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shayno's exploring the world... about bloody time!

well so far ive only been stuck on campus but i am going on a art trip to washington, visiting ppl in new york, chad's family wants me to go to florida with them and wen i get to the uk i have invites to dublin (irland) and to germany... :)

ive run out of photo space so next time i upload some more i will set up another page...

Photos - Click Below


partying @ international house

friday nights are fun here....satdays arent though


fotos of my room nd stuff

this page also displays fotos of my new piercing on my if u dont want to see them i wouldnt recommend opening this page.. :)


some USA products

just a few things ive found out adn about...had a little chuckle when i found them so i thought id share it with u guys....


yay i got out of slippery rock

here i went to pittsburgh with kool dave adn his girlfriend asleigh for the night. he'll take me back later on in the year too to see some more sights. i still have to go to the andy warhol museum. Dave went on exchange to vic uni and has an awesome website which has the differences btwn here and there if u want to check it out..


baltimore art trip

woop woop i got out of SR again... went on an art trip to baltimore and washington DC.. my camera batteries ran out 1st day so here is just a couple of shots...ive got to get some more pics of my friend




the rugby house-thurs night

i met a kid named shane at another party the week b4 adn i tagged along with him to the rugby house the next thursday.. it was a bit confusing when he introduced me to ppl...they just thought that i was joking about my name being shayne also


A night out with chad

chad came and took me away from SRU for a couple of is us out on the town..went to a kareoke bar... a bit dingy but i didnt get carded so it was all good... i had fun!!!


view from mt washington

did the touristy thing in pittsburgh and looked at the view from mt washington. you hav to lake a cart that goes straight up the mountain..bit of an overcast which was a shame but great views anyway... i was wearing my "i love melbourne" tshirt but u cant see it in my photos ill have to get some of chads.

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Recent Messages

From Carly
hey chicky looks like you are having a ball and living it up! i'm proud of you! stay safe think of me from time to time and i will check up on you again soon loving you x x
Response: ta babe
From Bon
Great to see the new photos! Keep 'em comin. Missing you like crazy, not much to report back from this side of the world. Keep smilin.
Response: missing everyone back home too!!!
From grumpy
i see you're still having fun, still trying to get money to visit you, LOVE you, miss you, and you missed Ben's 17th, and Daniel's 18th coming up in December.
take care g/g
Response: tell daniel to enjoy becoming legal cause it sucks being underage for a second time!!!...nd happy birthday to ben as well :)
From emily
more photos please!
Response: im trying to get them off my friends cameras but there being lazy
From emily
awesome pics shayne i miss u babe. looks like ur having fun, im jealous!!!!! love u xox
Response: miss u guys too!!!!
From grumpy
think our b'day greetings got lost! but you know we LOVE you. tin of timtams on its way!
take care
Response: lol....thanks i've tried to explain them to some of my friends... now i can just show them
From Susie
Hey darl, your adventures are you to a tee. The piercing i open the email with Emmy we were both vrey impressed can't wait to see it.
Loving the photos...Enjoy!
Love Susie
Response: ta darl... going to washington dc tomorro...check out the white house... might see if i can move
From bonnie
int food just strange when u ade away from home the uk was bad enough it would blow yu mind over there were u are! I PUT ON HEEPSU FAT IN THE UK LOOK OUT !
Response: lol... i was going really well for the 1st couple of weeks then i just gave up... ill be able to swim again in a couple of days cause my hand will be more healed... yay
From chris
happy birthday have a good one,thinking of you love from me gina and gemma xxx
Response: thanks
From Kat
Hey honey, looks like ur having an awesum time! Snow season is coming to an end here. All is well. Hope all is good with u to. Enjoyed ur pics! Stay safe. xx Kat.
Response: i joined the ski/snowboarding club here so hopefully ill be able to hit the slopes a bit before i leave
From fraze
hows things mate... sounds like ur living it up and loving it good on ya m8! not much news round here! do u remember seeing greg hall leave my party out at mirimbah last year? there has been sum shit cum up about the accident and we need help. hey love the new piercing! fukn sweet dude sum thing fresh! 7 buks 4 botles of vodka... THURS NO XCUSE NOT TO BE BLIND! hahaa
cheers m8 take it easy
Response: sorry dude i dont remember much of that night...wish i could help. my friends thru me a keg party last night for my birthday so im definently doing my fair share of drinking here.. lol
From Zo
Let me know when you find out why the ketchup is fancy! Love your work Shayno- the photos are great! The one of Joe in the tat shop was very professional. Hee hee.The piercing rocks. I'd fate too. Nah very cool.
Going surfing this weekend! Cant wait havent been for ages. Your so going to be my wave buddy when you get back! :)
Looks like your having a blast! Hey posted a package for you the other day so it "should" be there soon.
Love me xox
Response: lol.. i know im a pro when it comes to photography... hehe.. i joined the ski/snowboard club hopefully i should get a couple of runs in before i leave the states... or make some new buddies at least... yay
From Matti yooooo
YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- a, lil matti's in da house baby girl. u are crazy to get your hand pierced!!!!!!! hope your having a ball, just got back from Perisher and we partyed to hard for 3 days straight , Wooooop wooooop. hey remember to study hard and party hard to. im going to Indo. for a month on a surfing trip with Gazz, then ill come back and head off to Austria with Newtz for a few months on a snowboarding trip. YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa babe ill speak to you soon. all my love your lil Matti yooo (choice lol )
Response: babe thatll b crazy...i want to learn to surf so bad when i get back to aussie land... ull have to come ova nd teach me ;)... i cant wait to actually start exploring ova here. its a bit crap that im stuck just in slippery rock... my europe part of the trip will be mad though... :)
From grumpy
happy birthday!
LOVE you
Response: thanks muchly... :)
From Cara
hey shayne,
thought i'd check ya photos out. i can't believe how diff you look hey. not in a bad way. jus diff to when i knew ya. hehe xoxox cara
Response: lol...thanks i think....i probly look a bit different sober too..hehe...cant wait to see wat u look like in july
From bonnie
hay shayne babie looken like your having yu self some fun!!!! hope our travel paths cross soon
love bon
Response: so do i...knowing our luck it'll be early into
From Doug Crawford
hi shayne i saw your pics they are good. hope you are having fun time !!!!
Doug and the Crawfords.
Response: ta doug...i am having fun and i will keep on doing so :)
From chris
good to c u arrived safely looks like yr having fun good to c dont forget the school work luv to u me,gina & gemma xxxxx
Response: i have two full days off during the week. school work will not be forgotten...i hope
From grumpy
but can you get into the UK to visit them!!!!!
Response: lol...the visa application process has already begun...stpo stressing it'll all be ok....the US one worked out didnt it..hehe