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Simon, Harmony, Zach and Lillis Holiday Abroard

Diary Entries

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Location: Australia

Well we are home much to our sadness. We all wanted to stay there. We all made friends and didn"t want to leave our friends and my sister behind. I have so many stories to tell of our adventures that I will keep adding to this journal as I think it will be too difficult to invite everyone that has been watching us over to see all of our pics and hear some stories. I am really excited to keep this going because it has been fun and overwhelmingly wonderful to entertain our friends with our exciting adventures. I now have to go and wake the kids before they don't sleep tonight, lucky we have a party to go to. I am feeling very dizzy and my ears still feel like we are descending and need to pop so many more times. I will add more photos and journal in the next couple of days. Thankyou friends and family for enjoying our hoilday with us.

Monday, 09 June 2008

Location: Windsor, UK

Well we have done so much over our holiday and I haven't done too many journal entries so I am going to add more things even after we get back. We are coming back to sunny Melbourne in three more sleeps and a very long flight with many naps later. Well we went to legoland which didn't even compare to Disneyland. It was a great day for it as the sun was out and we had bought our tickets online so we were fast tracked in. That was great for us as we hadn't thought about the half term break here that had started two days before so there were a couple of hundred people waiting to buy tickets to get in. It was still fun and the best thing for me was mini legoland as they had built structures from around the globe I was so impressed. The moulin Rouge, The London eye,Football stadiums,NASA space station, Italy,Paris etc etc.We will try and add some photos of legoland in the next few days.
As you would have seen in the photos we went to Bodium Castle which was built in the 1300's it was pretty special.
On Friday the 30th of may Simon and I caught the train in to London to spend 2 days in London (NO KIDS) with one of Simon's friends. We had a ball we went on the London eye,we saw a show on the west end we saw Spamalot a Mothy Python show it was a great experiance.

Tuesday, 03 June 2008

Location: Breman, Germany

As I said in my last entry we were on our way to Bremen in Germany. Well we arrived but I am going to add more about our earlier excitments. In our first week here we had Zachs birthday which of course was so fun and Zach got so many things. He was absolutely chuffed when he recieved a present from the boy that Skye cares for Nic and his family. He felt so special because of course he is. We spent much of our time resting that week, we went for walks around Brasted where we are staying and the kids had school with Skye as there teacher. She uses her lounge as a class room for Nic as he only goes to school for 4 half days a week and he comes home for a nap and then Skye teaches him. Well Yach hasn't missed out on too much school and Lillian is finding her quiet voice with stickers as an insentive. Zach has been doing some diary entries about some of his days although he would prefer to hang out playing monopoly that we found in pound at a great Oxfam shop in Sevenoaks. We were told they were a great place to find some cool bargains so we have checked some of them out.
The first weekend we spent in France which I cannot tell you in words how much I loved it and can't wait to go back. In France we had a three day Disneyland pass which of course even for us adults was sensational. I cried countless time from the excitment of being in France. I also missed out on getting a photo with Cinderella but I yelled to her that I loved her. I am such a kid myself that I fit in so well at Disneyland. I used a small amount of the french I have learnt in the past half year as most places people spoke english. I started out with french and then Sime would talk and they would ask "English" Sime would say yes so that was the end of that until the next place we went to. I could learn french so quick if I lived in France, the kids would too. We have hundreds of photos from everywhere. I actually filled the camera and Sime took heaps of pics on his phone and Skye and Mike on there cameras so we have so many pics from Disneyland. We met Goofy, Eeyore, Minney, Captain Hook, Alladin and so many more. The kids spent the whole second day with Skye and Mike at Disneyland as Skye and Mike organised a surprise tour of France for Sime and I on the Sunday. While the kids saw much Disneyland we went into Paris and spent much of our time on a bus going past the Arc de triump, Le Louvre, Eiffel tower and the river Sienne. We had a boat trip down the river Sienne and we went up to the top level of the Eiffel tower. So Glorious. Sime was not too comfortable about the second level let alone the third level, but I couldn't get up there quick enough to look down at the city that I have been so desperate to see for so much of my life. On the Monday our last day in France Simon and Mike took the kids to Disneyland and Skye and I had some much needed sisterly time with shopping in the mall across from the hotel we stayed in. I bought a hat which I love and a gorgeous brown light jacket (cardy). I looked for dresses for my little sis for her twentfirst but I didn't see too much that would be good for her. France is so expensive and you need an incredibly well paying job to live there. Maybe the country would be better for us if we go there to start off. I am trying my hardest to convince Simon to move for one or two years. I said I could work in restaurants and I could ask my very talented french teacher Valerie to help teach me enough to start off a job. Our second week was spent hiring a car and driving to Bodium castle in Essex which was amazing except for the buckets of rain and no shelter. The umbrellas didn't do too much either. As we had a rental car I didn't let the kids get in the car with there muddy bums (they slipped over while running down from the castle) so I stripped them off and they came home in there underwear, as you could imagine Zach felt a little embarrassed saying "Don't let the girls see me" I will cut this short again and try to fill you in with Lego Land, Knole park, London, Westend, and Bremen. Hope this is enough for now.

Monday, 02 June 2008

Location: Breman, Germany

We are at an internet cafe just next to our boarding gate. We are getting ready to fly to Breman Germany. We have had so many things happen on our holiday and it is still going I am thrilled. We have been to disneyland paris France and that was sensational. It rained each evening but we had our days that were absolutely gorgeous. Simon and I went into London to visit one of Simes friends. We went all around London. Buckingham palace, Big Ben, the eye, Hyde park St James park, trafalga square and West End to see Monty Pythons Spamalot. It was an amazing experience. The day was sensational and the evening was even better.

Sunday, 01 June 2008

Location: Brasted, UK

It is Skyes 30th birthday today so we have just made chocolate truffles for the party today. They are so delicious just to make with the chocolate that is stuck on your hands and the bowl YUM! Well about our adventures now. In the first week of getting here we had Zachs 7th birthday which was so much fun. Skye and Mike had made home made lego shaped icecream and Zach got his fave for dinner, chicken korma. The kids have been learning with Skye in her lounge/ classroom with the boy that she cares for Nicholas.
For Zachs birthday he wanted to tell everybody he got a few ben 10 toys being FOUR ARMS-HEATBLAST-BENWOLF ALSO HE GOT SOME COOL LEGO.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Location: Paris, France

Well we have made our way to France and back. I cried so many times in France, the only place I have wanted to go for my whole life. I loved every bit of it well except the train back as I felt quite sick and threw up from the train being quite jerky. Everything else though was a dream, or at least felt like a dream. We had a three day Disney park pass and as you could imagine Disney was sensational. The kids didn't want to leave and frankly Simon and I didn't either. My sister (Skye) and her husband (Mike) came so that was great too. I will leave this short today and write again soon.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Location: Kent, UK

The Dubai to London flight was not too exciting. I was very sick and the kids were incredibly irritable. Lil was so annoyed about sitting in a squished seat with not too many options for movies she slept most of the way. Zach was spoilt and had some lemonade and lollies out of his very cool kids meal. He played many cool games with the remote control/phone. Sime had to email my sister as he couldn't remember if he had given her our itinerery so he had a bit of frustration trying to work out how to use the touch screen with his bigger hands and tiny screen. I tell you the flights attendants feed you so much on each flight we couldn't eat everything on the trays. Dubai was wonderful. Very hot and humid but really good. We took a tour which took us to a Mosk and many other beautiful buildings very big and full of character. Dubai for a woman is a bit intimidating although I felt a safe without any of the local men looking at me and only saying hello if I had said hello and I was with Simon. The kids were like an attraction in themselves for the locals. Seeing two western fair haired beautiful children was an instant pleasure for everyone. The kids were constantly being spoken to, there hair stroked and they had there faces squeezed gentley quite a few times. They had everyone ask them there names and how old they were and where they were from. They were told so many times how gorgeous they are, so they certainly don't have any doubt in there minds as to weather or not they are beautiful. Lil is always very shy with people that she has just met but you all know Zach he will talk the ears off anyone. Well as you could imagine Zach answered most of Lillis questions but, by the end of our stay (which was only 36hrs) she was answering them all herself. We took many pictures and I am looking forward to finding the best ones to shw everyone. In Dubai after waiting 5 or so hours in the lobby for our hotel room we were taken up to this one bedroom 3 bed two bathroom room to get out of our incredibly sweaty clothes to have a nap. We were so incredibly tired from our 16 hour flight there that we slept for a couple of hours and woke with enough time to get organised for our tour. We met with a large bus full of people from many different countries. Some people spoke to you and others kept to themselves. Zach made friends with many people that couldn't resist his charm. We went to a spice souk (market) and a gold souk they were wonderful, although we were a little dissapointed that we only had 10mins at the spice souk and 45mins at the gold souk. Sime and I could have spent hours at each. We had been driving around most of the time until we took these quaint boats from one side of there salt water river to the other side to get to the souks. The boats had a bench for us to sit on, no sides, a canvas top with absolutely no protection I tell you I'm sure there is no health and saftey there at all. The boats were really fun, Zach and I joked about falling in and then we saw a man fall in it was very funny. The man was on another boat and he was a worker so I am not that mean to laugh. The men were laughing there butts off especially when they saw us laughing too. At the souks you almost don't have a chance to walk into a shop before someone is almost dragging you into them. Oh and bartering is an essential way of life in Dubai. They acctually ask you what you want to pay for things. So we bout a pair of Prada sunnys and D&G sunnys for around $30 Aus or 100 drh. We also bought the kids an outfit that you saw on every local child there for about $25 each with hat and scarf. Lil also bought herself a pair of shoes that I bargained down to about $7.50 for the pair. It was an excellent experience to see a new way of life that is incredibly different to our safe everyday lifestyle. I love that we have given our kids this experience. It is such an experience for me too. It keeps you grounded and not a shallow person. Well bye for now until next time.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Well we made it after a bit of a squishy flight. We watched so many movies and listened to alot of music. The kids got toys and colouring books with some pencils. The highlight for Zach and Lil were the many movies they could choose. Zach watched The Bee movie and played some games and Lil watched Enchanted and they both watched bits of many movies as they couldn't choose from the 60 or so movies. Our trip to Singapore Lil missed out on the kids meal as another parent hadn't organised for one and it was given to that child before it was our turn. Well they over compensated and Lil got a cool back pack and some more toys. It is 7am now and we have to wait 7hours before check in to our hotel so we will see what the restaurant is like. Hopefully they will let us in with our scraggy looking clothes that we have been wearing now for too long and in this 30 degree heat we are desperate to change.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Hello our friends and family. We are leaving in three sleeps and have been ready for over a week. We are ready to learn and explore and have fun so come on three days bring on our family time.

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From Lillian


Response: How was that win today for Carlton. I hope you had a great day. Lucky it didn't rain for you. I am not really glad to be home I still have so many things to explore it was truly fantastic. I came to visit you and Louise tonight, but you went to the footy. It was great to see Louise though and I will visit you soon too. Love Harmony
From sam
Dear zach's family,
It's so great that you are coming home next week.I'm to much more miss in you so much more than last week when I last sent a message to you last week.
xxx sam

Response: Sam, we are home and I will be back at school Tuesday or Wednesday. I really miss you heaps and heaps too. I will see you soon. xxx Zach
From Iggy and
quinn love you and me to.we love you
all.we Hope you have a god time.

the end.

That was a note from the boys (obviously), they have been waiting for your updated photos with great anticipation! Stay there as long as you can - we are so pleased you're having a wonderful time! Have you managed to find out if you can extend your time (tell Sime I said 'told you so')?

Legoland looks great and the kids are jealous, but I told them there is only so , many lands we can do and Disney Hong Kong, Pokemon World and Santa's Grotto in Finland is enough for me!

Zach and Lil you both look so happy (and forever cute) now you'll have the travel bug (I think mum's got it!).

Anyway - we checked out where in the world you are today using 'Google Earth' which rocks, - Iggy looked up everywhere he could think of, and Hamish and I got bored arguing for our turn.
We will see you when we get back - have you heard from Tem is she close now? I can't keep track.

Carmen, Hamish, Iggy and Quinn
Response: We will see you on Saturday night for Serenz birthday. We get in at 5:30am Saturday. Tem is having her baby in September, but the 4th of June we got a wonderful message saying our beautiful neice has arrived. Her name is Giovanna Ivy. Shes adorable. I cried and Sime was thrilled the kids can't wait to meet her. Thankyou boys for your messages. I think we all have the travel bug now even the kids. Love Skeeta.
From Lillian
Hi Guys

I get so absorbed reading about your adventures and your wonderful photos. Really missing you Harm - can't wait till you get back to work. I don't think much work is going to be done for a while though!!!!!!!!!

Take care and enjoy.

Response: Hi Lillian, I have missed you ladies and Mitch too. Us women are multi-taskers we I can tell you more of our adventures and do our work at the same time. I am not very excited to be home. I tell you 0 degrees is not what I signed up for when we got on the plane Thusday to come home. I had a really fantastic time and I am looking forward to another trip but to some other places. Love Harmony
From Abbey Milligan
Hi Zach, Mum and I have been looking at all your photos, looks like you are having a fantastic time, especially at Disneyland. Were the rides fun?

We had Open Day/Night at school last week, my Nanna came during the day and Mum,Dad,Jessie came that night and we played games and I showed them my work.

I went to Game On at Federation Square yesterday and I got to play all sorts of video games, it was so much fun.

Hope you have a nice time. Love Abbey Milligan

What a wonderful adventure you are all having, enjoy every moment. How special it is to be sharing it as a family.
Take care Jane Milligan
Response: Hello Abbey, It is so wonderful to be here and see some of my family and meet some new family that live in Germany. The rides wer fantastic and we all had so much fun. The best ride was the buzz lightyear ride because you got to ride in a space ship and shoot Zurg with a laser and all of his helpers. I got to level 3. You sound like you have been having fun too. The video games sound really cool. Love Zach. I feel incredibly lucky to be on this family holiday. We are having a great time and we don't really want to come home. Thankyou Harmony
From Mum
9th just found it today be seeing you soon glad all is going so well love mum Nan Maggie
Response: We will see you in a few days Ma. Love you I'm glad you figured it out. It doesn't matter it took you this long.
From sam
Dear Zach,
I bet you are having fun in germany. I saw what your mum wrote. I saw your photos ,I liked the photo with you and lilli , it looked very sweet. I'm missing you a lot.
xxx sam
I wrote this myself !!!
Response: Hi Sam,I did have fun in Germany, And my cousin was there.We had fun with my cousin Emily. I miss you lots too.
P.S Zach didnt write this he has a writing Elf in his dad :-)
Guys - THANK YOU so much for letting us all share the experience of your wonderful holiday . Am so enjoying your diary enteries . The photos of DISNEYLAND - I CRIED ! I love the pics of Paris only hope one day l can ride the " cup & saucer ' ride too ! Missing ya heaps at work but dont want your holiday stories to end. Is freezing here - fingers cant type. Catch up soon dear friend -LOU xoxox
Response: I am loving hearing from you on your Sunday nights. I have spent many times crying over all of our great experiences. We are still in Bremen Germany as we have extended our stay and won't be getting back until the Saturday now because we are having too much fun with Simons family and my sister. I will add to our journals when we get back into London. Love hearing from you and I am missing you girls too. Love Harms
From Kelsey
Dear Zach, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful day at Germany and at Disneyland. I hope you had lots of fun. We are learning lots of things about endangered animals, like giraffes and elephants too. I hope you have a lovely time there, we will see you soon at school. You can show us some stuff you bought back from Germany. I went onto your photo site and saw the wonderful photo's you have. You look cool in your Knight's costume. I better go, it's dinner time here.
XXX Kelsey.
PS. Mum typed this for me!!
Response: Hello Kelsey, thankyou for your email it is great to hear from you. I did have fun at Disneyland and am still having fun in Germany. I went to legoland and Dubai. Where we are staying in Germany we have had a mole making holes in the ground. We have seen some rabbits and dolphines. I am going to play with my cousin Emily who I just met, she is 8 and is learning to speak English like we are learning German in school. I am teaching her some words and how to count higher than 20 and she is teaching me more words and how to count higher than 20. Thankyou again. XXX Zach. Ps. Mum typed this for me too. hahahaha
From helen peverell
your photos look great Zach. We saw them in the library on the big screen. You will have lots to tell us when you return and we are looking forward to hearing your stories. See you soon, Mrs Peverell and the 22 possums of 1/2E
Response: Thankyou Mrs Peverell, I will have heaps to tell you but I may have forgotten some of it so my Mum might have to help me tell you some stuff about animals and the stuff that I have forgotten. I will see you in a couple of weeks. XXX Zach. Oh and say hi to the 22 possums and I will make it 23 in two weeks.
From Lillian
Hi Guys,

Hope you had a great Birthday Zach. You really did some very exciting things and got lots of presents. You are a very lucky boy.

It was wonderful to read about your adventures. I can just imagine the excitement you are feeling everyday.

Love the photos especially the ones of you and Simon. You are both having so much fun.

Can't wait to read more.

Response: I am so pleased to hear from you. We have and are having a really wonderful time. Zach was like a king for his birthday. But I tell you I have felt like a Queen the whole time we have been here. I will add some more photos and journal entries when we get into London. We extended our trip at Brenem and our stay in London only by 2 days. Love to hear from you and I will keep it coming for you. Love heaps Harms
From Carmen
Hello lovlies,
It was great to talk (briefly) today. Don't worry, I am ignoring spelling mistakes I know there is just too much to do! (It doesn't hurt to read over what you write before you send it; however, I don't want to be a pain so don't mind me:))
We are missing you guys - Quinn said tonight - 'when are we going to have a sleepover at Lil's house' and of course we said 'whenever you like!'
Simon, you look so happy. It's fantastic to see you all grinning your heads off.
Give Skye and Mike smooches for us and have a wonderful rest of your holidays. Don't get to comfortable though, the weather here in Melbourne has been much the same if not a little warmer than London, a lovely fog has settled over the city tonight, halting planes at Melbourne Airport. I can imagine it must be cold in Gisborne - with that breathless chill and frosted, crunchy grass under your feet! Can't wait for you to get home and tell us all your stories.
Love to you all Carmen Hamish Iggy and Quinn.
Response: Well we are in Breman Germany and I am getting very comfortable. I would like to stay for a few more weeks but it's not that easy. We are looking at staying a couple of extra days as we have Simes family telling us we are staying with them for an extra two days. They have even offord to pay to change our flights. That would also mean one or two days less with Skye and Mike but I don't want less days with them so we are looking at spending an extra day or two in England also. I hope we can but I want to be back for Serenitys birthday so we may try and get Tem and Alex to pick us up from the airport and come straight out for dinner for Serenz birthday. Don't tell Sereny as I wouldn't mind surprising her if that is what we are doing. I don't think she actually checks this website so I don't have too much to worry about. I am loving every second. Simons family are so fun and really looking after us. We are spoilt. Well I am going to add another diary entry now so I will see you in a little over a week. The boys are welcome to stay any time tell Quinn. Next holidays would be great. We will also have a night at our place for photos and food when we get back. Love to you all. Give my Grand Frere a big hug and kiss for me. Tell him that I am in LOVE with France and am planning my next trip or move there. Sime and I and the kids love Breman and it would be a great place to move for all of the kids would pick up the language in a very short time and I would do very well also, of course with help from Simes family here. It would take Sime a little longer. Love Skeeta.
From berenicealbrecht
Hey darlings, you looked like you had a great time in Dubai -and everywhere you've been.
Glad you are having such wonderful holiday.
Response: Hey there, thankyou very much. It's great to hear from you. We are having a really wonderful time. I am enjoying the time with my sis and of course I am enjoying every minute doing all of the mind blowing exciting things in these gorgeous places. Berenice you would love these cities and so would Bernie. The uncountable amount of antique stores and the hundred and more year old houses are sensational. The house that Skye and Mike live in are over a hundred years old and there are many places around here that are over 300. They are absolutely incredible. Love to hear from you. Love Harmony
Response: Oh we are having such a fantastic time. Disneyland was absolutely fantastic. My sister and her husband organised a surprise tour of Paris for Sime and I. Wow I have always wanted to go to France and I tell you it was absolutely everything and more that I had hoped and I can't wait to get back there. My french classes did help me with my trusty hand phrase book. I will add some more photos tonight hopefully. Today we are going to a few Castle close to where we are staying in Kent. Love to keep hearing from you Lou and tribe. Love Harms
From Anita
Hi Zach and Lily,
Sounds like you are all having a great time! How was Paris!
Harmony, I am loving your diary entries, it is like we are sharing the holiday with you!
From your friends Anita and Neva Candia. OOOOO
Response: Thankyou Neva it is wonderful to hear from you. I have a new adventure to add tonight from our trip to France oh my goodness it was amazing. I don't proof read my diary entries so I am glad they are making sense and that you are enjoying them. Zach is so pleased to hear from you Anita. Thankyou. P.s Anita Zach said he misses you and could you please tell your class that he misses them too. Until our next message or diary entry. Au revoir.
From Joshua
To Zach
Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed Disneyland and have fun on your holiday.

From Joshua
Response: Thankyou Joshua, but we are going to Disneyland on Saturday morning on a big train under the ocean. My birthday was fantastic and I got 3 Ben 10 aliens. I also got a police truck and motor bike and a fire truck and fireman car in lego. I got a packet of YuGiO GX cards. I had my favourite dinner ckicken korma which my Aunty Skye and Uncle Mike made me. For dessert I had Lego icecream cake that they made from a recipe book.
Response: I see you got your computer fixed. We are having a great time. I hope you are not working too hard, although I no you are. I am a little surprised about the weather here. I was told they had been having some off days but it has been quite beautiful. Deffinately not really warm but it is sunny and just a little breezy. I'm not sure I want to come home. The houses in Kent and the county itself is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy to hear from you and that I did organise this website.
From Lillian
Hi Guys,

Firstly I must say what a fantastic website.

Lou and I got thru Sunday nite okay. We were thinking of you as you were flying out of Aus.

You would have met up with your sister by now. Hope you are having a wonderful time.

Response: I am glad to hear you both went well on Sunday but you have another three or so to do. You guys will do wonderfully. The flight made me a little nauseas but I managed with the many different movies and games and music on the tv in front of my seat. I was so proud of the kids they were absolutely sensational. Lil didn't get her kids meal they gave it to another child that hadn't ordered it before boarding the flight. So Lil had to make do with an adults meal. She wasn't too happy with that as the kids meal had a cool toothbrush with toothpaste and it also had lollies, well I am glad that Zach is a wonderful sharing brother. It has been wonderful with my Sister. She teaches a little boy when she is not at school with him helping there and so she offered to teach Zach and Lil with Nicholas. My kids have had a wonderful time and are learning so much. Lil is finding her quiet voice YAY and Zach is doing his readers and diary entries and is still using his brain. I am going to have breakfast now and you are probably having afternoon tea with the girls and organising dinner. Love Harmony
From Carmen
Hello, we are watching this page - tell us more!
Love Carmen, Hamish and the kids
Response: I hope you read yesterdays diary entry. Oh and Carmen I didn't proof read it before putting it up. I am having so much fun and am really enjoying spending some well missed time with Skye. The kids are having a ball and have been playing and learning from Skye with Nicholas. I will keep adding but it will be after we go to France for three days starting tomorrow. I miss you all but I am having so much fun. Mind you Zachs been waking up at 5am every morning so thats a bit of a killer. Oh Hame you would love being here. It's so peaceful and is very beautiful. You will have your own adventure soon in other gorgeous Countries too. Love you all Skeeta.
From Laura
Hey guys!!!

This is a cool idea!!! Hope you have heaps of fun on your holiday!!!

See you when you get back

Response: We will definately catch up when we get get back. I am glad you got my message. I have missed hanging out with you and Lisa. We are having such a great time and it is pretty relaxing at the moment but I know it is just beginning though. I will keep updating you on our adventures. Love Harms