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Welcome all to my delightful little page! As most of you know my intinerary is Eastern Asia & Australasia and anywhere else that may appeal to me in the future!

Feel free to leave a message and keep in touch!

Peace out xx

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Location: Miri, Malaysia

Apologies to the avid readers for not posting an entry for some time now. All hopefully will be revealed as to why below! Some pieces may be missing as I it has been such a long time but hopefully this will suffice.

So after Bako we headed back to Kuching with the intention of getting to Sibu or one of the other towns along the Rejang River. the purpose of this was to go visit one of the numerous long houses, where local tribes/indigenous tribes of Borneo live, so we could experience how they live. We skipped through Sibu and headed to a place called Kapit where we stayed a night before heading to Belaga - a smalll town on the irver, near the jungle with easy access to a number of tribes. We headed over to see a guy who could apparently arrange all this for us - we only wanted to spend one evening with the tribes people as we weren't sure what to expect with regard to their way of living and had heard from various others that one evening was more than enough.

During the day we took a trek in to the jungle to meet with a tribe who lived a couple of hours inside the jungle. This itself was really cool. When we got there we were greeted by a couple of the local kids and went through to sit in the chiefs hut. Now you're all probably thinking him to be like Chief Sitting Bull with full feather head dress etc. Sadly he wasn't dressed like this or with just a strategically placed leaf to hide his modesty. Wearing trousers and a puma tshirt he was happily laying in his hammock smoking away half asleep! We sat there for a moment while the locals came in and out of the hut to take a look at us and most probably took the piss too!! Our guide went out back with the chief's son to give him our gifts (sugar, salt, biscuits for the nippers and some rice wine - 50% proof alcohol) Well when they came back to "share" the gifts half of the rice wine had gone and our guide seemed quite glazy eyed! As we sat there laughing and joking the atmosphere became a bit hairy as our guide seemed to get more drunk and then start to piss off the chief's elderly dad by pushing him while sat down and constantly trying to pinch his watch and take the piss out of it for being old and not working! The mood was soon lifted however when a spider the size of my hand (we had spotted this on the rafters before when we walked in) decided to jump down, scuttle across the floor (yes it made a tapping sound as its legs touched the wooden floor) and tried to crawl up my shorts. My reactions, as you can probably imagine due to my athletic ability, were cat-like. I jumped up patting my shorts so it didnt crawl up there and it crawled down again, up on my back and jumped off again all while I was making a squealing sound reminiscent of a small school girl. This was found highly hilarious to the two younger kids (who by the way weren't adverse to joining in with us doing shots of rice wine and also smoking) who then proceeded to nickname me Spiderman! The little feckers! We were also a bit worried when our guide didn't seem to want to leave the hut and we practically had to get up and start to leave ourselves. Him being slightly toshed up too worried us a little but he got us back in record time and not lost in the jungle - he set a rice wine induced pace on the way back! Maybe British athletes should try this in Beijing instead of Powerade! It was only when we got back that the tour organiser asked us if the guide was ok. We told him he got toshed up and was a"bit annoying, to which he replied "Well he's family and only started working for me. He's an alcoholic and sleeps on a bench in the square. If he does well he does more trips for me" BRILLIANT! Not only was this guy who just took us through the jungle a novice guide, he was a piss head too!

In the evening we headed to a local long house. I was expecting good things and an exciting evening where all the locals would gather and have a few drinks with us but this wasn't the case. They all stayed in their own huts (watching the footy it seemed) and everyone who we offered some booze to; declined. So the three of us sat outside playing cards! The night there proved to be quite eventful for myself. I had managed to spend the night in the toilet with very bad sickness and the runs! I say the runs (and I apologise for beign graphic here) but it was basically sh*tting water for the whole night. Any water I took, the tiniest sip would come out again within minutes. It was the longest 8 hours of my life and the sickest I think I have ever been. When not in the toilet I was trying to sleep on the floor while listening to the numerous dogs howling, roosters crowing and rats scuttling around in the roof! This sickness and sh*tting continued through to Sunday and when we got back to Belaga I continued to be sick. I got in to the local clinic and spent the day there on a drip and stuffed with various pills to try and keep some fluid in me! The only diagnosis that the nurses there could provide was that I had Cholera! CHOLERA! F*ck me! Thats the sort of disease that you only hear about in third world countries when Michael Burke from the BBC declares that there is a state of emergency during famines and that aid was needed desperately - and here I was, Johnny Foreigner laying in a clinic with it! Jeez! I was slightly more relieved when told that it was totally curable and this eased my mood slightly (even managed to raise a smile for a cheesy snap,) that and the fact that I finally had some fluid in me via the drip but still Cholera was still not anything I wanted to have. I was beginning to feel better til I got back outside and sat in a cafe waiting for our ride out of Belaga. I just felt really weak and threw up again. I checked myself back in and got another drip inserted and decided to stay there for the night. The next day I decided I should go to Hospital to get checked out by a proper doctor and get a proper diagnosis, to confirm whether it was Cholera or not! After 5 hours we got to Bintulu Hoispital where it was confirmed it was not Cholera, much to my relief. More tablets and yet another ton of hydration sachets we left for Miri!

Ive still not really regained my confidence to eat anything, or my confidence in farting without anything other than air passing through, and am craving some home cooked food. A nice hearty plate of suasages, egg, chips and beans is just what i want right now! Nan if you could rustle me up a steak, roast tatties and veg with all the trimmings - would be greatly appreciated!

I'm trying to not let my episode taint my experience but I feel that the longhouse trip was not really worth what we paid for it. I'm also trying to not let it spoil the rest of my time here in Borneo but at the moment I really am feeling fed up with the place. The same green landscape, the same city/town set up with restaurants and shops that open and spill out on to the street. I feel like I need a new surrounding but I also know that it's because I've been ill and craving some varied western food that i'm biased and fed up slightly. I think I'm associating what I see with the feeling of being ill which isn't helping at all.

We are heading to Brunei tomorrow for a couple of days so this may provide me with the break I need. Although I'm not sure what to expect. Are the streets going to be paved with gold, or is it only the Sultan who lives with such luxuries?! We shall see.

I just hope I can snap out of this ill feeling and get over the mindset that rice is actually not going to make me sick again! Please excuse the cynicism at this point of time and when I look back I will hopefully be able to say "Yeah maybe posting an entry shortly after being ill is not a good idea" Then again this is a personal blog and writing down how I feel is what this is all about, and at the moment I'm still not 100%

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Location: Kuching (Borneo), Malaysia

I currently feel a little bit guilty over my ignorance to where I am currently residing. Although part of Malaysia; a seperate stamp in my passport actually suggests Borneo/Sarawak! This may well be a similar situation to the UK/Great Britain sovereignty over Scotland, Wales and Norn Iron! Although I am currently leaning towards this conclusion, if somebody more knowledgeable (or someone with more patience to traipse through Wikipedia) than myself could please inform me that would be brilliant! This in fact is actually quite ignorant but at the moment the Lonely Planet is getting hammered trying to find somewhere cheap to eat that offers a more substantial menu other curry, curry or................................ curry! Again ignorance on my part but I really am craving a roast dinner or a simple cheese and pickle sarnie on white at the moment!

So after stupidly deleting my last quite frank entry on Taman Negarra and Cameron Highlands I will briefly summarise:

Taman Negarra - Nice to experience the jungle but sadly ruined by tourism and package tours! Where's the wildlife - after all isn't this supposed to be the jungle!?!

Cameron Highlands - Excellent trekking - stunning views from the mountains overlooking over the valleys and tea plantations that dominate the hills here!!

After the visiting the above we stopped back off in Kuala Lumpur (think my nostrils were spoilt for clean air in the Cameron Highlands - as stepping off the bus in Chinatown had me gagging at the smell of, well inner city smog and grot!) for a night before taking the morning bus to Singapore! After hearing a few stories about Singapore being the cleanest city in the world I was expecting to arrive in a city sparkling with chintz and gleaming like a Mr Sheen advert! Now most of you will now be expecting me to say this was not the case, well frankly it wasn't, I had just let my imagination run wild on a tedious bus journey but nonetheless it was clean!! Now compared to other cities this is by far the cleanest I had been too! Signs clearly stating huge fines dished out for littering, chewing chuddy and feeding pigeons (hallelujah!) could be seen frequently, thus indicating how the city obviously wanted to keep it's clean image a reality. The city is itself (from what I saw) excellent. Modern, clean, friendly, busy yet charming. Not as busy and built up as I thought it would be but I think in time this will change. Lots of development and construction is taking place and it is has it's own little areas of cultural diversity with it's own identities (we stayed in the busy and vibrant Little India (Chinatown already existing and other new modern apartments cropping up) - with Banghra blaring from shops and restaurants and stalls selling fruit and veg and flowers (and I'm not talking the size of Mark Fowlers poxy Eastenders stall outside the Queen Vic either.) Transport was easy to use and the people were so freindly to approach and ask for directions and they were more than happy to help. This was exemplified by the fact that a punk goth (not as depressed here as they are back home obviously) approaching an overwhelmed blind guy in the busy Orchard Road Metro Station (street with more shopping centres and designer shops than you could shake a stick at,) being bumped around by over zealous Prada & Chanel bag wielding Fashionistas and guiding him to the exact shop he wanted to go to, taking him through the hustle and bustle, chatting away with him!

The city has a very western feel to it but it is expensive! The only way not to spend too much money is to go to the cinema it seems, as we found out as we went twice in two days (mainly to avoid the torrential daily 2 hour tropical downpour and also to kill some time) all for 2 squid a time!

This morning we took an early flight from Johor Bahru in Malaysia over to Kuching (Malaysia/Borneo.) We walked round town earlier and we've been overwhelemed by the friendliness of everyone. Everywhere we have walked everybody has been smiling at us saying "Hi, how are you?" Whether they don't see many white people here, the fact they want to try and practice their English or they are just genuinely friedly remainds a mystery but it's so nice to walk about and not be scared to look at somebody without the customary English greeting of "What are you looking at!" Seems a very laid back place right on the River Sarawak (see not so ignorant after all!) Hopefully will go out tonight and sample the nightlife - hopefully it will be equally as chilled out!

Right am off on my elusive search of something Western to eat tonight! Doner Roll anyone?! (sh*t ignorance alert!! hahaha!!)

Tara xxx

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Location: Malaysia

I've been a complete tit and managed to delete my last entry on here! Instead of edit I pressed on the delete key by accident. If I get round to it I might try and replicate the previous entry of my travel to Taman Negarra and Tanah Rata/Cameron Highlands!

Apologies for those of you who didn't manage to read it!

Wednesday, 02 January 2008

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Firstly - Happy 2008 to you all!!! Hope you all had a brilliant time celebrating the arrival of 2008!

Just a quick update to say I FINALLY have some snaps up on here!! Take a browse through. We are heading out of Kuala Lumpur tomorrow and going north to Taman Negara to do some trekking in the forests round there and then maybe on to the Cameron Highlands for more walking - depends how much blood I get sucked out of me by the leeches and mossies!! These places you can appreciate are slightly less westernised than the rest of Malaysia so I may not be able to get access to the internet for a few days. Not entirely sure how long we will be gone for but will update you all ASAP.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I suppose travelling is all about those spare of the moment decisions where to go and how to get there and Friday was one of those spare of the moment decisions for us.

After arriving and staying in Langkawi for one evening, having already decided that Kuala Lumpur was our chosen destination for NYE, we planned out our route from Langkawi to KL. This involved a ferry to the neighbouring island of Penang and from there travelling to mainland Malaysia and then an overnight train down to KL. When we arrived at the ferry port in Langkawi we were told that the ferries to Penang were fully booked for the next two days! After having the lady behind the counter explain an alternative route to mainland Malaysia a number of times and not understand anything of what she had said we turned to the nearest taxi driver and asked "how much to the airport?!" We knew we could fly from Langkawi to KL but obviously this was a more expensive form of travel. But the thought of three or four different buses and then an extra couple fo trains too didn't really appeal so we decided on a flight.

We arrived on Friday evening and took the bus to the city. Coming in on a bus via the motorway was a brilliant way to get a first glimpse of the city! Coming in you could see the illuminated Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower and the various other skyscrapers lighting up the skyline. It looked so cool. Where we're staying is right in the centre of Chinatown but i feel a bit of an idiot not being able to use chopsticks to eat my rice and chicken! So I did attempt to use them tonight - not with much success I hasten to add! haha! The city itself is pretty cool. Got a really friendly and excited buzz to it too. It's not quite a s busy and lively as London, which is cool as well as there are not too many people about all the time. Loads of skyscrapers around but it's weird as there is not much else about around the buildings for example other shops, cafes etc. There is a lof of building work going on in the city so maybe this is what is happening.

So far I've found Malaysia a lot friendlier and more welcoming than Thailand. Everyone seems friendly and helpful. Whether this is because the country it self is a lot welathier and the standard of living is better. This in turn probably means that the people here are more educated and their grasp of English is a lot better, hence seeming more friendly and helpful. Like last night sitting in a Reggae bar being offered a toke on the water pipe by some of the locals! Of course it would have been rude to refuse a local custom - I didn't have any halluconogenic experiences so it must have been kosher plain apple flaboured tobacco!

Not sure of the plan for NYE yet. In said reggae bar we got talking to a lad from Oundle so we plan to meet up with him and a few others tomorrow night, have a few drinks at their hostel and then go in to the city. Probably watch the fireworks and then see if we can find any decent bars or clubs to party in.

Happy New Year to you all if I don't speak to you beforehand, stay safe and all the best for 2008!

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Recent Messages

From Terry and Maureen
Hiya, Just to say again that hope you are begining to feel a bit better, take your brothers advise and book into a hotel for a few days, rest up and spoil yourself. Have you thought of moving on to aussieland, perhaps the food and climate will suit you better (think about it for auntie as if you take notice of me ha ha). Had a good time at Rich and Lizzie's party, hard work this socialising bit but did our bit to help make a lovely evening. Mum and Dad had a good time I think, we all had a few glasses of water of course, nothing stronger you understand. Ask mum how we sounded when we had a slug of the helium!!!!! better than a cats corus I would say.
Anyway take care matey, keep yourself motivated and focused , keep in contact, will be interested to know what Brunei is like.
Big hug, lots of love auntiexxx
Keep going matey love Telxxx
Response: Hi

Mum said they had a brilliant night out and that it was a very nice evening! Hope Dad didn't have too many Guiness and step on to the dance floor!
From Craig
Hello mate! Firstly a belated Happy New Year to you! Although I'm sorry to hear of how it has started, with an experience of a Cholera like illness. But at least you're on the mend and hope by now feeling much better! I guess it's understandable how you are associating feeling ill with the place in which you are staying and its cultural inheritance be it the food, drink, sights, sounds and smells - but try not to let your spirits be dampened so! I've s*#! piss from eating the Great British Kebab before... but in-time you still go back for more! :) Oh and the spider incident sounds horrible dude - I'd have passed out for sure! Anyway, hopefully our paths may cross at some point this year, been promoted and it involves travelling the world! I'm hoping I'll get to Australia for couple weeks later in year - woohoo!
Response: Congrats on the promotion dude and good to hear from you!

I'm sure you're fast fingers (due many years of wielding the axe) would have been able to stun the spider in to a trance like state thus rendering it useless in tryingt o sting you and allowing you to simply tread on it as you leave the room in disgust! Haha!

Take it easy pal!
From The Nips'
Oh dear Shave, sounds like quite a horrible experience you had. We're praying that you do just pass gas too. Lots of love, the Higham's fave newly ish weds x x
Response: I heard you guys were getting "papped" regularly after leaving the celebrity hotspot of Shaad! Actually that sounds like the name of a chintzy London club!

All good so far - no more brown pants incidents to report! A couple of close calls though!! hahaha!
From zk
OK well u can get these new soups called heinz soups of the world i would get 3 tins and empty them into a pan and say i cooked it , then put some carrott and potatoe ends around the utensils on the bench so u wouldnt knw any different ....i suspect u would be very proud of the slow cooked lamb and root veg variety finx ( was i just busted )
Response: Ahhhh ok I could well have been fooled, but I know your culinary skills leave a lot to be desired from what you've told me! hahaha!

How about beans on toast?!
From mrs b
Hope you are feeling better by now. Just seen your mum today and had a quick word. You mean to say there is no mc donalds where u r???? I hope you can get some proper food soon. T was on form last week when we were away. Roll on Benidorm!!
All being well going down to Dave's next sat for day.
Take care
Mrs B garage mc
Response: Brilliant! Knew Big Trev couldn't let us down with some whiskey fuelled antics! I'll send him home a bottle of rice wine to try! That could result in some interesting behaviour!
From zk
yeah u do need a nice hotel with all mod cons even if just for the night get cosy and watch movies in bed ...u will be well again soon for more adventure ....sending lots of sympathy and hugs ...i would even make u soup from scratch not a tin in sight !!!
Response: Who are you trying to kid "not from a tin!!" hahaha!

Next stop - Hilton Hotel!
From Kevin the Brut Boyce
Bonjour Shavey,

I hope that you are having fun fun fun!

From your script it looks like an adventure!

Keep up the good work!

laters (I saying only you will associate with)

Response: Hello mate,

Good to hear from you! Hope all is going well back home still! All good here mate in the warm climate; except from the recent bout of loose bowels!

Take it easy pal!
From Razor
Enjoy Brunei then. Get into some decent hotels and just don't do a lot but sleep and eat. Drink coke that is good for a bad stomach and full of sugar (remember to brush your teeth else you'll be having your teeth done out there ha ha!!)

Send Lall an email if you like he can tell you some good places to go and some tips and what not as been there before.

Watch some of the ANC in Berlin on Eurosport. Saw second half of Ghana vs. Guinea - talk about comical. Some fantastic flying tackles, bicycle kicks in the box from defenders, crazy fans and an awful pitch.

Anyway I am in an incredibly interesting launch meeting and probably have to contribute something at some point so should probably think of something I can wing it with.

All the best
Response: Caught a match or two at the hostel in Miri and the pitches looked awful. Wasthed some of Ivory Coast vs Nigeria and it was dire! Even the Premiership players looked average. Then again the prospect of being shot if you don't play well must put you off your game!
From Terry and Maureen
Sooooo glad to hear you are a lot better, got us a bit worried, bloody kids. Seriously glad u are feeling reasonably okay, Ali's husband Andy went through similar symtems when he was in Tyland and after a hospital stay of a couple of days and some fluid and anti-biotic he began to feel better. Tel says to get a couple of guiness inside you to get some strength back. You shave lads will not let of bout of the sh.... ets get the better of you, as some certain someone would have said you are made of sterner stuff than that boy to bring you down. Just spoken to uncle john, we told him you were not very well and he was quite concerned about you but he now knows you are on the mend,
he sends his love and said to take care of yourself for a few days and to keep enjoying yourself.
Hope you enjoy yourself in Brunei, if we remember rightly there was a big english army contingent there so you may be lucky to find some sort of place serving english style foods there, hope you do anyway, but dont get your hopes to high will you.
The photo's you put on your diary were again bril, loved um, keeps us in the picturewell informed.
Anyway Ryan you take lots of care of yourself, love you lots.
M & T xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hiya,

Feeling a bit better now but never been so ill before! A guiness or two might sort me out, they do actually sell it out here but it's the old fashioned stout in a bottle they sell and I'm pretty sure they drink it warm too!

Send a hello to Uncle John for me!
From Razor
Chin up junior. I think that everybody gets sick when travelling. Suggest you get some serious rest - maybe check into a decent hotel somewhere and spend some of your hard earned cash on spoiling yourself for a day or so then hot the road again.

Getting smashed at work with my workload.

Berlin at the weekend was good. Hotel was incredible and saw Kite Runner too - wasn't too pleased to be at the airport Monday morning to get back for work thogh I can tell you :)

Take it easy
Response: Yeah I know - it's just frustrating not being able to eat what I want at the moment that's all. I will snap out of it soon enough and get back to full fitness!

Will have to try and catch the movie when it finally comes out in this neck of the woods! Brunei tomorrow so maybe a more plush hotel might be in order!
From Big Jack
Ryan hope you get well soon Ithink it will take you a little while to get back to full strength You cannot afford to lose weight(are you trying to take a leaf out of my book and be as slim as me ha ha) Find a nice quite beach relax lay back and dream of England take care speak to you soon
Response: As you always say Jack - You can't fatten a thorough bred!! Yeah the tan is beginning to fade a little so another stint on the beach may be a good idea!

Getting more and more impressed by the messages! Good work!
From zk

Hope the man cholera wasnt as bad as i think it was .
Well i hav an invite for u but not so sure as to where to post it haha !

Response: Still recovering. Saturday was the worst night of my life. Might be a long process, especially getting rid of the association of food and illness! Managed some food tonight so hope it stays down!

Haha - like the association but was really quite ill - nothing like flu hun! Should have known that it was only nurses making a general diagnosis and not qualified doctors! haha!
From Dave
9 days without a post is a very long time Mr Shave! Are you both alright or are you having far too much fun to worry about a little thing like making sure your friends have something to do at work to while away the boring hours!!

Get it sorted long man x
Response: Hello mate - the next post will hopefully explain why. Apologies, however I thought the new job might bring you more responsibility and therefore a greater workload to waste away your daily hours!

You could always respond to my emails if you get that bored la!!
From zk
OOps that should be ZK not unless iam the singer from Jamiroquai !
Response: I seem to recall you have a dodgy array of hats too - just like him!!
From jk
No need for u to be our manager ..the messiah is back .......KEEEEEEEEGAN !

HAHA not even interested in footy however i was a lil emotional at his return to the toooon

keep up the strolls in the jungle ...s-bleep-s!

sorry jk sure u are slashing thru the jungle like good old indie

Response: Ah ha the Silver fox is back! I look forward to hearing one of his legendary rants at Ferguson again! A little jig on the sidelines in a pair of his short shorts would certainly liven up the Premiership as well! It will be a short lived success I guess - always the same with the Geordies!

A lot of miles were covered I will have you know and in high humidity on uneven ground is was no stroll in the park!! haha!

From anne/brian/a. nora
Glad to see you having good time still, perhaps should have had a larger map. Who r u trying to kid that the stories would be too graphic!!!!! Still knowing my husband your could be right.Just had a lovely fresh bread sarnie mature cheddar cheese, branston and crisps, enough to make your mouth water isn't it. Stay safe and enjoy.xx
Response: Yes salivating at the thought of one of the sandwiches at the moment. Hope the next entry will explain all! haha!
From Ma Shave
Love the latest pics, I knew you were little monkey really. Nice to see Nick Knowles from the BBC programme 'DIY SOS' is enjoying himself too!!
Keep smiling.
Lots of Love
Response: I look a bit more like him now I have a shabby beard!

The monkeys were great fun! Especially the two baby Macaques that were play fighting in the trees trying to push each other out for a 30 foot drop! haha!
From zk

lovin the german look
socks and shorts ....nerd alert !


Response: Yes thank you! It's this seasons summer look - you wait!! Just out of shot ARE the brown leather sandals! I did actually trek in those you are right!! haha!!
From Big jack
Keeping up date with all your traveling,doing my computer skills good finding photoes,spelling skills and all that jargon.getting quicker on the keyboard can now use two fingers instead of one ha ha. most of footie cancelled because of flooded pitches.saints win again in E D F cup but away again next round to Doncaster.Are you coming back to be the new Newcastle boss ha ha cant do any worse.Went out for a meal on saturday but was a bit dissapointed(Horseshoe Lavendon).Keep up the info of your journeys very interesting reading jacko
Response: Glad it's keeping you interested on those cold dull mornings! You can also use it as an excuse when Mum asks if youve done the house work or not - you can reply "Well Ryan wrote a long long entry so I spent my morning reading that!!" haha!

Shame about the meal - thought all the pubs round there would be good meals! Saw the higlights of the games at the weekend and they looked shocking! Man U have an awesome squad tho to be fair!
From Terry and Maureen
Hi, nice to read your latest entry and know that you are still enjoying yourself. Tel has looked on the maps and he says that Kuching is in the Sarawak part of Malaysia but not that far off of the Bornea borders, if you travelled from Singapore you would have had to travel through Borneo to get to Kuching, . ......Oh I'm confused, hope that makes sense but by now I'm sure you do know where you are. Anyway just love the pictures of rainforest and the tea plantations, (Terry wants a packet of the genuine typhoo please) Could do with some of your sunshine as its miserable cold wet mid Jan and we need some warmth, think we have the sad sydrome. Keep enjoying, take care, love u lots, keep safe.
Response: Good work Tel! Thanks for that! Think it is just like the UK etc with Scotland, Wales etc having their own independence from the UK itself.

Yeah you could try and blag some time off of work with SAD Syndrome! I nearly did send some home actually but was a bit unsure whether "Tea Leaves" on the declaration form would have raised susspicion or not!
From Best
Nice photo's player looks like you are doing and seeing quite alot, but something is missing for me?

Yes we all like to see you with stunning backdrops of various vegetation and world record breaking structures but come on Shavo where are all the ladies?

Are you romantically involved with Salv because frankly this appears more and more like a white sock, brown sandal deutschland queers trip, than a rock and roll, hell raising adventure?


Response: Thanks Skip! Seems things are looking up after results over the Holiday period! No doubt inspired by your goal scoring!

Maybe you cvould sturturally design something similar to the great buildings here and give back home a sense of wonder!

Sadly no white socks although Sox World is a shop that appears frequently in this part of the world. Can't wait for you to comment on a pic with me and an orphaned Orangutan!!
From Brian L Hulatt
Hi just seen your latest entry, hope you managed to retrieve it wouldn't want u to b lop sides all your life. Brian would love to see your photos when u get back, cause he was stationed in the cameroons when in the army u must get him to tell u his stories but not when a nora or any other female about!!!!
Lets hope it was only the leeches that sucked your blood. Watch out 4 the silverbacks in the bush.
loads of love
a nora anne and brian xxxxx
Response: Sadly couldnt retrieve it - the internet pages here are quicker than I first thought!

Look forward to the stories - although Im sure they may well be too graphic for me too! haha!

Would have been good to see some more wildlife - maybe in Borneo I think! Although I dont fancy getting dragged through the jungle by King Kong like some poor sod in Africa recently!
From jock
hey dudes!

a happy new year to you both! really enjoying the journals and great to see some pics! I hope the new year brings you lots of everything you wish for...including an amazing yesr of discovery and new ways to enjoy life!

You guys were missed on was carnage in many ways but it was awesome, some damn good music and great company was about all you need - tho the realisation that, at 11.56pm, that I was on a bus surrounded by screaming kids, drunk old men, people who couldn't give a crap for new years celebrations, I promptly got off...and classically in the only part of london that you couldn't see the bloomin fireworks!

How weird that Jose Gonzales has literally just come on tv when I'm typing this...his new album sounds very cool, a little more rhythmic as opposed to the mellow material before....

anyway, lovin everyone else's posts...particularly armo coaching you to not waste any food! nice tip though!

where are you hoping to head off to next? and what are you looking forward to doing? any random facts or knowledge you have learnt on this journey? was the "water pipe" one of those Shisha things? or is it small and bong-like sir??!

lovin' the writing style shave and send my love to salv 'n' hugs, kirsty xxx
Response: Och Aye Jocko!

Jose is KING! Both albums are quality - although his cover of Teardrop leaves a lot to be desired (still better than Newton bloody Faulkner!) Yes I am a snob!

We created our very own form of carnage in KL - trying to force feed Muslims booze was never going to go down too well!

Yes it was Shisha - Aplle flavoured in fact! When in Rome! Although if I take that approach in Laos I might have to take it easy on the "Happy" Pizzas and milkshakes!
From Ma Shave
I've downloaded Skype at work but need your address please.
Response: ryan.shave
From Ma Shave
Love the pictures. You look like you could do with feeding up though. Keep eating, we don't want you to waste away.
Response: Cool - all photos up to date now!

Yes still eating - had the closet thing to an english breakfast yesterday! Was so lovely! Could have eaten too!