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Welcome to my travel diary page!!!! I will be trying my best to keep everyone updated of where I am in the world and let you all, for a few minutes, step into my world and read about my experiences. I´ll do my best in between travels to keep it updated and also post photos allowing the words to have meaning. Please feel free to leave a comment for me, its great to hear from people and their thoughts, so keep in touch. Enjoy!!!!

I have a local number here in London now. So feel free to contact me. (+44) 795 148 1834

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Location: London, UK

Hi All

Sorry about the lack of diary entries and photos. The bum lifestyle of a full time snowboarder took over me, and visits to the internet cafe seemed to diminish by the week.
Anyway I plan to write more later but I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally dragged myself away from snow and I am now in sunny London (no joke, the weather has been amazing); and I am now enjoying the perils of finding employment and a place to live.......suppose its all part of the fun.

I will write more once I get a place to live and an internet connection. My last month in Austria was amazing, so many stories to tell and some amazing keep an eye on this space

Well I have a local number here (+44 795 148 1834) so please give me a call and let me know how your doing

See ya


Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Galtur, Austria

The last couple of weeks have been very strange, filled with highs and lows. From being totally stoked riding some of the best powder of the season, to wishing I hadn’t had that last Jager shot before jumping on a toboggan head first down a big hill…………….so here is what happened....

Last I wrote I was lounging around my apartment waiting for the snow to stop and my shoulder to recover from my encounter with a metal gate. Eventually the sun came out and Nick, Matty, Joel and I were up early riding the best powder of our lives. The next day we rode with Benny and he showed us some unreal backcountry runs, the stuff we had dreamed of when booking our tickets to Austria. Blue sky, waist deep snow, steep fast runs and only you and your best mates….best day of the season!!

That same night we thought we would try our skills at tobogganing. They open up a special sled run on the mountain; so people get the gondola to the top, have a few confidence drinks at the bar and then toboggan all the way back to town. We started the night by drinking a bottle of vodka in the time it took the gondola to reach the top (about 15 mins), then with a few tips from our mates we did our first run. I have never laughed so much in my life. Sitting on a wooden crate going about 60km/h down a narrow slope is one of the funniest things I have ever done. Benny showed us that it was also possible to lay head first, well that just opened up a can of worms. After our first run we caught the gondola back to the top and went to the bar. After a few beers and some Jager shots it was time to go home, this is about the time when things went pear shaped. All was going well until I tried to take a corner too fast (going head first I might add), I hit a bump and went mid air landing on my shoulder, fully dislocating it…..not good!! It took about 2-3 mins to get it back in and to top it off the screen on my phone broke too. But I still had the best night………stoked!!
I rested my shoulder for a week but with the pain still constant I went to see a sports doctor, having a few x-rays and an MRI scan…….The verdict?? Well I have been advised to have a shoulder reconstruction as the tendons in my shoulder are no longer keeping my shoulder in place. It’s not urgent so I am waiting to see what the insurance company says……..I’ll keep everyone posted!!

With waist deep powder and sunny skies we decided it was time to build the step-up (see photos) that we’ve been wanting to build for the last couple of months. Even from the start we were all a bit hesitant that it was actually makeable……… being true Aussies we built it anyway. It took two days to build and was the biggest thing we have ever built. Nick was first to jump clearing the gap and actually landing on the ridge, but upside down………..very funny. I went next, getting a little bit more speed but doing exactly the same as Nick. Joel did the same. It was at this moment we should have stopped and realized something was wrong with the kicker. We were just about to fix it when one of our Swedish mates, Erik, went off the kicker and landed in the same spot but on his legs…….breaking his back!!. We called ski patrol; they called the helicopter…..Not good. Erik is doing fine now. He went to hospital but luckily the break wasn’t that bad and he was out in a couple of days with a back cast on. He flew home to Sweden the other day and will hopefully be back in a couple of weeks.


Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Location: Galtur, Austria

Well not much is news from this side of the world. My average day consists of snowboarding for a few hours, hiking home, eating, watching some snowboarding movies and then sleeping. Replace sleeping with partying on the odd occasion and you pretty much have my life summed up at the moment.

It did finally snow a little more after I last wrote. We were all getting a little cabin fever as it had been blue skies and rain for nearly two weeks. Sitting around an apartment with 4 of your mates can really take its toll on your sanity after a while. However some white stuff did fall and we scored some sick days of snowboarding while hiking some backcountry (See photos).

An Aussie mate, Macca, flew over for a week to try his skills at snowboarding. I met him surfing in Peru and he’s been living in London with Joel and decided to come over and catch up with the boys. Australia Day was expected. We met two other Aussies who are living here in Ischgl, so we had quiet the Aussie contingent for the big day. The festivities began at an Après ski bar that serves litre beers!!........pretty much everything went downhill from there with kebabs, drinking games and way too much alcohol!!

Danks went home a couple of weeks back. I was stoked that he came along and he seemed to have an awesome time with the boys. Nick’s girlfriend arrived at the start of the month and he has moved into an apartment with her down in Kappl (about 15 mins away). So it’s only Joel, Matty and I left now. We moved into another apartment in Galtur, another town about 10mins from Iscghl. We’ve been here for two weeks now and Matty goes home in a few days.........and then it was two!! Joel and I move into yet another apartment and hopefully plan to stay here for another month or so.

We’ve been riding park for the last couple of weeks which has been fun. They finally built some boxes, rails and kickers (jumps) so it’s been fun trying our best to not too break something. I succeeded three days ago when I clipped an edge and ran into a metal gate........dislocating my shoulder really bad and giving myself a good bump on the head.......would have been very funny to watch!!

So right now I am sitting in my apartment, resting my shoulder and it is snowing like crazy. It’s been constantly snowing for the last two days; we’ve had about 40cm already and a lot more to come. With a bit of luck it will clear up a little tomorrow so we can ride, I think the next few days could be the pick of the season........this is what we came for!!


Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Location: Ischgl, Austria

Well I’m back!!! I’ve had enough of the normal life and the travel bug has once again taken control of me!! This time I am in Austria snowboarding with some mates and living the ski-bum lifestyle.

Not much happened over the last eight months while in Canberra. It took me a while to get a job as I was still deciding where I wanted to live. I ended up taking a contract back at the AFP and moved out with a couple of mates. Brennie came over from Argentina to visit for 6 weeks which was awesome. It was so great to be able show her Australia……well parts of it. That’s about it really; I snowboarded, surfed, partied and hung with my family not much else to update.

So here I am now sitting in an apartment in a little town called Ischgl, in south-west Austria near the Swiss border. The flight over was as good as you’d expect from a 22 hour flight. We missed our connecting flight from Vienna to Innsbruck which was a little annoying, but after another plane, train and a quick bus I was sitting in a hotel with the four of my best mates catching up on 8 months of separation.

New Year’s Eve was awesome. Nick and Danks bought some fireworks which turned into way too much havoc for us and the surrounding houses……It turns out our aim isn’t as good as we thought. After a few drinks at our apartment and nearly blowing up half the neighborhood, we headed into town and partied with all the Austrians and Germans. It was good to let loose with the boys again!!

It snowed about 40cm the first week we arrived which seemed like a sign of good things to come. We scored some unreal days of fresh powder, some of the best runs in my life. Unfortunately Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to us at the moment with unseasonably hot weather currently making a mess of things. However we are still having fun building kickers (jumps) off piste and we’re hoping the snow will fall at the end of January and throughout February.

So what are my plans you ask!! I’m planning to hang out in Austria for another couple of months, probably till mid March. Then Joel, Nick and I will make our way to London where I plan to live, work and travel Europe for a couple of years..........well its still just a plan!!

So please keep an eye on this space. I will try and keep the site updated with photos and journals as much as possible. Finding an internet café has been a bit of a task but I’ll do my best. I have a local phone number here (+43 6766 821 965), so send me a message or give me a call.


Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Location: Canberra, Australia


Yep thats right........I`m home!! The little white lie in my last diary entry about me travelling more of Chile was all false as I have spend the last two weeks surfing my way home through Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Tahiti!!.... a great end to my trip.!!

Obviously I wanted to surpise everyone so I didnt mention my plans, even though I bought my ticket 7 months ago!! Everything went to plan, I arrived back on April 10 in the morning. A mate drove up from Canberra too picked me up (thanks Johnno). We then spent the day driving down the south coast looking for
waves, then headed back to Canberra in the evening. It was my sisters birthday and the whole family had gathered at my parents house for the celebration.......totally oblivious to my upcoming arrival. I arrived home around 8pm, walked around the back of the house and straight through the back door. The whole family was standing in the living room and didnt notice my entrance until I walked in the room, took off my hat and just said.....'G'day"
The responses were priceless, i wish I had taken a camera. There was a five second pause while everyone triedto register who I was and then it was screams, tears and loads of stoked to see my family again!!

There is another diary entry I wrote just before arriving home detailing my adventures in Easter Island and Tahiti. There are also new check em out!!

Over the last month, while preparing myself for the end to my adventures, I have put together some statistics and facts that I thought might be interesting. Enjoy:

Time: 1 year 2 months 17 days (441 days)
Countries: 10
Money: Way to much!!
Airplanes: 14
Buses: 98 (Guesstamite)
Boats: 15
Women: Haha a gentleman never tells!!!
Books Read: 25
Photos taken: 3457
Website visits: 4750

Other facts:
- 4 pairs of sunglasses
- 3 pairs of thongs (flip-flops)
- 5 snapped surfboard fins
- 13 scuba dives
- 1 Stolen Ipod and 1 Stoled Westuit
- 1 trip to Hospital

Favourite Country:
This is a hard one cause each country gave me different experiences and each has its own place in my heart!!!

Best Women:
Definately Columbia, Argentina and Brazil.

Most Humbling Experience:
Teaching english in the slums of Medellin (Columbia), living with the Kuna Indians on the San Blas and visiting the miners in
Potosi (Bolivia)

Scariest Experience:
Nearly dying while trying to climb the Peruvian Andes

Best Party:
Carnaval 2006!! Craziest party I have ever seen!! Biggest on earth!!

Best Surf:

MyTop 5 Places:
The Salt Lakes (Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia)
Easter Island (Isla de Pasqua - Chile)
San Blas ISlands - Panama
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Teahupoo - Tahiti


I have no idea! Travelling for as long as I did really shakes things up, but in a good way. So its time for a new chapter in The Life of Si!!
This trip has definately opened my mind to travelling and there are so many more places that I want to much to see in such little time.
Right now I have so many options and over the next few weeks I will decide where I want to go. I will just have to wait and see who wants to employ an out-of-work travel bum!! Also anyone wanting to donate to the "keep Simon off the streets" fund just give me an email...........hahaha

To all my friends and family at home who kept in contact and updated me, reminding me that life at home never changes........thanks for keeping me going. Now get your asses to South America!!
To all the people I met while travelling. I was amazing to have met you all and I hope one day we can meet again somewhere in the world, so lets keep in touch (details below). And if you are ever in Australia, look me up, you always have a place to stay.

This website should be up for another 8 months. I am planning to make another one, in time so I will keep you posted.

Below are my contact details. I would love to hear from everyone, so give me a call or email me, its been a while!! It would be great to catch up!!!
0408606467 (61408606467)

Until next time..........adios!!


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