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Sheelagh's 50th Birthday Celebration in Australia

On 27 th September my journey to Australia begins.

Diary Entries

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi Ya All, well it's time to come home boo hoo. We've just checked in on line due to fly at 22-30hrs. See some of you on Sunday the others on Monday.

PS Barbara can I come in at 21-25hrs on monday pleeeeeeeze?

Had a great birthday went hot air ballooning had to get up at 04-00hrs on my birthday but managed two glasses of champagne before 08-30hrs.
I now feel very old and will probably have to retire.

See you all very soon love Sheelagh and david.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 13 October 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

G'day possums not seen Dame Edna but she does live close by.

Going to Melbourne Gaol tonight (Do not pass go! Do not collect $200). Were going to find the Ghosts of so many years ago. Ned Kelly apparently stalks the gaol.

Taking it nice and easy today just chilling weather not so good, 14 degree's cloudy and raining just like home really, well you can't have it all it was 32 degree's yesterday.

We'll probably have a few cold ones later just because you have it to do.

Cath we've been to every shop and market on this little Island and can't find your Kangaroo's anywhere will keep looking.

See ya later cobbers Love Sheelagh and David xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Back in Melbourne after a hyper few days in Sydney where we saw Nemo and co. Climbed the bridge no worries pictures to prove it. Barbara tell Jake if you see him I went to Watsons bay and Doyles, Hmm tasty tasty very very tasty.

Went to Darling Harbour the place to be. Aquarium wildlifeCentre all the usual touristy things. Having a great time generally, see you all when we get back Love from Sheelagh and David. xxxxxxxxx

Monday, 06 October 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

Off to Sydney today climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge Wednesday 08/10/2008 See you at the top or bottom.

If anyone sees Jake tell him were off to Doyle's in Watson's bay.

Thursday, 02 October 2008

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Finally arrived in Melbourne at 01-11 hrs on Monday 29/09/2008 absowoutley shattered???

Been into the big city twice and managed to get lost both times (David's fault). Having a great time otherwise.

Today Thursday 02/10/2008 21-00hrs our time 12 noon your time been the hotest so far and have managed to get sunburnt.

Will try to put in some photos next time if i can find out how?

Lots of love and speak soon Sheelagh and David xxx

PS Clocks go forward here this weekend so we will be 10 hours ahead then.

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Recent Messages

From cath briggs
hey Sheeeeeeeeeelagh
Happy Birthday hon, hope I got it somewhere near the right day....
Reeeeeeaaalllyyy lookin forward to seein you on'll never know how much, it as beeeeeeeeen dire!!!!!
Take care hunbun
lots of love and ps.
thanx for all the texts which have probably cost me a fortune to receive and woken me up at all stupid hours of the night. Good job Im very fond of
Cath xx xx
Response: Sorrrrrrrry turn your phone off. Spot on the right day just been to busy to reply sobber now though??? Hic
From susan leach
just been looking at your last photos has david bought himself a new coat! pictures good nothing to report see ya soon
Response: Do you mean the new blue jacket that we both had on??? Or do you mean the wrangler fleece that he found???????
From Barbara
Photos look brill. Glad you were feeling the cockies. I want a koala bear! I will feed it on eucalyptus leaves cos that's what they like innit. WEe have had to get 4 agency staff! Only me and Cath left on days now. Rat refused to do the nights, so i made T ring her up so she is doing them now. What a ****! Mary not back yet. Anyway; not to worry we'll manage.
See you soon.
Lurv B xx
Response: Oh Dear Oh Dear what next.
From John,Jim & Eddie
Sorry you got sunburnt! Thought we gave you some cream to prevent that! Try using it. Pity it's so cold out there, its been glorious at 1400m in the French Alps, pity we've had to work in it for the past week. 70 - 100% sunshine every day so far. Guess we might return to reality when we get back to North Yorkshire tomorrow. Hope they don't keep you in gaol for your birthday. All the very best from good old Les Gets
Response: When I said I got sun burnt I did'nt mean sunburnt I meant I have caught thr Sun and the sun cream works very well, thanks. Cold again this am but hoping for better this afternoon.13 now 16 later 20 tomorrow Weds. 23 Thursday 24 Friday. Sunny but cloudy just like the aire valley. Got let out of gaol free card???
From susan leach
who do u think u are no worries are you moving their permenatlt granny thinks youll meet soe rich bloke and emigrate see you when you get back and where are the pictures of the bridge climb or were you kidding if i don't hear from you have a nice birthday possum
Response: Tell grannie no rich blokes here??? No worries be back Sunday. Bridge pictures not available as they are not on my camera but we do have them, honest. We do have pictures of possums, possum. We will ring again if we have time of course after all we are very busy tourists.
From susan leach
received postcard today
nothing exciting to report
see ya soon
Response: no worries, if you don't want to converse with us that's alright.
From Barbara Corney
G'Day Sheelagh! How's Bruce? I mean David.
Tra la la tra la lee
Royd Hill's the life for me! (Not)
Tie me kangaroo down Sport................. etc etc x x x
Response: Your Kangaroo's already been tied down. by the way is it a good time to hand me notice in??
From susan leach
just found where to read the messages how much does david want ive got a fiver will that do, i would raid his savings but he hasn;t got any ive already spent his wages and their not even in yet and sam has only 1 present what have you been doing not shopping obviously
Response: You know i don't shop!
We have obviousley been enjoying ourselves. Anyway how come it took you so long to find out how to use the sight? Try to ring tonight if we can get a line out of the country.
From susan leach
about time you wrote on your log its only been 6 days without word but hey serves you write for getting sunburnt weather here crap wet and windy. everybody ok here speak soon sus.
p.s sam says wheres his kangaroo jack
Response: Tell Sam Kangaroo on the way
From Barbara
I wouldn't come back if I were you. Mary flipped off to India last Friday as the Mother finally hung up her sari. The funeral was yesterday but she isn't coming back till 14/10!!!! Due to the prayer meetings! I said "oh, just come when you want; everybody else does". Haven't seen the Rat. Don't want to. Anyway, not to worry just enjoy yourself . Things will be better I'm sure - been herer before, got the t shirt etc etc
Lots of glove. B. xxxxxxx
Response: Well we were only saying the other day how she must be hanging onto her sari well. Why does it take so long for a funeral they push em under in 24 hours don't they. Anyway she won't be gettin paid this time and no more excuses for goin home.
From susan leach
not much to bloomin read yet is there. mind you we don't even know if you got their ok but as their were no plane crashes and you haven't been deported im assuming your ok

speak soon sus
Response: Thanks Sus I love you too?
Yes were here as you can see, hope all well at home Sam has his first prezzie? David says can you send him some money????
From Barbara Corney
Is It?????

I cwied al the way to Airedale Hospital yesterday and I couldn't see could I. xxx
Response: Sorry eee. I'll bee back soon or will I???
From Barbara
It is that you will be old when you get back innit! Never mind; you will be speakin wiv an Oz accent, i.e. It is that I dont wanna come back to work innit Bruce!
Response: I is handing in me notice in it right now and I is neva coming back eva again in it.