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Thursday, 20 April 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Hello all!!

Well me and jojo are in Bangkok at the mo and are having a cool time! We have done all the touristy stuff like seeing the temples and the buddhas and have also got a boat down the river which was fun. We have been properly ripped off by hotels, taxis, tuk tuks the lot...tad annoying!!
I guess the funniest thing thats happened was being forced by Max (who was here having tooth surgery) to go and watch a pussy show!! Yeah...its as dirty as it sounds!! Shotting bananas, fish, darts, out of their fannies, and smoking cigarettes with fannies!! Sick!! Jo was very scared at one point that a juicy fanny banana was gonna hit her! eww sick!! (sorry for the grossness Natty!!)
We also got soaked the other night cuz it was Thai New Year and their tradition is to go round throwing water at everyone and wiping mud in peoples faces...the streets were crazy - Thai people are crazy!
Anyway, gotta go...take care everyone
Sim and Jo

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Recent Messages

From Amy
Ive been checking your page almost everyday and now you have some more piccies :o) I want to go there so much now, Ive heard so much about Fraser Island. Well in less than 4 weeks you'll be here in Seattle with me and I am sooo excited! We can have proper chats then unlike our broken little msn convos! Love u looooong time..amez xxx
Response: hey babes! Sorry only just checked ur message!Im off to fiji early tomoz morning and I wont be able to get to the internet for 2 weeks then so then next time ill speak to you will be 6 days before I come to yours!Exciting!!!See you soon hope you're having fun miss u love uxxx
From moreton
sounds like you're having a wonderful time. wish i could be there with you but i'd just cramp your style :)

stay safe and try to keep away from all the boys, i know you sim!

have a good one,
Response: cheers morts, hope ur having a good time whatever you're doing at the mo!speak soon, sim x
From Nat

These photo's bring back SO many memories. It looks like you're really living it to the full out there. Go you!!! :) So gutted I can't join you anymore but then again we are gonna be living together in less than 4 months time!!! WAAAAAAAAH. My dissertation is in this week, after which I have 1 more big deadline and another minorish one...if that word even exists. :) hehe! Anyway my lovely bumhead, keep up the good times and the bant. It's always great hearing from you. Love you oodles, Nat xxx
From katie da morm
hi sim,

looks like ure having so much fun! and ur so effing brown already, its so miserable in sodding england - its supposed to be summer!
so, finished my degree!!! how crazy is that. feels good but scary.
keep in touch, miss u lots
much love x
From Caro
simonaaaa, beautiful pictures!!love them!! I wanna see you again, come and visit me from there....come money collecting fruit and take a plane from australia to santiago de chile!! travel thought the southest part of south america and finally come home, my home!!
love you!!
From Dano

sim, keep enjoying the trip/ it looks larger everytime i view it and please bring us back stories of asian persuasion.
From danny
Looks like your having great time, god wish I could be there. Looks amazing. Enjoy your trip and speak soon
From Simo
loving the photos, but get some more of hot girls! i think you can bring jenna home with you, im not sure tho. get a close up and hook a brother up damnit! jo looked good a photo with an iguana which impressed me somewhat... basically, good times all round for everyone. hope its large and bring me something...a pussy banana... im f--king jokin! take it easy girls
Dano x
Response: HAHA nice message dano - cheers, Jenna is a v pretty girl - good choice! Ill try and get some more photos of hot girls for you!!good luck with your exams!:) send me another message!x
From Amy
Hey its me again (suprise suprise!) Just spoke to you and looks like ur having a super time. I cant wait for you to come here and see me, only 2 months away! :o) Love u loads and cant wait to catch up with you and have some memorable times once youre here! xoxoxoxoxo
Response: Hey babes!! I cant wait to come visit u either, will be loads of fun! ur family sound so nice!! Once ive looked at the flight ill let u know...mwah xxxx
From Amy
Heyyy u! Well i know its a bit late to tell u what songs r big over here but theres loads recently so just thought id let u know so u can listen out for them but knowing u u prob already have them anyway! so the one thats HUGE out here now is buba sparxx - ms new booty, also TI - what you know, t-pain - im in love with a stripper, chamillionaire - ridin, paul wall - girl, chris brown - gimme thatl. So listen out for them and think of me!!! :o) Howz it all going? Cant wait 2 hear more of your stories ans cant wait 4 u 2 come here, really hope it works out! Lova ya! mwah xoxoxoxo
From Amy
hahahah sim i laughed so much reading that! Here I am writing about my quiet days working as a nanny in seattle and youre talking about shooting fanny bananas!! sooo funny!! Keep up the good times and i wanna hear some more crazy stories. Ive updated my planetranger now so u can see what me and vic got up 2. Love u and cant 4 u to come to seattle :o) xoxoxo
Response: Hey Amz! I finally got to read ur message! We havent had anymore fanny bananas, but we have witnessed the pulling of a ming and what is classed as a "sick beard"!!gonna look into flights to seattle now!! miss u hope ur having fun babes xxxxx
From Nat
Hey Sim,

Glaad you're safe, and that adventures have begun. :) I stayed well away from those shows for a reason. HA! :) Keep the messages coming. Uhhh...Mary and I are finding some tres nice places, it's all very exciting. Prob wont start viewing until mid July though.

Big hugs, Nat xxx
From Nat

Yeah...I get to write the first message. :) I hope you've got there ok, and that you're living it up at your swish hotel? Mail soon please,

Love you xxx
Response: Hey natty, sorry only just replying - didnt know how to use this message thing cuz im a dumbass!!hopefully we will meet at the end of the trip...ill look into the situation and mail you with a PAO!miss u xxxxx