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Exploring South America Jen and Jan Style

Welcome to Jen and Jan's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels through South America for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Location: Lima, Peru

Hola for the last time from South America...we are totally lost in translation right now, it seems only yesterday we were here in Lima..but this time we can speak a bit of Spanish and we know where we are going and how to avoid crazy street vendors!!

We can´t believe that our trip has come to an end, but we sure did pack in a lot in these 3 months. On to new different adventures, and we are so very excited to see everyone over the holidays.

We are also excited for Tim Horton´s and Toffifee in the TO airport..haha. That is exactly what we will be doing during our 4 hour lay over.

Can´t wait to see everyone!!! Love you all....Jan and Jen

Monday, 17 December 2007

Location: Arica, Chile

Arrived in Arica on Saturday, another city right smack dab in the middle of sand dunes and the ocean. We are staying at a ¨party hostel¨...thought it would be a good place to end off our days in Chile. So we did it up well last night, partying until the early morning hours....There was some live entertainment with balloons andsparkles falling from the cieling...and of course we proceeded to have a sparkle fight at the bar so we have been shedding sparkles all day, they just won´t come off... so we look liek we have gold lice in our hair...people look at us in disgust..haha!

Loving our last lazy days on the beach as we have no money left to do anything else. We did hike up a sand mountain today to the old battle grounds of the war between Peru and Chile in 1880... interesting site with an incredible view of the Arica. There was also a big statue of Jesus overlooking the city as will...they sure love their statues in SA. We checked out a museum to see some old mummies, textiles, fabrics and how the people lived in the desert when...

Well gang this will be our last entry from Chile...heading off to Lima, Peru tomorrow. Should be quite the adventure....hopping on a bus, going over the border, then taking a taxi somewhere and then hopping on our last bus from Tacna to Lima...this all should take about 20 hours...looking forward to it.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Location: La Serena/Iquique, Chile

So basically we have been living one night on a bus and one night in a hostel..back and forth. From our last entry we visited a place called La Serena, although it wasn´t that Serene. It was cold and cloudy and our hostel man was kind of a poop. We did however get to go to this very cool Observatory as Chiliean skies are an astronamers dream...clear 300 some odd days a year, little light pollution and high altitude in the Andes. We got to see the moon (craters and all), some different constellations as well as some very clustered galaxies...very cool!! We sereiously learnt more in a few hours than all of our school science classes collectively.

Now we are in a city called Iquique (I-kee-kay). It took us a month to learn how to pronounce it properly....we are much happier here. Our hostel is right across from the beach, its sunny and hot, and we have the coolest huge sand dunes as our backdrop..couldn´t ask for much more.

This morning we went paragliding off those giant sand mountains. Basically we get strapped to a little Chilean dude and run off the mountain and let the wind carry us around for a half hour. We had beautiful views of the city, the coast line and the other dunes. We even landed right on the beach amongst the soccer players and sunbathers....we were a pretty big deal!! For the rest of the day we lazed on the beach, the Pacific ocean is still a little ¨chile¨but Jen braved it for a quick dip anyways...Jan was lazy!

Tomorrow we are off to our last stop in Chile, a little surf town named Arica...just 20 minutes south of the Peruvian border. Can´t believe we are on our last week, time flies when your havin fun!! See you all soon! xo from the J´s

Monday, 10 December 2007

Location: Valparaiso, Chile

We´re in Chile, it isnt chilly and we are trying our darnest just to try and find some Chili..haha just so we can say that!

Anywho, we´ve been in Chile for the last two days. We started off with a 3 hour wait at the Chilean border at 2am with a bunch of people who don´t speak what a ball of fun. We arrived in Santiago early in the morning, in time for a siesta (nap), in our North American hostel...we swear everyone was from the was kind of weird not having to point and say no intiendo all the time!! After we were refreshed we explored the city, did some shopping, and bought ingredients to actually cook a meal..the funds are getting low!!

We also discovered that Jen has been getting bitten by bed bugs, and they swell and puss, and she looks great!! She seems to be transporting them with her, as she wakes up with new ones for us to look at. Keeps us entertained most mornings at breakfast...

Now we are in Valparaiso, a port city in the Pacific Ocean. We are off to the beach today, hopefully we will be able to jump in the water as we havent been in the Pacific yet on this trip.

The 10 day count down is on...we are excited to see you all..snow meh not so much!! ciao x

Saturday, 08 December 2007

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Buenos Tardes amigos...we have sadly come to the point in our trip where we are about to enter our last country! AHHHHHHHHH

We left Buenos Aires for Mendoza and decided to go all out and opt for the Executive bus....we´re talkin champagne, big meals, full lay down bed/seats, ENGLISH speaking was fantastic!!!

In Mendoza we have kept ourselves very enterained with all of the outdoor activities offered in this area. As soon as we got off the bus we headed out on a wine tour (as this is known as wine country). We went to 3 different wineries, tasting mostly red wines and getting a bit tipsy. Our last stop was a chocolate factory where we also got to try some flavored liquors! It was a very good welcome to Mendoza. It also helped that our hostel had free wine all day and all night, it gave us a real feel for the city!!

The day after we saddled up our horses and rode out into the country. In the foothills of the Andes we meandered about, trying our hand at different types of riding (trotting, cantering and the occasional gallop). The saddles are made a bit different here so our bums were less than impressed with the galloping...and boy did we feel the affects the next day. We were walking around like 80 year old women who had played on a sea saw too long. So we decided it would be a good day to check out the city, do some shopping and lounge by our pool (oooohhh tough life we know!!)

Our last day we did some white water rafting and some zip lining. Both of which were a lot of fun, and got our hearts a pumpin`! A great way to finish off an amazing country..tonight we are on, yup you guessed it, another night bus to Santiago, Chile.

Monday, 03 December 2007

Location: Buenos Airies, Argentina

Hola Family and Friends!

So we have been in the beautiful city of Buenos Airies for the last five days...took the bus from Rosario Thursday where we took out Jan´s beloved braids...can you say AFRO!!..haha..took the train to our hostel where we immediately met more Irish and started on the jugs of beer. People in this city really like to use up every hour of their don´t even go to the bar until 1 or 2 am, so lets just say we have seen many o sunrises...and living on basically 2 hours of sleep a day.

During the day we find thing to do pretty easily, in a city of 12 million people. We visited the most insane cemetery ever where all of the graves are big elaborate stone buildings with caskets inside..the most notable being Evita´s tomb (The dont cry for me Argentina lady). We´ve shopped till we dropped in the blocks upon blocks of markets and stores and eatin parts of cows every night in style served by men in tuxedos. We took in a tango show (as this city lives and breathes the beautiful dance) and most recently experienced a ¨futball¨game in the cultured part of Buenos Aires. There were 45 000 people, screaming, chanting, singing and waving flags and T-shirts around for the entire 5 hours that we were there..pretty intense to say the least (we had to have seperate entrances for the fans, SWAT teams, helicopters and loogeys were being spit everywhere)

To sum it up..BA is a beautiful city lined with gorgeous historical buildings and big old trees where you could wander around for hours and we love the atmosphere even though we tend to prefer smaller centers. Tonight we are off to a place called Mendoza for some more action adventure sports..need to work off some of these extra pounds before we come home!!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Location: Rosario, Argentina

WE GOT ROBBED! Ok it wasnt that dramatic, but we did get our bags rummaged through while we were sleeping on the bus on our way to Rosario. The buggers even got through our locks, but thankfully they did not steal anything TOO important (Jen´s IPOD charger, battery charger and all of her hygeine products, and Jans speakers..and her bath towel..creepy) Not the end of the world, but it put us in a crabby mood yesterday morning...however that changed quickly when we discovered what a beautiful city Rosario is. It was even voted Argentina´s best city.

It is very historical. We visited a monument where the first flag of Argentina was flown, and the man that designed it was buried. The city is full of beautiful old buildings, churches and museums. We edumacated ourselves in one of the more modern Historical museums, as well as enjoyed an afternoon on the river beach. It feels a bit like Saskatoon actually.

Back on a bus to Buenos Aires..look for new improved Jen and Jan as the braids are coming out and we are getting haircuts!!!yay. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH we are coming home in 3 weeks today...yeesh!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Location: Porto Iguazu, Argentina

So we have arrived in Argentina, back to Spanish, but, like we know the difference. Of course, we the seasoned travellers drove through the Brazilian border without giving our exit forms or receiving our exit passport stamps..hey we had just gotten off a 23 hour bus ride give us a break. So we got stamped into Argentina, had to ride the bus all the way to town, stay on and get stamped out of Argentina, walk around the Brazilian border till we could find where to get stamped out...and yes then get stamped back into Argentina..a two hour process in 35 degree weather..with all of our bags...we still blame the bus driver!!

Anywho, after that was all settled we checked into the Ritz of all hostels, complete with a gigantic pool which we dove right into..after the ritual welcome cervesa...we feel it necessary to try every country´s beer when get there. We also got the full Argentinian experience with our first nights supper..MEAT..and lots of it. We´ve been hearing for weeks about Argentinian steak..and boy did we ever indulge. The waiter came out with a huge sword of the most tender sirloin steak, onions, bacon and red pepper. Seriously the skewer...but it was actually a sword..was as big as Jen. We are definitely going to enjoy this country.

Yesterday we visited one of the wonders of the world (whether it is a natural, or new one we are not too sure) but it was a wonder none the less. Iguazu Falls... Wow!! Our pictures dont do it justice because there are just so many falls, and they are so big. Iguazu Falls lie between the Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil borders. They are made up of almost 300 waterfalls, the biggest falling from 70 meters..and it stretches 2.7 kms...they are just unreal! We even got to take a boat ride into some of the tamer waterfalls and had our first shower in weeks...j/k

Today we are back in full fledge travel mode again, boarding another long 18 hour bus (we are going to be professional bus riders after this trip) to a place called Rosario...keep the messages a comin, they brighten our days..

OH and heck ya, we wanna give a shout to all the rider fans out there!!! WOO HOO

Friday, 23 November 2007

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Todo Bang..(hey what's up)..RIO baby, the city of girls from Ipanema, Carnaval, Lola and her Cabana, JC lookin out for, love and o transvestites. This city has it all...and its also one of the most beautiful cities we have ever travelled to.

So we got here on Tuesday after a long and smelly bus ride (19 hours and for some reason it smelt like the toilet) but was rewarded with being able to meet up with our Irish friends that we left in Bolivia (Deb and Laura). Our hostel is in Copacabana and the famous beach is just steps away. Of course we walked the strip, enjoyed a coconut, ate some street meat and watched people (its amazing how not modest men in tighty whitey speedos can be LOL)

We ve checked out some of the sights..Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, a cable car tour up to Sugar Loaf mountain for spectacular panoramic views of the city, and of course to the top of Corcovado to hang out with Jesus himself (although he did stand 130 feet above us)...and of course we visited a shopping mall...we had to splurge a little and get some clothes to go out in. One last night out on the town with our friends before we head to Iquazu Falls on Saturday (ugh 23 hour bus ride..why do they do this to us)

Rio is a very cool city. A great way to end off Brazil and we've enjoyed our time really once you've seen Jesus how do you beat that...

Monday, 19 November 2007

Location: Arraial DŽAjuda, Brazil

Yet another beach town, but we´re not complaining. The town is a bit bigger than Itacare and the beach goes on for miles. Apparently there are about 10 of them here but you never know when one ends and the other begins.

Yesterday we strolled along the beach for a good 45 minutes before finally settling on Pitinga Beach on some chairs listening to some samba music. Its easy to get lost in the reality of where we are, so we have to sit up, look at the palm trees, ocean and different people and realize we are in Brazil.

As for us, we´ve had some mistaken identities lately. Last night at supper the waiter thought we were from Israel, which might have to do with the fact that Jan decided to get her entire head does not look good..but it gives Jen a good laugh. We´ve also had lots of compliments on our bronzed skin, which is pretty good coming from Afro/Brazilian people.

Even though it was a Sunday night, the town was alive with the sound of music. There was a live samba band (bass drum, triangle, guitar and woodblock/chimes) outside at a sort of mini oval stadium where the locals here would pick a partner and samba like nobodies business. It was great to watch, but when asked to dance we said no..again reputations to uphold here. Samba is a very sexy dance, and everyone here can do it, even the guys, it puts our two steppin to shame.

Its our last day in a peaceful town, as tonight we will board our 17 hour bus to the big ol city of Rio de Janeiro. We are excited as we may be able to meet up with some of our Irish friends, but sad to leave our lazy hazy crazy days of being beach bums in these smaller towns. Plus we´re not sure if the ´braids´ will fit in, in Rio.

We´ll fill you all in after a few days in the big city..later Frangos (chickens) haha sorry, the only Porteguse words we are really concerned with learning are related to food.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Location: Itacare', Brazil

Life´s a beach, or so it has been for us for the past week. We arrived in Itacare early Wednesday morning and scuffled around with our backpacks until we could find the beach and a cheap pousada (hotel). Thankfully we found both fairly quickly. We are back to the days of Asia where we have our own room, TV, fridge and ensuite bathroom good for washing our undies and hanging them to dry....

Every second shop in Itacare was a surf shop, we however didnt actually hit the waves being that a)we suck at it b) we live in central Canada with no real chance of ever not sucking at it c) were too busy enjoying the views of the surfers from our beach towels and d) the waves were HUGE...we didnt want to embarass ourselves..we have reputations here to uphold..ok thats a lie we are alone together because Brazil is totally different travelling than the other countries we have been in. We´ve had to rely solely on locals, because there are not many other backpackers up this way, who speak little or no english at all, or try and converse in Spanish which doesnt really help either, to find out where our next destination should be. We constantly get looks of astonishment from Brazilians who cant believe we are travelling Brazil without the ability to speak Porteguese or any sort of travel book..we just smile and nod!!

Itacare has about 9000 beautiful beaches, and after a 45 minute walk through the rainforest we came across the 4th most beautiful beach in Brazil. And it was gorgeous. So we did what we do best and sun tanned all day, and may or may have not enjoyed some watermelon and a coconut or two.

The town was a pumpin as it was a public holiday so it was nice to see people out and about, none of whom speak English of course, but we tried our best to speak with them. You can purchase cervejas in the convience stores or supermacardos and walk through the streets browsing in shops etc. So when in Rome...

Brazil has been all that we wanted it to B: Beach, booze and buff Brazilian bodies..who could ask for more...

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From Chantel really sad for you girls that you have come home and end your journey but im also really happy and excited to see you!!!! XOX
Response: Hmm I thought I might get one more message from our number 1 fan..haha. we are extremely excited to come home....we just may have to come back here tho one day...see you soon..x
From Borgie
Hey guys, sorry haven't messaged in a while, kinda crazy back here in reality. So cold, ha ha. Glad all is still well and can't wait to see you soon. Luv yas!
Response: Hey hun,looks like Jaimaica was awesome(is that how you spell it?? lol) cant wait to see you too..we are in transition right now to Lima to get back to Canada..tryin to get used to the fact that this week we wil be back in snow..brrr... love ya too
From A.R.
Awww Jen, just thinking of you while eating a whole tray of Toffifee (?) Ha Ha Hope you gals are winding up your trip in style !! Hugs to H.N.
Response: That is soo funny...Jan and I were just saying that we were going to buy 48 Toffifee each in the TO Airport and have them all eaten by the time we reach the airport in Sasky...soo excited. We are lazing on the beach as much as we can...may jump off a cliff tomorrow...we will keep you ya!
From Blonda
Hey Janice: Just got your blog from the Simons. Great to hear that you are having a super time while we are FREEZING our a** off here at home. The weather has been a balmy -35 to -40 with the windchill. Warmer today tho. Only -10. Great pictures. Talk to you soon! (Probably at the lake!)
Response: Hey Blonda...nice to hear from you..Im not going to lie I am sun burnt as we speak..haha but its mainly my big ol butt!! serves me right while all the friends and fam are cold I guess. I will most liketly be making you shots at the lake this summer..take care
From Chantel
Your #1 fan

Love your captions on the pics girls...make me laugh! I was waiting for the anchor man quotes when I seen that you were in santiago...ahha...gooood work!!! The countdown is on!
Response: AAAhhahahaha..good, Im glad that someone got that..haha. You are our number 1 fan. that better continue onto 2008 or Ill be havin words with ya. Cant wait to see you girls...I bet your mom is excited too!!
From Cally
Hello my beauties!! Great to see you still rockin in the free world. Keep the pictures coming.... they are keeping my cupcakes warm. teehee.
MISS YOU!! xoxoxo
Response: Don't worry once we are home we will have a whole day of pictures to look at. Love and miss you very very much...see you soon...ahh...almost home time...brrrr
From Linds
Johnny here! (not Borgeson-Mann.. thought I would clarify :))I'm getting so excited to see you in just a little more than 2 weeks!! We are going to get a big snow storm tonight.. aren't you excited to come home to freezing cold weather?!?!? Have fun and stay safe!
Response: hey buddy, yes we are both excited to come the snow??meh not so much..wil be tough to leave this 35 degree weather..but as nelly furtado says all good things must come to end..yes if its possible i think ive gotten even cheesier..ciao babe..see ya soon!
From Sharon & Ron
Greet hearing you two are having an awesome time in beautiful South America. Definitely an amazing country and you two are visiting the best of the best and Buenos Aires is next. You'll love the city and if you get chance take in the tango show at Senor Tango! We look forward to following the rest of your South American venture on your blog. Travel well.
Response: Yes South America is BEAUTIFUL...we went to a tango show of course..this country lives tango. We are not too big on big cities but we have loved BA. Now heading off into the the messages. x
From Laura
ahh ladies... i'm ashamed to admit this is the first time i have looked at your page... (mainly because it hurts my heart to see and read about your travels without having stef and i in them).. well just as i thought.. it hurts and i am extremely jealous. however, your pictures are ridiculous and so so so amazing. reading your blogs and seeing your pictures was a nice study break wow, took me away from the stress of exam time. you girls are hillarious and i wish i was there with you. are you guys coming back into canada via toronto? a stop over perhaps?.. come stay with the rankines!!haha. anyways chicas enjoy your last few weeks in SA and we will have a catch up when you are back in canadia. and jan remember... africa next!!!
Response: We are DEFO having a great time! OBVY from our blog pics!!haha. Actually we are both flying into Toronto on Dec 20th, and have a few hour lay over, so if in the neighbourhood we would love some lunch company! haha, totally Africa!
From Chantel
Hey Jan...I sent you a message on facebook but thought i'd send one here as case you check this more. Leslie had a baby boy yesterday...Nov. 30. His name is Declan Nico Shae Donahue. Baby and Momma are doing good! He weighed around the 8lbs mark...guess he looks like Frazer...poor bugger...ahha..jks! See you very soon!
Response: Aww that is so great, thanks for the update Chan. Les, if ya read this, congratulations, cant wait to see the little guy!
From Stephanie
Ahhh...Ok you girls officially suck (and I mean that in the nicest way!) I am so jealous right now. Here I am trying to struggle through this research paper (which is actually a Commodity Chain on avocados from Central America) and there you ladies are having the time of your life. Your pictures are amazing. I so wish I could be there travelling with you. When I am done school perhaps! We should do Asia #2 one day! Still so much more I want to see!
Well I am sure you both are well. Type soon.

heart you both.
Response: Hey babe, we heart you too...and talk about you girls often to other travellers and such. Just let you know that the doms have come on this trip and have proved useful in meeing friends once dares tho! We´ll eat some avocados for you..ciao! x
From Auntie M
The holiday has gone too quickly. Your adventure has shorten the past month. We are all getting ready for Xmas and the COLD weather, so it is GREAT to see you girls in the sun and having FUN. See ya soon
Response: I know! We´re not looking forward to our tans flaking off when we get home. I will be turning up the heat in the house for sure! very excited for xmas, hasta luega
From travis
jenny you missed a good party but at least it is warm whereyou are it was kinda cold on 8th street last night but it was fun o well theres always next year you girls look hot by the way mmmmaahhh
Response: Ahh...I know...we were wishing that we could have got in on the celebration...we tried to here but it just wasnt the same. I am up for having some drinks at Christmas time though...see you soon..stay
From Chantel
Hey Girls...were you able to catch the game in some hut on the beach??? haha...jk! Riders pulled off a huge win...woop woop!!! I enjoyed rubbing it in Dave's face for hours...moooahhahaha!!! Love your beach pics! I especially love the one of you guys asking for forgiveness...reminds me of a little "you will never get thissss"...hha! Anways, im sure I don't have to say this but enjoy your last few days! Miss yas!

Response: hello was kind of eery seein the big man up close..may never see him again if i dont get to heaven haha. we constantly checked up on the game last night..we even had a fellow canadian with his palm pilot updating us during dinner. haha. rub it in daves face for me too..see you in 23 days..ahh xoxo
From A.R.
Hey my beauties...Thanks for the birthday wishes...Yes those Ya Ya's spoiled me. U.K. is having a ball at "Grey Cup" grrrrrr..ha ha..Too bad this was the year I decided NOT to go to the cup... Oh well parties at Hahn Cres on Sunday (if you can make it). If not I will have to drink your share of the Carona's :) Love seeing all your pictures of the beaches. I just watched a show on the Rolling Stones doing a free concert in Rio and the beach looked massive! Janice, will you be coming home before you head off to Europe? Well you guys have fun,
Lots of Love & Hugs,
Response: Hello Aunty..of course this is the year we decided to go to South America..those Riders always disapoint but we still love them. We are also drinking our share of cervesas only for the Riders of course. haha! (yes Jan wil be home before her other trip)..xx
From Gator
Hey girls! I love all the beach stories. It makes me forget for a minute that there is constant snow falling when I look out the window! I also love Janice's braids...maybe you can leave them in until you get home. I'm sure your hair wouldn't be too bad...
Response: Hey Gator..good to hear from you. I think I may cement the braids in, everyone seems to love them here..haha. Possibly going to take dance lessons in Buenos Aires..aren't ya proud..say to to G baby and Piratte
From Lindsay...M
Electric shower are you freakin kidding me. How bout you two just sponge each other with toilet water for the rest or your stay. I'd feel much safer. Glad you were able to pull out the Ventura Janny. Makes me feel like your right back here. Love yous!
Response: Hey there bumblebeetuna..mmm sponging with toilet water.too late done it.haha dont worry with the braids i dont shower that often anymore anyways you hun
From Caoimhe
Hey girls... Your trip sounds amazing. I'm soooo jealous. It sounds like a fab trip. I want to go to South America....

I'm heading back to Sydney in March for 2 wks... :D Can't wait.
Hope all is well with you girls. Can't wait to see you for Paddy's Jan...xxxx
Response: Ahh, good to hear from you...not that we replaced you girls, but we hae been traveling with loads of Irish people here...we just love the Irish and cant seem to get away from thme..haha!
From Linds
Hi ladies! Hieby I can't believe you turned into Venus and Johnny Depp.. you haven't even been gone that long! Miss you girls.. I'm in for all the plans when you get home .. Can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories.
Response: Hey Linds, we miss you too...that would be soo great to have you gal at my Bros Fish Derby...we can have a big slumber party at my house...pillow fight!
From jane
well...well braids eh(figured i put in some canadian lingo for you) well you look hot, the bothof you. i can't wait foryou guys to come home. we have lots to catch up on. i agree with chan tose boys do look young but hey what looking gonna hurt and you need to learn the samba so you can teach me. love you and take care hun
Response: Hey Janey..the braids are causing quite a stir..I may have to wear them home..haha. they save on combing which is well..a good day for everyone! Do you think I ll even be able to stop talking when i come home..plenty of catching up will be done..see you soon..1 you too.
From Janice # 1
Hey Hot ladies...make sure the Brazillian modelling agencies don't scoop you too up! Love the pics...and can't wait to see your tans in person!
Response: Hey there hot lady yourself, don´t have to worry about Brazilian model agencies, last night someone thought we were from Israel..haha. Cant wait to see you too..xo
From Sheri Smith
JENNIFER!! How can you sleep at night knowing those big ugly spiders are there. You made my heart race with that picture of the tarantula on that guys shoulder! YUCK! Glad to see you are having an awesome time. You will have to have a foot soak with your mom when you get home! Don't forget to invite your neighbor!
The Smith's!
Response: Hahaha...I was sleeping with a mozzy net around my bed so that made me sleep a little better...I will be having a full body soak when I get home..and of course you are invited! talk to you soon.
From Brenda M. (WP Saskat
Hi Jen!! Sorry I missed you at the airport on your way out. I am so glad that you sent me this webpage before you left. I check it out every couple of days and am really blown away with all of your adventures. As others have said - you girls are soooo brave!!! When I was exclaiming about the Machu Pichu photos, my husband said that I should go there. To which I responded that Dead Womans Pass was likely named after a middle-aged overweight woman like me who thought that she could hike there, so maybe not. Glad to be able to live vicariously through you two though. Take care! Brenda
Response: O Brenda!!! So good to hear from you...I think you could make it through the trail and the is a huge accomplishment...but there is a bus you can take up if you dont want to do the hike...haha. Cant wait to hear your cheery to you soon!
From Chantel glad I got relive the umbrella song again through your picture...I guess at least this time i didn't have anyone falling on me through a tent...haah! Girls you are looking lovely all tanned! 5 has time flown! Can't wait to see your smiling faces! Oh and those pics of the "men" in speedos...are you sure they were men...they looked about 13 to me...haha!
Response: Hey Chan, meh 13..23 whats the diff right..haha. Yes time has definitly flown, its nice that everyone is excited to see us tho..better than people telling us to stay here..haha. see you soon friend..xo
From Chris
Hi girls, just checked out the new pics, looks beautiful. Keep them coming. Oh and Jen you better get your fill of cheese on a stick while you're over there, because I don't think it's going to make it onto the menu with me back home. Love you sweetheart, take care you two.
Response: O you will learn to love it...I will roast it over our oven..hahaha...mmm. Love you