?
Can't wait to catch up proper.
Take care!
Response: Hope you had a wonderful birthday hun!! Yeah Fremantle is beautiful and even so more now that summer has arrived. probably not changed much since Gav was here. Such a laid back vibe. If I can drag myself away from here then I reckon another 6 months! Can't wait to see you and catch up! x x
From Clair
I am so jealous that you got to see the Red Bull air race, but I have to disagree Paul Bonhonne is the best. When are you next back home? have you got an address I can send you invite to?
keep smiling x
Response: Hiya Chuck! Great to hear from you. Yeah Paul Bonhomme was bloody brillient too, and the other Brit Nigel Lamb. Was great to see so many Brits out there. Will email you an address, hope all going brill for you x x
From Linda
....and i love that u found ur home town. when i was in oz i drive through a town called keith and it said on the sign "you are now entering keith" - oh how we laughed. i'll show u the photo if u ever come home.....!
Response: HA,HA,HA!!! Nothing surprises me with the Aussie signage! They have a wry sense of humor out here!
From Linda
yey new photos!

i'm jealous enough reading the text alone, but now i have to look at some fantastic photos to.........

glad ur still having a blast. there's nothing wrong with losing a whole day in bed with a hangover - that's what sunday's are for. it's a welsh tradition! not sure i'd be into the meditation thing though but whatever floats your boat (geddit! been wanting to get that pun in since u said you've been cleaning them!). on that note best go to bocs bwyd for a sarnie. xx
Response: To make you even more jealous honey I've posted some more up! x x
From Mel
Hi Sha,
can't believe you're still hangin' out in Oz... Just came back from a roadtrip through beautiful Spain yesterday. Tomorrow is my last exam and than I am done with Uni. Oh and guess what? No - I won't go back to NZ or OZ. It's China this time. I'm still waiting for the final approval, but it seems to be almost certain. Three months working as a journalist in Beijing.
I hope everything is working out for you and your having loads of fun! Talk to you soon,
a big hug, Mel
Response: Hey Mel! Yeah still hanging in down here, I can't believe it either! Spain roadtrip would'av been great! And China...what can I say that's great! Good luck with your final exam and hope China comes off for you! x x
From Linda Lee
oh am soooo jealous. i absolutely adored western austrialia and if i ever go back to oz i'd fly into perth and out of darwin and forget about the east coast altogether. wish i was there..........

ps not sure wat sort of weather ur getting at the mo but if ur in perth/freo wen their summer starts u have to go visit rottnest island to see the quokkas.

gwd lyc wiv job hunitng xx
Response: I agree WA appears to be the best part! I can't wait to see the South West that's supposed to be beautiful, the locals here keep telling me to forget Freo and go to Albany for the Summer! Well we'll see where the road takes me! Defo will go to Rottnest Isle, waiting for the summer! Sea a bit too rough for my stomach at the mo! x
From Linda Lee
watched team america last nite and instantly thought of you. matt damon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope ur ok. we're havin a shite summer here. 1 day of sunshine then 5 days of torrential rain - typical welsh summer rili!!
Response: Shame about your Summer weather, nothing else to be expected I suppose! Glad I'm in the tropics at the mo, Vic, SA, NSW are having an extremly cold winter!
From Linda Lee
oh my god! you've been in the wars (literally!). can't believed she jst attacked you. xcellent news bout ur visa extension - am soooooo jealous i only got a year wen i was out there.

not musch has happened here. went on the annual planning trip to dublin last weekend and as you can imagine have little recollection of the nite!!!

anyway best be going. good luck with pressing charges. fingers crossed you'll get some cash out of her

linda xx
Response: Hi! Yeah I was in a bit of shock to say the least! Found out yesterday that the police are going to chrage her this week and it'll go to court. After that it depends on what she pleads! Sounds like you had a great time in Ireland! Keep up the drinking! x
From Ailsa Moss
Hi hon, happy birthday!!!! Looks like you've been having fun. Theres deffinately something to be said for taking time out!! Lets pray for some jobs coming up at Bank West so I can come out too!!
Response: Hi Hon! I never told you that I applied for a job with Bank West when I was in Sydney - they told me I didn't have the right communitacation skills, perhaps they couldn't understand my Welsh accent!
From Linda Lee
JOHN ARTHUR LOST HIS SEAT!!!! yey jst thought u'd like to know. might put a little smile on your face whilst you're working amongst the green veggies! i bet he lost cos he was such a git overthe dingle extension......!

weather's been lyfli since the bank holiday and as u can imagine there's a lot of red, snburnt shoulders and noses in work!!

hope you're keeping well. wish i was there picking veggies with u - beats a proper job anytime!

Response: HA HA! That did certainly put a smile on my face! Serves himself right the misarable..... Who has the seat now? You are a jammy lot having the same weather as me here at the mo! Don't forget to slop and slap the sun cream on! xx
From Linda Lee
haia. hows everything going? work's stil bouncing back my emails to your yahoo account and have forgotten password for hotmail so wil sort it out asap to send u a proper message. larissa is heading back down under on the 24th april - daniel's got a job in a plant in brisbane. gutted - i'll miss her plus the men in our office will yet again outnumber the women! mmm i love avacado but i bet ur getting sick of them - just think of your visa extension!
tata for now xx
Response: Hi!!!! Yep sick of avacardos, and corgettes! But yeah keep thinking of the money and my visa! That's a surprsie that Daniel and Larissa are heading back, sure everyone will miss Larissa, perhaps I'll get a chance to catch up with her after all I'm only a stones throw from Brisbane - well ok bout 10hrs! Look forward to getting a proper message, better go work! x x
From Linda Lee
by the time you get this wales will ave hopefully won their second grand slam in 4 years - extraodinary considering our shocking world cup display. am so jealous reading ur blog - wish i was back in oz...... sniff.
ps the bundaberg and ginger beer sounds lyfli!!
Response: Hey Girl, Yeah I can't believe it! Wales did it and yes I agree extra special with their world cup performance and what about Scotland beating Engalnd nothing more could've been sweeter! :)
From Martin
It was great to see you on the dancefloor and keep up the stories. Happy and safe travels.
Response: It was fantastic to catch up with you all again! Will see you all again before you know it and we can do it all again! :)
From Linda Lee
hope it's not 2 hot for you after the shocking weather u experienced wen u came home!! suprisingly since uv left the weather has been stunning. freezing mornings, blue skies, sun shining in the afternoons etc......... would rather be in Oz though!! look after yourself shaz and keep us posted of ur adventures xx
Response: Have to say the weather here in Sydney is shocking! Think I brought the rain back with me! It set to stay that way as we head north! Promise to keep your boring days entertained back there. x
From Martin
Blwyddyn newydd da from sunny Wales.

Are you here, there or anyhwere ?

Meal in Jade Garden, as promised, going cold .....
Response: I will be there!! Please keep it warm!!! I be in London on the 10th Jan and back in Wales on 14th after catching up with my London mate Elaine! See you soon.
From Linda Lee
passed my masters with a distinction!!! can't believe it. bob's demanding a recount!!! have a couple of cold aussie beers to celebrate for me plis x
Response: Congratulations! I can't believe it either,he,he. I can't wait to catch up with you all in a couple of weeks! I can't believe a year has gone by already either!
From Linda Lee
tried the toohey's extra dry yet? was in manchester over my birthday (24 for the 7th year running - I'll let you do the math!) and popped into walkabout for a bottle, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6, or 7, or 8, or 9, or 10 then my memory goes blank but I have a vague recolection of falling over! nothings changed since the year you've been gone (aint that an 80s rock ballad?!). anyway i cant believe its nearly been a year since you left - its flown by. cant wait for a major sesh and gossip!
Response: Hey! Not tried the Tooheys xtra dry drank plenty of Toohey's on New Year! The Carlton xtra dry is pretty good, I have to say I never got round to acquiring the taste of VB! Right noe though I'm enjoying my huge bottles of Tiger beer!
From liz (little sister)
hi shaz just a little one to say hi. theo is in my arms fast asleep and its very windy and wet out side the boys r still the same, but say hi and can't wait to see you in jan. well got to go and get them ready for bed before they full asleep. talk to u soon.
love. liz, gethin, ryan & theo.
Response: Can't wait to see you and the boys and little Theo! I hope its not as wet there in Wales as it is right now in Singapore or I'm turning round and going back to Oz right now! x
From Ailsa
Hi Sha,
Sounds like your still enjoying yourself while we're all stuck here in the gloom!
Thanks For't cards.

When you gonna post some more pics (it gives me a break from work)
Response: Hopefully I'll have some up for your distraction today honey! Hope you had a lovely birthday! x
From Martin
well a47 year old planner made it to 48. The tone of all this report suggests you won't be in the Cantonese Menai Brudge in January ! What will we do ! I suppose get drunk is one solution.

Keep enjoying. Best wishes to Ringo.
Response: Hello! Belated birthday wishes! Honestly - I be there in January though I hear that you all have doubts! Save me a seat, I'm looking forward to having a hearty catoneese!
From Martin
Linda is so pleased that England have made it to the World Cup Final. I'm surprised you can't hear her cheers from their. Come on jolly Mr Wilkinson she cries every day.
Response: I bet Linda is gutted that England lost to the Boks! (NOT!!). Four years time and Wales will hold the cup (well anything can happen, look England got to the final again!)