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Diary Entries

Sunday, 03 August 2008

Location: nihm binh, Vietnam

oh my god . . . . ben's written something on his blog and actually put some photos up ........ you can all shut up, lao is like one of the poorest countries on earth and they don't have good internet! oh and an elephant trode on my foot the other day; they're pretty heavy!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Location: arlie beach, Australia

since i last wrote on this blog, we have been to fraser island for 3 days in a 4 x 4 and sailed around the whitsundays on a former racing yacht. all very good fun and we have also been to the best beach in the world. it's the best by default because the former number 1 was destroyed by a cyclone last year.

i have only written a brief note because you all read claire's blog for information anyway, cos she actaully writes stuff, and then look at mine for the pretty pictures.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Location: byron bay, Australia

it rained the whole time we were in sydney, so we haven't done much. stayed last night at surf camp and got up at 6am this mornig with a hangover to go surfing. awesome fun though, and now we're chilling in byron for a couple of days. it want's to be sunny, but it's not trying hard enough.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Location: melbourne, Australia

we got to melbourne on 23/05 and stayed in a crack den, so we moved out of the city centre to st. kilda, which is much better. we went to a neighbours night last and karl kennedy wishes nan a speedy recovery. i am currently hopping between travel agents to see how much free stuff we can get added to our whitsundays and fraser island trips!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Location: queenstown, New Zealand

apparentely the nevis wasn't enough so we went skydiving again today . . . . awesome. supposed to be leaving for christchurch tomorrow, but i've not been booked onto the bus so we'll see what happens.

more photos!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Location: queenstown, New Zealand

right! i am now going to start being reliable with this blog.

Since i last wrote (in april) we have traveled through wellington (nz's capital) and down to the south island which is awesome. loads of lakes, mountains etc. got to queenstown on 11th and going to be staying here until the 17th. did the 134m nevis bungy today (highest in nz), absolutely amazing.

now that the blog is up to date i will start updating it regularly . . . . check the photos!


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Location: Taupo, New Zealand

We've travelled down to Tuapo in NZ now, went sandboarding, caving and luging on the way all pretty cool but we're going skydiving here. arrived on 26th but it has been rained off since, supposed to be going at 1 o'clock today fingers crossed; scary stuff!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Location: auckland, New Zealand

decided i might actually update the blog now!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Location: nadi, Fiji

got back from the islands yesterday, was pretty awesome, i've now got a half tan half vest. got an ear infection from swimming underwater too much and i've been doped up on prescription painkillers and anti biotics since the 15th. all pretty good though and looking forward to flying to NZ tomorrow but not what the pressure will do to my ear.

Friday, 11 April 2008

we've stayed on the same island for the last 3 days so going to move on this afternoon to bounty island (celebrity love island), which looks cool. not got an english tan anymore, it all peeled off. I've also discovered it is very hard to get drunk on fijian beer!

Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Location: nadi, Fiji

we got to fiji on 5 april, and have been on the islands since the 6th. I have a proper english tan and now have a permanent vest . . . . i look awesome. i'm going to do my introductory diving tomorrow, and then find some manta rays.

Thursday, 03 April 2008

Location: las vegas / la, USA

Haven't had internet access since NY;

vegas was mental and you get free drinks all night if your gambling, so me and claire played the 25 cent machines and got our fair share.

the greyhound from vegas to la took 6 hours and we had the worlds least wholesome mofo's sitting in the back. The driver ended up leaving them in Barstow while they were in the toilet (pretty funny).

We've only been in LA for 1 day and pretty much seen everything (hollywood sign / beverly hills / venice beach / lakers game), off to fiji tonight at 23.30 and looking forward to food that isn't a burger / deep fried.


Friday, 28 March 2008

Location: new york, USA

after the web cam me and claire got smashed in an irish pub and then wandered around times square taking time lapse videos!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Location: new york, USA

i ordered a healthy grilled chicken & honey mustard sandwich, and i was given a deep fried bacon with fried cheese sandwich on FRIED bread . . . . . seriously what's the deal with that?!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Location: new York, USA

our flight was delayed until 11.00 on tuseday,which means I ended up getting about 2hrs sleep in 48 so was ruined when we arrived. I've discovered that north face jackets are standard issue for new yorkers so I brought one so that I would fit in watching the knicks beat the heat in overtime (good game)!

i'll upload some photo's soon and we'll be on the times square web cam at 12.00 gmt on thurs.


Sunday, 23 March 2008

Location: winchester, England

i'm bored of waiting!

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From dad
why does your blog read like the writing you used to do for school about your weekend?

good pictures tho

dad xx
Response: because i'm terrible at english, so i just write list of stuff i.e, . . . . . tom was annoying me so i gagged him!
From julianne
I will keep an eye on your travels, what a great site.Bill misses the pair of you.
From si
i hate soton. wanna swap lives ya c--t?
Response: no deal, i think we should leave southampton within the next year for good!
From dad
just seen the video on face book of the jump. unbelievable you have my utter respect it was awesome!!

you looked very calm and what a great dive

i'm very proud of you well done

dad xx
Response: cheers father, i was only calm on the outside, haha!
From dad
just a quick pre WORK!! e mail to say thanks for my pressies. it was perfect timingto arrive on the day. i'm off with my new bag and kid robot key ring how cool am i!?

Glad you're back on the ground after the skydive i don't think it's for me but it does look amazing. although i'm sure you are meant to open your eyes.

thanks again and have fun xx
From Spam
Sup G's,
this is the first time I've had a chance to check in :) Just checked out the photo's and I am soooo jealous right now!!! Can't believe that only a few months ago you were rotting away @ the gas.... (some of us still are) can't wait for the next instalment, hope you both well..... type soon Sam x
From Becky&Nick
yo G !!! finally found your blog.. short and sweet, nothing liek getting to the point hey?! hope ear is better...has it affected your ability to type tho.. update your blog!!
in Hawaii now is ace here, but alas cannot find any premier league in the bars so Nick is chewing his arm off. have fun and take care,
becky& Nick x
From dad
here in the world of work it's grey cold and horribly early and we are all jealous!!

tom will be proud of your english tan! at the moment he's labouring and enjoying it a lot more than being a checkout bunny.

emma says hi to you both and is another of the jealous people!

be interested to hear how you get on with the diving. is the water clear? watch out for the scary monsters of the deep and look forward to seeing the next lot of pics.

and say hi to claire

party on dudes xx
Response: i heard it was snowing not too long ago? my english tan has peeled off, and it is now relatively even. It's awesome out here, have't been diving yet but hopefully soon. My camera is out of battery so can't take any more pictures, which sucks but got a few good ones already. say hello to everyone for me, and i will probably call on the 16th or 17th when i get back to the mainland. word!
From dad
did you sober up at all in vegas? it looks like a mad place. we need more pictures to look at the new york ones were fabby. there are lots of people here very jealous

presumably we're of to fiji tonight ahh life is so hard!!

have a good time on the beach and enjoy the peace and quiet

From mum
Hello Ben and Claire

Saw you in New York - logging in to see you in Las Vegas in a minute. Sounds like you having good time - have you won lots of money in Las Vegas yet?

Will find out what Sara's landline number is when she gets back

See you in about 5 minutes time

lots of love

Mum xxxx
Response: yeah we having an awesome time. How cool was the NY web cam? Vegas was wicked, i'll put the photos up soon. Hope your ok at home and i'll give you a call when you give me a landline. Can you give me your email too? cheers mother speak to you soon x
From dad
just seen the pic's they look amazing it's just like a film set. not certain about the sunglasses tho! drove past british gas the other night bet you're missing that? up in london at janie's and they all say hi. have a good flight to las vegas. it's all mad!!! xx
From dad
know what you mean about lack of sleep!! slept very well tuesday night. north face jacket eh? sounds cool. the basketball looked quite exciting and i'll bet atmosphere was really good. england lost to france 1-0 and beckham got his 100th cap which was nice. party on dudes x
From Spam
Nice lookin page.... how about some pre-trip photos so we can compare the pasty you to the tanned you once you’re sunnin it up??
Response: no!
From claire
25 working days to go............. 5 weeks 6 days to go...........