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Monday, 17 October 2005

Location: Australia

Hello Everybody!
I’m writing to you from Alice Sprngs in the Northern Territory of Australia. I finished my tour a few days ago and have just been resting up a bit. I leave tonight with a girlfriend on the train up to Darwin which will take us about a whole day and half. So I am not looking forward to the long ride but it should be nice scenery along the way. I am going to enter some main parts of my Journal Entries so you can see what I’ve been up too and just in case if I lose it. It felt so good to just be soo dirty and not wear makeup or shower for 10 days it was really great!

Oct. 05—Today I met up with Matt my tour guide in Adelaide and headed for a long drive to Broken Hill in the state of New South Whales (which is where I was living, but on the opposite side.) we stopped in a few small mining towns along the way that had a lot of interesting mining history. Today was the first day you see the Scenery changing from Pacific Green to pasture lan then slowly to Red Desert Dirt. Today I was wandering what I had gotten my self into. We were really roughing it. We were expected to make all of our food over Campfire, sleep in Swags (sleeping bags) only with no tent or nothing. We stayed on the dirt yard behind Silverton Pub near Broken Hill. The pub is “Famous” because a couple of movies were shot here. I slept OK, but was really paranoid of the many spiders, lizards and snakes that we had seen along the way. Matt showed us some Australian Constellations, such as the Southern star.

Oct.-06- Today we met up with the rest of our group (they took the train from Sydney to Broken Hill) Simon, Sondra, Polina, Yudith, Jules, Anne, Henning, Ilsa and Sabina. We did a Flora and Fauna Hike through the Hills and looked at some desert plants, insects and berries. We then went to the museum and base of The Royal Flying Doctor which was quit good. Because Australia is such a spread out country especially in the Outback were people live far away from medical services, this company is basically a hospital in the sky and offers free health care for all residents and tourists in the outback area. The service started in the 1930’s and have saved thousands of lives since. We then went to Cunara which is the name of a paddock (farm) we set up camp, made a goo bush dinner had a few drinks and had a crack at the Didgeridoo. It started to get really messy so we all loaded back into our van and ended the night in a Sheep Shearers barn, where we slept with Sheep wool and crap all around us.

Oct. 07- We had a long day driving today mostly on rocky dirt roads throughout the Flinders Ranges. It was almost creepy it really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. I think we drive about 9 hours without passing one car or seeing anything but desert lands, the odd cow, dingo, snake and lizards. Eventually in the middle of nowhere we reached a small traditional Aboriginal Village of Iga Warta (INGA-GA-WHATTA) which is 60KM from the Leigh Creek Region on Arkaroola Rd. The Village is Run by the Adnyamathana Aboriginal Community. The Australian Aboriginals are similar to our Native Americans in they have many different tribes that different nations belong too. The Aboriginals were very welcoming of us, and held a nice campfire with us in the evening where the played guitar and we sang songs and had a few beers.

Oct. 08- Today was full of Traditional activities that the Aborginals planned for us. We first headed off in a 4wd vehicle to an ancient Ochyre ( A type of rock that they used for many reasons including paint and medicinal reasons) field. Cliff one of the Aboriginals painted my face in a traditional women’s way, as they would use in ceremonies. This was a way of the tribe accepting us into their village. Nest We went on a walk throughout a dried up creek bed, learning about plants and animals that were important to the people. It is illegal to be on the land without permission of Cliff who was the Chief of the village. It was very well preserved. We saw things like arrow heads and bark bowls that were used hundreds of years ago. The people had a very interesting way in their beliefs and stories. They had a simple explanation for the way everything was devolved through stories of animals and love that they have for their family. We eventually made it to the cave painting’s that have been dated back 36,000 years! I felt really lucky to be able to see these. The stories painted on the walls were also very simple but interesting each symbol told a story of how they believe the earth was formed. Nest we went back to the Village and were shown how to make a boomerang using only and axe from pinewood. Boomarangs were very important the people because they used them for hunting. It was pretty hard to make took a long time and a lot of patience. After that was hopped in another 4 wd and went trekking to hunt a kangaroo we found one shot it dead and Clarey another Aborginal man ripped its stomach out with his hands and put it on our tuck, we brought it back to the village, ripped the skin off and prepared it for dinner. It was very good a bit chewy bt no fat at al on it. That evening we had a “Traditional” camp fire and learned more stories and songs in their native language, and learned how to cook Dampa which is a bread that you make under fire coals. Fire and water is very Sacred to the people, so a lot of stories revolved around them.

Oct. 09-Left Inga Warta and continued through to the end of the Flinders Ranges. We had a a lot of driving to do today but stopped at most outback towns along the way which all pretty much included abandoned train stations and a cute little pubs. Population in most of the towns were mostly under 50 people. We stopped at Talc Alcs which is crazy archaeologist who had a theory on just about everything in life including the alphabet and relating everything to the sun.. he was a bit of a weird man but made really beautiful sculptures from Sand stone. We stopped in water hole.. which was about the size of a bath tub but we all climbed in, it was so refreshing especially after not showering for quite a few days and laying in temperatures of up to 46 degrees. That night we camped out in an abandoned Cattle Pasture. Had a good campfire a couple of beers and hit the sac.

Oct. 10- Drove through the William Creek Area through to Coober Pedy, which was a weird Opal Mining Town, Most everyone Lives underground. Coober Pedy is aboriginal for White fella down hole, because the white man started living underground while min ing opals. This town supplies 90% of the worlds opal. It has a population of 3000 with 50 nationalities. Temperature can reach up to 60 degrees here so living underground give them a constant temperature of 20 degrees, which is nice. They have an underground church and stores. We went to the museum and learnt some history and got to view some underground homes which were very nice and comfortable. I bought my self a beautiful opal ring and then we left town.

Oct. 11- Drove al day on the Oodanatta track to reach set up camp about 20 KM from Uluru (Ayers Rock). We made it right in time to hike up a hill and get a perfect view of the rock to view sunset. Had a couple of beers set up camp and have a nap.

Oct. 12- We were up at about 4:30 in the morning, to view sunrise over Uluru in the National Park. It was pretty amazing. It really took my breath away. We then Walked around the base of Uluru which was about 11KM, nice walk. A lot of the areas around Uluru were very sacred to the aboriginals and photos were strictly forbidden. Climbing Uluru is looked down upon and said to bring you bad luck. Their has also been about 46 reported deaths of climbers falling off the rock. We viewed more cave paintings on the rock, but could not take pictures.

Oct. 13- Up again at 4:30 to see sunrise over Kata Tjutas (The Olgas) which is another great Rock Formation. We did hike through them which was quite strenuous but fantastic views. These rocks are also very sacred to the aboriginal people, and they still perform ceremonies their today. Then Drove onto Kings Canyon. We hit an awful Desert Storm, I have never seen rain drops so big and so much lightning ever! We arrived at Lilla which was another aboriginal Village and ended yup staying in an abandon school, where we were visted by spiders as big as my hand. (I got up and slept in the Van)

Oct. 14- We hiked Kings Canyon which was my favourite hike of all. It was only 7KM but took about 4 hours to hike as it was mostly up the mountain. I took a Swam in the Garden of Edan, which was a beautiful Water hole in the middle of nowhere. I think it was the most refreshing swim I have ever had. It almost looked magical in the middle of the red rocks. We then did a Helicopter ride over the area, which Really freaked me out. The helicopter had no doors and as soon as I looked down I started hyper ventilating. I didn’t get many good views because I had my eyes Closed most the time. Then we continued on To Alice Spings Woo Hoo!!!, we checked into our hostel, had a shower and partied pretty hard that night with our group.

The whole trip really made me appreciate things like water and showers, It was amazing the people that I met and the things that I saw. I will share some more stories when I see you all.

Oct-15-17 Relax in ALice Springs!

Tuesday, 04 October 2005

Location: Australia

Well I am writing from Adelaide. I took the Grey hound bus leaving Wagga Wagga on Sept 30.. It was a long trip to get here (almost as long as my plane ride from Canada) but it wasn't that bad, it left at about 11:00 at night so I slept (sort of) off and on. So the first 8 hours where in the dark which worked out good, becouse that was the boring country Scenary much like driving through Saskatchawan just rolling hills, farm yards and flat dryland. We stopped in Hay which is a small cute country town still in New South Whales I got too see the sun rise, which was pretty cool seeing it come up behind all the gum trees.
We finally arrived in Adelaide and I realised that I had packed my backpack a little too full, it took two men to help me put it on my back and I nearly fell backward once it was strapped on, luckily my hostel was just around the corner. I am staying at the YHA hostel right downtown in Adelaide, It is a pretty good one and I have met lots of cool people. My first day I was pretty buggerd and just sat up and played some ping pong and pool with some other kids most from the Netherlands and then hit the sac. The next day on the Sunday I was up bright and early and Katie (Super cool chic from the UK) took and old fashioned Tram to Glenelg which is the beach suburb of Adelaide ( the beach between SA and Kangoroo Island where alot of Shark attacks have been known to happen) It was labour day weekend for Australia so thier was heaps of good stuff going on the shopping and markets were amazing and thier was a huge Wine Festival which we had to join in on. yYou payed 5 dollers for a wine glass and had a go at wine from all over Australia it was like a beer gardens and some pretty cool bands were all palying and it was all right on the Beach. Adeliade runs along the South Sea in between the Pacific and Indian Oceons. Katie and I then staggerd our way back to the hostel got changed and did a little bit of a pub crawl throughout the city. On Monday we decided to go to the other side of Adelaide and check out the Botanical Gardens and Art Gallery, which were both pretty cool and on Monday night the Hostel held a Travel Auction so I bid and ended up getting a really cool 4wd 10 day camping tour through the middle of Aust up to Ayers rock and Alice Springs for a pretty good price! It's supposed to be pretty rough and your required to be fir for it .. which might be a problem but we will see!. And today Tuesday I did some shopping downtown (Best shopping ever!! I wish I had a bigger bag!) after some shopping and decided to hit the beaches and do some people whatching and tanning which turned into a burn quit quickly.
I check out early tommorrow morning to head out on the Outback tour so I better pack up and head to bed.

Monday, 26 September 2005

Location: Australia

Hello Everyone,

I know I am reallly bad and keeping up with this website. Its been a while since I update it so here we go.
Lets see, the pictures that are on here are realy from the last few months. I havent been up too to much lately other then saving my pennies to take off and explore the rest of Australia.
My last day of Work at the Hospital was on Friday, and I must say it is a pretty amazing feeling to be unemployed for the first time in my life for about the past 6 years! I will miss it thier heaps. Everyone at work surprised me with a good bye/Birthday party on my last day which was alot of fun!
21st Birthdays are huge here in Australia, but I couldnt help feeling sad not being able to be with my Friends and Family from back home.
End of this week I am doing the whole Dirty Backpacker thing, I'm heading down to Melbourne, Adleaide, Kangaroo Island and from thier I am taking a backpack tour up through Coobers Pedy which is a town built underground becouse it is too hot to live above ground, and I am sleeping in the desert on the way to Ayers rock and Alcie Springs...thats right sleeping with nothing but a Swag under the stars, with the Dingos, Camels, spiders and most dangerouse snakes in the world. Should be interesting! After that tour, I am taking another tour all over the place up to Darwin and then heading along Western Australia to broome and perth on the Indian Oceon Side. I know I am going to get lost, and I can't wait!

I have the best Parents in the world, and they have decided to come out for a holiday in November so I'll be back in New South Whales just in time to meet up with them in Sydney where we will spend a few days and then I've got a pretty good "Beachy" vacation planned making our way up the Coast of Queensland up to Cairns. I dont think they are quite up for the roughing it thing, So I'm sure I will be estatic to seem them.... and an actual bed!

I hope you all had a wonderful warm summer. My longest winter ever is finaly over and We are quickly approaching Summer.. It's getting quite warm during the days.. but I won't complain for now.

I dont think I have any other Exiting news, I will try to keep this page updated a bit better when I am away and actually have some exiting pictures to put on.

I hope everything is well. Happy Birthday to all of my fellow September bday buddies.... Dana, Michelle, Jodi, and Mikey!

Miss ya heaps and hope to see you all soon!

Friday, 29 July 2005

Location: Australia

I made Chris buy me a new computer, so now I can finally update this page, with some pictures of what I've been up too. Not too much new with me here, I am still living and working here in Wagga. After many efforts, Australian Immigration turned down my job after 3 months at Wagga Base public Hospital, which was realy disappointing. The people I worked with were great and hooked me up with another job right away at the other Hospital in town. So now I am working full time at Calvary Hospital, which is a private Catholic Hospital. So its still an administration job and similar to my last one and everyone seems very nice!

Most of these pictures are from a trip I took to the Queensland Coast, which is where the line of the Tropic of Capricorn meets Australia (if you look at a globe). It was pretty amazing, I learnt alot about Australia's Islands and about the small countries in the South Pacific that surrounds us here. I went on a cruise that stopped at the big resorts on the Whitsunday Islands, A sailing trip on the world's largest Catamaran, A crocodile wrestling show, the Rob Bredl Zoo, Snorkelled on the reef and pretty just lounged around by the beaches and bars, and met some pretty cool travellers at the hostel... It was the life!

It has been pretty cool in the morning and nights, not quit frost but still pretty cold. It is still Winter here for about another month. The house feels alot colder here, as thier isn't really any insulation and most buildings are made out of brick or cement.

Well not much new other then that, I work regular days now and have weekends off so I get to "hit the piss" as they call it here alot more often and go out on the town. Aussie's have pretty good pubs here and everyone enjoys the grog!

I hope all is well with everyone back home, and that you are enjoying the lake and summer.

Miss you all.

Monday, 09 May 2005

Location: Australia

Wagga Wagga ( Where I am living) is in the state of New South Whales, and is located inland between Canberra and Melbourne.

Sunday, 08 May 2005

Location: Wagga Wagga, Australia

G'day Everyone!

Just a quick note to say Hello. I hope you enjoy my pictures. I am a little behind with getting them on here, so I will update the page soon, with more recent ones. I hope everyone is well, leave me a message, and I will get back to you!
I would love to hear from you all.

Take Care!


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Recent Messages

From Amelio
Greetings to my frriend!

I have returned back home To Italy, but missing oz and the people all very much. How much longer are youstaying for? have u decided yet? Just though I would check out your page to catch up. Hope you m ake it this way one day with your friend.
wishing you the best!
your mate
Response: Italian Stalion,
hehe! How ya goin? have heard from you guys in ages! I am back in Canada now, but miss Oz very much! Not sure when I'll be going back just deciding. Hopefully make it to your country one day!
Glad to hear from you!
From Damester
Awsome Shell!
Havent checked out your page in a while, looks liek your doing good and back in Wagga. Just working out near Perth at some Dolphin place with brooke. Havin a rockin Time but should be heading your way shortly! Hope all is great! Hope to run into ya soon!
Response: Dame!
good to hear you are still kickin? do you ever here from Rachelle? I havent in a while? I'm disappointed I never made it to Perth, maybe next time. I am back home now..(in Canada) It is nice but I ammissing everything over thier very much! keep having fun and say hello to brooksey!
From Sareeta
Looks awsome Shells, Glad We go ta run into eachother again up in Cairns, had a good time. I'm on my way to singapore end of next week and then finishing in Thailand. Hopefully will see yousoon. Safe travels back home. will keep in good touch!
Response: Saree!
Good to hear from you. It was a nice visit@ only wish I had time to stay longer! Have fun in the rest of your travels and be safe! Keep in touch for sure!
best of luck!
From Alaina and Masika
Hey Shells,
Me and Beak are talking right now on MSN and we are both wondering when you are coming home? Michelle said something about Jan. 15-18... Masika said she hasn't been able to get ahold of you. So, write one of us (of call one of us) when you get a chance. WE MISS YOU.
XO A and Beak
From Michelle
Hello Sunshine,
How are you???Looks like you are having a blast...I am so jealous!!!Hope all is well with you and can't wait for you to come home cause I miss you. Anyways take care and hopefully I will talk to you soon
Be Safe and Have Fun
Love Always
Response: Be home soon.. lots of catching up to do!
miss u to
From Sandra
Hay Shelley,

Hope you have arrived well in Waga waga?? Me and Sabine are still in Darwin and searching for away to get the hell out of here. Sorry we did not see you a little bit longer, but we may see you in Cairns.

We had a hell of a party, a bit simular like the Melanka party, so you know what we did.......

Hope to see you soon!!!

Love Sandra
Response: Sandra!
Good to hear from ya! Its nice to be back in Wagga I guess not nearly as hot as Darwin, I had had just about enought of that weather. but I'll be back at it soon enough! Yupp I'll be in Cairns on 21 November so We'll have to have another bit of a Melanka Night!
See ya then!
Travel Safe!
From Moosaka
dude you have a shirt that says Hampton on it!!!! haha did you think about the little rat when you bought it. your pics are so cool i love looking at them. i missed your call last night i was out on the town. i hate it how i'm never home when you call me. well i hope you rhaving fun and i'm looking forward to your return. bye man
Response: Haha hampton, I hated that rat.. what were you thinking? haha Hope your having fun and ill talk to you soon!
From Mom
Hi Kiddo,
Great pictures! I am glad you are having fun. Dad and I are looking forward to seeing you in Nov. Can't wait. Talk to you soon. Take care of yourself we miss you soooo much
Love always
Response: MUM.
Can't wait to see you either, hope you can put up with the heat! we're gunna have a blast!!!!!
From Deanner
Hey Bud glad to hear your having a great time
Later Dean
Response: Deano, Buddy!
Havin a blast, you should take a trip this way! You'd love it!
From wendogg
luvie! your diary page is great, i recognise some of the places you've been to, but i must say you've done some tougher stuff than i ever have. the NT is awesome and the fact that there will be creeks, waterfalls and swimming holes in the middle of a buttf--k nowhere in a desert is pretty amazing! Your a bloody legend for challenging yourself the way you have, good onya luv! I hope to catch up with ya in my home state of Queensland real soon. Cheers, beers and bloody good times ahead! Wens.
Response: Hey Wen!
Really Good to hear from ya! haha I'm glad I did ya proud.. It was pretty rough! But Amazeing! Get home Soon, I miss ya! Come to the Gold Coast! Enjoy the rest of your time in Canada though!
Talk to you soon!
From Dana
Hey man
Happy 21st Bithday! so it sounds like you r having a great time. I wanted to call you today but my cell doesn't call way down there, but i will on the weekend from my rents, well i hope you get drunk haha
i miss u sooo much
love always Dana
Response: Hey Dan!
Cant wait to see you either! Having a good time so far. My Birthday just wanst the same without ya guys around!
From Alaina Tuba
Happy Birthday Shells!
Hope you have a great birthday. I love you and miss you and want you to come home soon.
XO Alaina
P.S. I sent you a package, did you get it?
Response: Hey Al,
Thanks! I'll send u a longer Email soon!
From Uncle Wade & Aunt Ca
Happy Birthday! Have a Great Day. We are all getting excited , with the wedding only a week away. I am looking so forward to seeing Brenda. Enjoyed your last pictures, not sure about those big reptiles. Sound like you are having a good time.
Take care and lots of love
Aunt Caroline
Response: Thank you. Hope Crystals wedding went well. Mum and Dillon really seemed to enjoy tehemselves, wish I could have been thier. Talk to you all soon!
From charlotte
hey lady,
I hope your still enjoying Oz. I was reading that your parents will be visiting, thats so exciting. I'll be in New Zealand Nov 7 so im working like 7 days a week to save up. Coop and I are planning to be in Australia in February, so we will have to hook up-NO excuses. I miss ya girl, i think about LL all the time. Can't wait to see you.
Love Charlotte
Response: CHARLOTTE,
Isnt that funny, I was just talking about you with Chris & Nathan!!!! Honest. I miss ya heaps too, its almost been a yr since you left. Im so exited for you to go to NZ, how long will you guys be staying thier for? I'd love to go over thier and hook up with yas, If not February for sure!!! What else is goin on in Ont? I'll send ya email and see whats goin on. Really Good to hear from you.

Miss ya

From Jori
Hey Shells
Miss you lots and wondering when ur next trip to Van Island will be? and what is ur correct e-mail addy is? talk to u soon Love always Jori
Response: hey jor,

I'l be back next march!, missed you this long weekend.. Remember the last few? Well hope ya had a good one! my email is
Miss ya heaps,

From Jodi
Hey Cuz..

WOW.. nice pic's I sooo wish I was visiting...ahhh.. From all your messages you seem to be busy and having a lot of fun!! I bet you are getting excited about your Mom & Dad visiting....I know they are =)
I check your site often so keep up the great work with the messages and pic's. Hugs from Mom & Dad, they check the site out as well.

Jodi =)
Response: Hey Jodi,
Come visit anytime!!!! I am very exited for Mum and Dad to come, I've started to plan their trip and we're going to have a blast! Say hi to auntie and uncle!!!

Talk to you soon
From John Thomas
We are really enjoying your pictures and good information,\
All is well here, Take care and keep up the good work.

John and Joan
Response: Hi Guys,

I'll keep the pictures coming! Hope all is well your way. Good to hear from you.
Talk to you soon,
From Grandpa
It's a while Shelly, since we've made contact, but today is a cool rainy day without much to do. You will, by now, know of your Mom & Dads upcoming visit. They are really excited as I'm sure you are. Now you have to get busy on your PC and search for Becketts. Your Grandpa had relations in OZ, but your Mom thinks they are no more. Maybe you'll find out that they are wealthy sheepmen with noone to lave thier fortune too, or bums who need a handout. Have fun searching. All is going good here, the days are long, J&J have spent a lot of time at the lake this summer and have enjoyed it. Heather starts her last year of Education, she looking forward to beingpart of the work force. Jason has moved to Grand Prairie,, still with the post office, but now on permanent staff. Keep the news coming, it's great and educational too. It's amazing how little we know of our neighbors.

Love you too Shell
Response: Grandpa,
So good o hear from you! It was such exiting news to hear that mum and dad would be coming over, They are realy going to enjoy themselves. I hope the plane ride isnt too long though. Mum told me about Grandpa Beckette having relations here, so who knows? Beckett doesnt seem to be a very common name here, so I am not sure how difficult it would be to go about searching! Sounds like everyone is doing really well thier. It is starting to go into Spring now and the weather is turning real sunny. We've gotten a BBQ and cook most meals outside. I'll update the website as soon as I get some more exiting pictures.
Talk to you soon Grandpa.

love Shelley
From Tanessa
It was great to chat with you today, im really glad that you are getting to experience all that you are doing. Though i miss you i know its good for you to be where you are. I was thinking about LL today and i realized how much fun we had out there, pub nights were outta control! Toronto is going well, life in the big city again (a little bit of a change from the mountains i'd say!) Anyways i will email you with a more in-depth description of whats going on. Take care, travel safe and have fun. Tell Chris i say whats up. Have you seen Wendy since you've been there?
Love Ness
Response: Ness,
Good to hear from you, No I havent gotten too see Wendy yet, She's just gone back to Canada for a few months, I cant' wait for her to get back though, I talk to her now and then and she is doing well. Talk to you soon!!!
miss ya and Good luck in Ft St john!
From Michelle
Hey Hun,
How are you doing? Still having fun down under I hope. I miss you tons when are you planning on coming home? I just got back to work from a week of holidays (we were out in Renfrew) it was beautiful out there. Went to BEP the other week it was soo much fun wished you could of been there but I thought about you. Well I will talk to you soon. Take Care Love ya and miss ya
Michelle xoxoxo
PS Say hi to Chris for me
Response: Michelle!
Yeah still having fun, but Missing you guys Heaps, Its hard to ring you and check up with the time diffrence but I wish we could chat more often! I bet you had a real good weekend this labour day weekend. I was grumpy all weekend thinking about al the fun I was missing out on! Well miss you lots, and hope things are going real good for you.
Miss you,
From Alaina
Hey Shelley,
I miss you so much. How have you been? I have been alright. I am working on James Island again this summer. Other than work nothing much is new with me. I went to the Black Eyed Peas concert with Michelle and Christine the other night, but I got so intoxicated that I went home early and ended up missing the whole thing! Anyway, thanks for updating this website; I love to hear what you've been up to. I especially like looking at your pics. I am going to go now; I miss you SO much. When are you coming home?
Love always,
Response: Hey Al,

Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you are doing well. Thats cool u get to work on the island again cuz it sounded liek u had a lot of fun last year doing it! Hahah thats horrible u didd get to see the concert but thats awsome u got to go, id love to see them! Well I will call u soon and well have a good chat!!

miss ya too!!
From Grandpa
Hi! Shelly What a nice surprise
your call was this morning. it was the begining of a good day.
We had a good day, yesterday
the Thomases, Duncan and a friend, and the Symmes, including Jodi whom I hadn't
seen for about five years.We had a good day visiting, then went to the Smorg, then all had to get home for work today.I know that your Dad and mom will be calling tonite.Thanks for keeping in touch, and for your card. The weather has beenm great, so I've been trying to get outdoors a bit each day.

I'll try to keep in touch butyou take care and I'll send another note soon. Lots of Love Grandpa


Response: Sounds like you had a real good day Grampa!! I'm glad to hear that, I wish we all could have been out thier to help Celebrate. I will talk to you again soon.

Lots of love xoxox
From Dana
hey man so how is everything going down there? i miss you so much it just isn't the same withoutyou here. well whats new in your life? mine is pretty much the same, i am heading up to fort st john this weekend and then down to merrit for the music festivle, i am so excited it should be a blast. well i guess i will get going but i want to come visit you, welli miss u
lov ya always man
Response: Good to hear from you Dan! How was Merrit, How's the tooth?? I'm sure you had a blast, who was all up thier this year!!
Talk to you soon, and miss ya tons!
From Jodi
Hi Shells..

Just a quick note to say Hey.. and I love the pictures... I'd love to be with ya!! It was sunny and warm here today, so nice that I burnt the top of my feet in the sun! LOL..LOL..

Chat later...
Jodi =)
Response: Hey Jodi!

I finally got some more on here, I've been pretty slack, becouse I had apretty crappy computer before! Glad to hear the weather is good and not raining!!
Talk to you soon!
From Sammy
Shells... I miss you............................:(
Response: Sammy... I miss you too.. Hows things in Thailand?