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shayno's second photo page

same still in america... i just have too many photos so i had to start a new page

Photos - Click Below


view from the sears tower

like the title is the view of chicago from the sears tower.... awesome and really surreall


ginger hill

this is the only bar in town "Ginger Hill" had a good night out with claudia duane john and carlos...there are also some pics of my dining hall


Internation Night @"the club"

well after the international dinner it is customary for everyone to got to "the club" in slippery rock (that shed thing i mentioned in one of my 1st photo pages)'s ment to attract one of the largest crowdes for the year so of course i went... yes there were a lot of people but still i dont really have anything nice to say about it. sometimes your first impressions are really what counts.


random shots from pittsburgh

just a couple more shots from when i went to pittsburgh with chad


its homecoming game day

last weekend was SRU's homecoming weekend... from the movies adn stuff i thought it would be more of a big deal but i still had fun...went adn watched my first live gridiron football game with claudia from romania...froze my arse off.. i swear there was artic gail force winds blowing...then went out with duane from trinidad to a couple of parties... forgot to take out my camera for that so u'll just have to use your imagination...


found fotos from sat night

its amazing what u can find when u look hard enough...i remembered that photos were taken sat night after we got bac to founders so here they are...drum roll please.... :)


my new favourite game

ICE HOCKEY... what could be better then guys skating round waving big sticks and slamming each other into glass walls... grumpy u inspired me to go to a game, found some tickets on ebay...six rows from the glass. it was AWESOME... i have to go again...then campaign for a national league in Australia when i get home.

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Recent Messages

From grumpy
will think of you in New York in the snow, while we stand, in summer gear, watching the fireworks, sipping a drink, complaining about the heat, and MISSING you.
LOVE, g/g
Response: lol...thats so not body doesnt know whats happening cause it keeps thinking that its ment to be warm...i completly apreciate xmas in summer!!
From clauds
now seriously...i don't want you to leave.... i'm crying starting today so i won't have any tear left by friday.and friday we have to drink some of that australian wine... so i'll start crying again!! hope u'll have fun wherever you go, and especially when u go tp my place, mum and cristi will take care of ya, and i'm sad i won't be there! l.y.l.a.s.
Response: honey...awww its all ok.. we have a whole life time and many more countries to meet up in.. lol. its all good!!
From jenny craig
hey love everything sounds like its great im so happy for you, i know how much u hate being bored. im back living in mansfeild for a little while, even have a house! lovin it. i miss you!
Response: lol...the homecoming queens name in slippery rock is jenny craige..haha. miss you to. i'm going to try and fly back to victoria for my 21st birthday..get ready to party!!! :)
From Cara
hey shayne. i forgot to write an say thanks for the bday card. hope ur havin fun. catcha. xox
Response: tis all good, hope u had a good day
From hannah
hi whatya doing miss ya lov hannah &robin
Response: just got a lot of school work at the moment...soon it will be thanksgiving break then christmas
should be snowing soon too
From grumpy
hi, dearest,
glad to hear you've discovered ice hockey, AND cheap tickets.
seriously, how is money holding out w/o a job? and dare I mention the word"visa"?
your grandfather says"study hard"! and we both miss you and LOVE you
Response: i cant wait to be earning some cash again it will come in handy
From Zo
Sounds right up your alley Shayno! Abunch of guys hitting each other awsome. As long as your out of the action so to speak. Glad to hear your having fun over there. Miss you. x zo
Response: lol...u know me too well..hehe...miss you!! mwa xox
From Chelton
Hi Gorgeous, Hope your having a blast

PS Claudia is a cutie!!!!!
Response: lol...i know...thought ud like her...hehe
From grumpy
first gridiron, well done, ice hockey should start soon.
miss you
Response: tickets cost a small fortune this season cause pittsburgh penguins got the no 1 draft pick...i'll work around that though
From bonnie
ahh yes footy, being such an ausie rools fan u would be missing it 4shore!!! will it snow were u are in the winter?? loveen the sunnies!!!
its strange at the pub without my shayne babie!!! love bon
Response: it will bucket down over here...most people are predicting that it will be one of the worst winters ever...dont i feel special...i'm a bit ashamed to say it but i miss having a job over here... working with good mates (like u ) is you love the sentiment
From Susie
Oh my gosh you went to a live gridiron game, iam so tell me more about these college parties young lady....???
Susie xoxox
Response: lol...i'll leave it to ur imagination for now susie.... hehe