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Si and Em's Far East Experiences

Welcome to Si and Em's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 03 November 2006

Location: Beijing, China

Hi everyone,

Apologies again for lack of website stuff. We are having major problems uploading our website in Beijing and think it is the University's server. We are going to try at another location tomorrow and if that doesn't work then we may have to go back to putting everything on here again.
Hope all is well, wherever you are in the world. We are both doing ok in Beijing although winter is well and truly on its way but our heating doesn't get switched on until Nov 15th brrr.....
Teaching is going well and so are the 5x a week Chinese lessons. The aim is to get conversational and also being able to read and write by the end of the year. (Academic year not 2006!!)
We'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,

Em and Si

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Location: Beijing, China

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay with our new website info but we have been having some internet problems here in Beijing.

Our new site is which is on the way to being up and running in the next few days.

Hope you enjoy it!

Emma and Simeon

PS. We are also having hotmail problems and will be sticking alternative email addresses on the new website.

Tuesday, 05 September 2006

Location: Beijing, China

Hi everyone,

Sorry we have been slack at updating the website, after a manic month at home and then 3 days in Honkers before a not so fun 3 day stay in Foshan, we are finally settled in one place again.

Our new home is BUAA University in Beijing. (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics). We are living on campus and start work next week. Which is giving us some free time to create a brand new website.

So watch this space, check your emails.... our new website address will be announced soon!

Bye for now,

Si and Em

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Recent Messages

From Julie Paterson
Hi you two. Hoping that you are well. We have really enjoyed looking at your web-site and all your wonderful photos. Love from Julie, Jim and Jamie back in cold, grey Stevenage. P.S. Which school did Simeon go to in Chells? Was it Lodge Farm, just out of interest?
Response: Hello to you all!
Glad you are enjoying the website. Yes, Si did go to Lodge Farm - were you his teacher too?
You'll be pleased to know that Beijing's winter is on its way so it'll be cold and grey here too soon.
"Zai Jian" Emma and Simeon
From Sally Tomkot
Hey dudes, i hope that you are both well. I thought you were going to put the photos online of our booze up in Cheltenham? Love you lots, Sal X
Response: The photos will be going onto our new website - which should be up and running in a few days. Don't worry we'll have a whole page dedicated to the trip to Cheltenham.
From barrie
forgot to add : what's taking you so damn long with the updated/new web?!


Noodle on kids!Noodle on -
saw Wai - he says howdy, and he still can't drink beer without his face turning beetroot! That boy is a pressure cooker.
Response: Say Hi back to Wai when you see him again next from the two of us. The new website will be up and running very soon. Sorry for the delay but we been rather swept up with the whole moving in thing in Beijing.
From Barrie
Hello again my travelling friends!
Will be chatting to a couple of companies over the next 4 weeks - will keep you posted on my departure date for your 'hood.

It may be sooner than you think!

Peace to the east
Response: Looking Forward to seeing you Pal. Can't wait to see you again on your next trip out East.
From Steve & Leah
Ni Hao, Hope everything is going well i suppose you can say back at home lol. Me and Leah both say hello and hope you are ok. Take Care, Zai Jien xx
Response: Hi guys,
Thanks for the message. We are loving being in Beijing so far and start work next week. New website will be on its way shortly....
Zai Jian, Em and Si xxx
From barrie
Hey guys - was good to see you last month, I have just been in Italy for Graham and Colettes wedding ( so many beautiful women - some good stories to tell ya- I reckon I need to marry an italian woman now!!)
Wai is home for this week and I think tonight is the only night he is around so trying to get everyone together before he goes back - anyway see you guys next year when I fly back out - looking forward to seeing the photos etc.
be cool
Response: Italian women eh? Let's hope she doesn't have a Stevenage postcode... Hope you had fun with Wai. Hurry up and get your ass over here! Em and Si x
From Jimmy
hi,Si n Em,
jimmy is everything going there.are you in England now,or have taken off for the next tour?oh...your hometown is really fascinating.I definately will drop on you some are going to teach in beijing.i probably will tour there next summer.will you be there at that moment??? new cemester has started.busy.busy....still busy.
hav to get up 6:00am that's really bad.almost everyone is sleeping in the class,not me anyway.everyday exhausted.
and it's just a start.anyway this is the final year in high im trying read some english newspaper to know more about big things in the world.that might help when i take university interviews in u have any advises that which kind of newspaper will be exciting???oh... there was a hurricane last week.the stronges one i have ever experience.n together with 4 tornados!!!horrifying.the thing printed with 'Lingdon'was taken away by the wind!just unbelieveable.oh,have to go back to study.good luck
Response: Hi Jimmy,

Being home is really good but we're leaving again soon. It was great to see all our family and friends but we've been very busy as there are so many people to see. Very excited about going to Beijing now as it's a fantastic city. I am a little bit nervous about teaching in the University and so is Emma.

I hope your final year at school goes well and you get good enough grades to get into universtiy in Hong Kong. There are lots of good newspapers that you can read on the internet that will help improve your knowledge of world events. Unfortunately the Chinese Government blocks the website but you should be able to visit which is an excellent British newspaper.

Take care Jimmy and keep in touch,

From Gemma!
hey guys just looked at your webpage mum thinks the red pandas are racoons lol!!! there not tho are they!!?? lol! i miss u guys crazy i love u both so much i need cuddles!! my job is fantastic in m&s!! i love it!! but have nice rest of ur travels all my love your gemma-lou xx
Response: Ha ha - we read this when we were sat in Si's room in Stevenage waiting to come and surprise you.....
From Percy
Nice to hear you guys are hitting the road again! Being a tour leader in Guangzhou, I've been enjoying my job for nearly a year, which has brought me a lot of fun and made me a brand new Percy. Now the boss of my department asks me to take a break and to help build up a purchasing group for the outbound tour market. Well, that means staying at the office and doing some paperworks. Anyway, I think it's good for me to do something different and learn more about how the department even the whole company works. Maybe it won't be long. During this period, I can pick up my Japanese and French courses and try to read books which I've collected from different countries.



By the way, I took a trip to Taiwan last month. TW is such a beautiful place! If you're interested, I can send you some pix.
Response: Hi Percy,
Great to hear from you. Sounds like you had a great time as a tour leader. Good luck in your new job. Please send us some pictures and keep in touch! If you are in Beijing in the next year then we must meet up.
Take care,
Si and Emma
Easy people!
Hope everything is still sparky. Just been offered a 3 month sabbbatical from work for 2007 - so hoping to take in some more sights plus doing a bit of music teaching - will keep you posted on where i end up heading
Take care kids!!!
Response: Hi Barrie,
That sounds great mate. Let us know if you'll be in our neck of the woods next year. You'll have a free place to stay! Thanks for the HK photos by the way.
Take care, Si and Em
From Steve (Nephew)
Hey Aunty Emz and Si hope everything is going well and ok. Just to be aware i am saving again for my next amazing de tour around China! Hope to speak soon xxx
Response: Cool, that's good to hear. It's looking like we will be heading up to northern China for our next job in the autumn. We'll keep you informed! Take care xx
From Gemma and Mel!!
Hey Guys just flicking through, fort simon was going to jump of the building!! lol!! whats ur plans for the year then coming home? or staying or do u want to come back n go disneyworld next year lol:D x hope u guys having good time love you and miss you gem n mel xx
Response: Simeon was too scared to jump, he didn't have a spare pair of pants with him. Love to go and see American Mickey, for now I am making do with Chinese Mickey not the same though. As for coming home maybe Santa can pick us up on his way to the UK! Miss you too, love Em and Si xxx
From Kimmie
Hey to my fav English couple of all time! I miss you SO much and hope you'll make it over to Munich for a pissup just like we did in the old days...check your e-mail for an update from me soon! xoxo
Response: Hey Kimmie,
Good to hear from you, hope you are having fun with the germs. Would love to see you for a pissup! But until we make it back to Europe we will just have to keep on getting drunk on cheap chinese beer! Looking forward to your email. Miss you, Em (and hi from Si) xxx
From Gemma x
Hey guys i havnt spoke to u in ages im at school at mo! i miss u soo much when are u coming home please soon because we need to go shopping together and i need to see my fav uncle!! miss u both all my love gemma xx
Response: Hi bubba lou,
Good to see you are at school and working hard!!! We miss you too but on chinese money we won't be able to go shopping in England! You will just have to come here instead!
lots of love Em and Fave Uncle Si xxx
From Claire
Hey hey hey auntie em & uncle si! Just wanna say how much I really miss you both, and I just wanna thankyou sooo much for everything you did for us. I really appreciate it, hope you're havin a gr8 time, luv ya xxx
Response: Hi Claire,
Thanks for the lovely message. We really miss you too, it was great having you here and we are glad you had such a good time. We are still having fun in China and we are currently planning where to work next!!
Speak to you soon, love Em and Si xxx
From mel
not good at e mail thought id try this way thanks for having claire and steve over they had the best time ever steve is already counting the days and money to come back one way ticket next time for him they will both never forgat this trip of a life time xxxxxxx
Response: No worries! People with cases full of cadburys are always welcome! Glad they had a good time, we really enjoyed having them here. Your turn next.......
hey kids first time since i been bcak i have been able to check out the web

Fame at last!! Boy Homers on the diary even if i do sound like an @rse for letting the disney thing slip oh and being a complete tourist ref the forest fire!!
As soon as im organised i promise to send you the HK photos

Be cool kids!
Response: Great to hear from you Barrie.

Glad you like the site. Keep in touch as we want to know how things are going for you and when you'll be back in this part of the world. No return plans as yet so we should be in China for a while longer.
From Brian
I love tabe!
Response: Ha ha ha!! YAY!!!! Brian - I thought you had dropped off the face of the earth. Where are you??? Em x
From Claire
Hi Si & Em, Happy Christmas & Merry New Year! Was great to talk to you on Xmas Day, hope you enjoyed your film marathon! Not much festive tv to miss over here - it was dire & Eastenders was full of doom & gloom. Gearing up for the snow here now, will let you know how bad it gets... xxx
Response: Hi bear,
It was great to see you on the webcam and speak to you as well. Hope you don't get snowed in! We are cold enough over here and it's 19 degrees! Can't wait to see you. Not many sleeps now.....
Em and Si xxx
From Claire Bear
Like the very smart website! Can't wait to come over, I'm so excited! Xmas means nothing here now, when you have Chinese New Year in China ahead of you! Chat soon, Love me xxx
From Shoutingbench Simon
Emma dahhhhhhhhling. What on earth is your new number all about?? I just tried calling you and it sounded like I connected via China's very onw Magic FM. Please explain. PS - Miss ye.
Response: DAAAAHHHLING!!!!! New phone comes complete with very own built in chinese canto pop. It will sing to you until I answer. Think you may have phoned me at 1.30am hence being ignored!!! Speak soon, miss you too. Duff, duff, duff, duff, duff, duff, duff.
From sally tomkotowicz
Hello you 2! How are you doing?? I'm sorry but i haven’t kept up with your diary lately and so I am unsure where you are. However, I am going to sri lanka next week for 10 days and so if u are close, let me know!!! Much love to you both. Drop me a line XXX
Response: Hi Sal,

Hope you had a good trip to Sri Lanka. We are still in China and will be for at least the next few months. We'll email soon.
Si and Em x
From Barrie
Like the new web, not too long till i'm in HK boyski, see you when I get there!!
Anyway best get back to work will catch up proper when im there in December - be cool kids
Response: Looking forward to seeing you in Dec mate. Let me know what date you'll be arriving so we can pop down to Honkers for a night out.
From Steve
Ni Hao, hey Emz & Si hope your enjoying the work and experience out there, hopefully be out to see you soon. All the best (pee pee) lol
Response: Ni hao Pee Pee, Can't wait for you to come over! Not long now and then you can spend 2 wks kung fu-ing with Si and I can go shopping with Claire! Speak to you soon, Em and Si x
From Andy
Psi you gibbon! Thought id add a message seeing all the others are for Emma. Sign onto MSN once in a while will ya! Anyhoo-top site and looks like ya having a great time. See ya soon mate
Response: Cheers Dude,

I'll try and log-on to the old MSN a bit more often but with the time delay I'm normally tucked up in bed by the time most of you finish work. Although that probably doesn't matter for those of you lucky enough to have your own laptop.

Take Care,