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Paul and Sinéads trip to Canada

Welcome to paul and sinead's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping you up to date on how we are getting on in Canada. Feel free to leave us a message and we will do our best to write back.
SINEAD: (001) 416 826 1895
PAUL: (001) 647 832 4269

We are now using a differant phone network so all networks back home can now ring or text us including Meteor.

Feel free to send us a txt and keep us updated on whats going on at home.

OUR SKYPE ADDRESS paul.higgins.on.holidays

Diary Entries

Monday, 08 December 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Hello there,

Had a great time in New York but the time we were there flew in. We flew from Toronto through Porter Airways and it was just brilliant and so handy. It took only an hour and 10 to get there. It cost $80 to get from Newark Airport to downtown in a taxi so we decided to get the train, it was a bit of extra bother but it only cost $30 so it was well worth it.

We stayed in the Edison Hotel on 47th Street. The Hotel was just basic but perfect and in a perfect location been 2 seconds away from Times Square. When you see Times Square for the first time it’s just amazing, its lit up so much, it’s blinding. The day we got there it was lashing rain but it didn’t stop us from walking around New York we were absolutely drowned. On the Monday we went to a place called Jersey Gardens , Its an Outlet shopping centre and it was just brilliant, Usually Id have trouble getting Paul into shops but I couldn’t get him out of these. We bought loads of new stuff and didn’t really spend much because everything is so cheap. We brought an empty suitcase with us and it was full leaving. We arrived there at 10 a.m and left at 7 p.m so we were wrecked after all the shopping.

The Second day Tuesday was my Birthday so we decided to do some touristy things for the day so we headed to the Empire State building. I am absolutely terrified of Heights but I new I had to do it so we went up the lift and it stopped at the 80th floor. When we got out I couldn’t believe that we had to get another lift higher and at this stage my legs where like jelly already but it wasn’t to bad as it was only another 6 floors to the top. When you walk outside it’s just the most amazing view of New York. But because its so high its freezing cold, we got some cool photos which Paul will put up tonight.

After the empire state building we went to ground Zero. It’s mostly closed off because they are in the middle of building another building on the site with 2 memorial pools. We went into the ground zero museum and that was soooo sad. They had different things on show like part of one of the airplanes’ and a big twisted peace of metal which was once part of one of the towers. Things like phones and laptops all wrecked and found after 9/11. On one of the walls they had pictures of each of the people who died in 9/11 and it was just so sad.

Later that night we went to O'Luneys Irish bar for dinner with my mates Erica and Sinead and flew home Wednesday.

We both found that New York was an amazing city but we both rather Toronto. We both felt a sense of uneasiness in New York and the people just came across as been mad. Toronto is cleaner and ye feel safer but in New York the shops are better and the food is nicer so they both have good and bad qualities and we are just delighted to have seen both places.

Toronto is freezing at the moment and covered in snow. Yesterday I think was the coldest yet at -10 degrees and it really felt it. My ears and face were so sore with the cold I don’t know how Paul works in it all day.

Well hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to Christmas.

Talk soon
Sinead and Paul.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Location: toronto


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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Hello everyone,

We are into our 6th month here now and it’s so different to when we first came over. The weather is freezing cold and yesterday it started snowing and didn’t stop so it was lovely and white when we got up today. We were both like 2 little kids running to the window to see if it had stuck over night. Ha Ha. All the Christmas decorations are up around the city and the snow just makes it look great. Its going be hard on poor Paul cause he works outside. When its really bad he’s sent home but doesn’t get paid for the day so ye cant win either way.

We are both really looking forward to New York next Sunday. I’m meeting Paul after work today to go change our Canadian Dollars into American Dollars because the Canadian Dollar is getting worse by the day. Wait till you see we’ll change it today and then tomorrow it will be better. Ha Ha. Meeting friends Erica and Sinead in New York so can’t wait because it feels like we haven’t seen friends and family in ages. Probably because we haven’t so it will be cool. It’s also my birthday while we’re there so atleast I have a couple of familiar faces to have a few drinks with on my B day. Also going to buy loads of presents for myself.

Haven’t really got up to much in the last couple of weeks as we have been saving like mad for NY except for the Tina Turner concert and a mad night out in PJ O’Briens with the Irish crew. Tina Turner was absolutely brilliant. I would deffo recommend anyone to go see her when she goes to Dublin in March if it’s not already sold out. She puts on an amazing show and jumps around the stage as if she is still in her 20’s. I still can’t believe she’s 69. PJ ‘Briens was a good night too. Paul and Barry put on a great show at the end of the night by grabbing the mikes and getting on stage to sing The Jumbo breakfast Role by Pat Short. The pub was packed and the faces on the poor Canadians was hilarious because they hadn’t a clue what they were singing. It was very funny.

Other than them 2 nights the last 2 weeks have been pretty quiet. No plans for this weekend as NY is next week so I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

We’ll put up another entry after NY to let you know how we got on. Paul put more photos up last night so have a look when you have time.

Take care everybody
Sinead and Paul

Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada


There’s another two weeks flown by. Still getting on great and working away.

Poor Paul had another incident at work involving a Stanley knife, He Spent 5 hours in hospital and got 5 stitches on his hand but he’s fine. He went straight back to work after he came out of the hospital. He is such a cluts, he falls or trips at least once a day. Poor thing :)

As you can see from the new photo’s we’ve put up, we had a very interesting weekend. Friday night as it was Halloween we decided to go to the gay village because we heard that it was mad and because there is nothing more terrifying than a load of old men that actually believe they can pass for woman. It was crazy. Paul met his old Pal from a few months ago the He/She with the boobs. It was so excited about seeing Paul it wrapped its legs around his neck. Paul didn’t seem to mind to much tough. Ha Ha. We met some very crazy people that night.

Went out Saturday night and met up with a load of Irish. We’ve been here 5 months now and not one Canadian friend between us. There must have been about 15 of us out and we had a really good night. We were both dieing on Sunday for the day so we aren’t doing that for a while. Haven’t really got much planned this week but we are up early saterday at 7am for the arsenal man united game, paul and barry might get a game of golf in after if the weather is still gud. We have Tina Turner coming up next Thursday so at least we have something to look forward to.

The weather hasn’t been that bad the last few days and it even reached 19 degrees yesterday. But im sure the freezing cold weather will back soon enough. Saturday was lovely so we headed to the Toronto Island but everything was closed for the winter but we got some nice photo’s of the Toronto Sky Line and sure it was a nice walk.

Keep in touch and thanks for all the messages.

Sinead & Paul

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Location: USA


Cant believe its been over 2 weeks since I put up an entry. Time is flying. We are both doing really well. I'm still working as the filing clerk for LRI and Paul is still working away across the road. He has this week off as the construction is running behind and there was no work for the carpenters this week. So he's bored stupid at home and dieing to get back into work on Monday. He had a little incident last week when one of the fellas on the site let a big metal bar fall, poor higgo happened to be walking under it. It knocked him flying and he just had stars flying around him for a few minutes but thank god he was wearing his hard hat so don't worry he's fine. He cant get any worse anyway.

I'm getting on well in the new job. The work is just straight forward and easy. You cant have the same crack as you could back home and the people just aren't as nice but it pays the rent and I just keep my head down and get dug in and the day seems to fly.

The weather is really cold at the moment. It was -2 degrees last night and it snowed for the first time. It didn't stick but it was just a warning that its coming. I walked the shop last night which is 2 Min's away and when I got home I couldn't feel anything. I was numb with the coldness. But then I did walk over just wearing a huddie. We just have to wrap up well and we'll be fine.

Things are easier since meeting Coleen and Barry who live just 2 floors up. Its nice to have someone you can just pop up to for a cup of tea and a chat. Barry is so much like Paul its mad. Not a minute goes by without one of them doing impressions from Father Ted and Pat Short.

Barry wanted to get his hair cut the other day so we walked over to the Eaten center to see how much it was cause Paul wanted his cut too. It was $30 dollars and Paul's is usually $15 so he said he'd wait and get it done in his usual place. Barry felt he really needed his done so paid the $30. We left the Eaten center and walked up the road to get groceries when there was this tent set up as if they were promoting something. We went over and you will never guess what it was. Only a barber given fellas free hair cuts to promote the new Gerard Butler film. It was sooo funny. That would only happen to Paul. Poor Barry but we all got free tickets to see the film. Going on Thursday night.

No plans for the weekend as we are sitting in and saving for New York, going in 5 weeks. We booked the flights this week and have our hotel booked a couple of months. Tina Turner is only 3 weeks away as well so we have a busy month coming up. I cant wait and I know theres a secret Tina Turner Fan in Paul somewhere.

Well keep in touch and I'll talk to you all soon.

Sinead & Paul

Sunday, 05 October 2008

Hey all,

Hope all is well back home. We are doing great, I started my new job on Tuesday and so far it’s going good. They haven’t had a file clerk in months so there’s such a big backlog but it keeps me busy which makes the day fly in. I also got my first pay cheque on Friday and my wages are so much better than what I was getting with the temp agency so we were delighted. Those temp agencies are robbing feckers.

The weather over hear is soooo cold at the moment. If feels like its going to snow any day now but it doesn’t usually start till November but you never now. Its amazing cause last week we could walk around in a little top and still be warm but now we need hats and scarf’s. We had to go out yesterday and buy Paul proper work wear for working in extreme weather. We bought him work boots and a work jacket which should have come to $200 but wait till I tell you what chancer did. He brought his boots that he bought 2 months ago over with him which were absolutely in bits and told them that he wanted to exchange them because they shouldn’t be in the state that they were in and they actually gave him his $90 back. Then we bought a jacket which was $29 but was scanning in at $32 so Paul told her and had the girl so confused because nobody can understand us over hear that she made the mistake of actually taking off $29 so we got it for $3. As my dad would say to him " If he fell into the Liffey he'd come out with a salmon in his pocket" He's gas :-) We spent $70 instead of $200 and got him the best boots we could, so he'll be nice and snug in work now in the winter.

We went to Niagra Falls yesterday with my brother Richie and a couple that we know from back home who are living hear the past 4 years Kelly and Stephen. The Falls were amazing. We'll put photo's up but the photo's don’t do it any justice at all. We went behind the falls and had to wear these stupid looking yellow rain coats cause other wise you'd be soaked but well worth it cause its just something you'd never experience at home. It’s so big. The water is falling so fast and from so high up that it creates this mist that you can see from miles. And even when you’re not close to the falls it feels like its raining because the mist is falling on you. It’s really cool and we really enjoyed it. Niagra itself is like a real little cartoon town with loads to do. We’re deffo going to go back because we wonna go on the boat trough the Niagra and we also wonna have a look at the casino's.

We met a lovely couple last week from Northern Ireland Coleen and Barry. They live on the 14th floor of our building and are really nice. They also introduced us to another Irish couple Sinead and Daniel who are also lovely. They found it hard to find Irish people over hear to hang out with so its cool that we have an nice little Irish group now to go the pub. We were actually out last night in an Irish bar called Grace O'Malley's. Great night but the two of us are in bits today. The alcohol content in the drinks over hear is soo much higher than back home, like a smirnoff ice is 7% alcohol hear and only 4.5% back home. I find I have to drink much slower than back home and also I find the hangovers are just horrendous. I’m writing this to you now while Paul is asleep beside me with a white face cloth soaked in cold water over his forehead. He's such a drama Queen. Ha ha (He's gonna kill me when he reads this).

Anyhow, that’s all the news I can think of at the moment we will talk to you all soon.
Take care

Sinead and Paul

Monday, 22 September 2008

if you click on above link you will get a clip of the rollercoaster we went on,

king size pampers needed for me

Monday, 22 September 2008

Location: Toronto, Canada

Hello Again,

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve put an entry up. Sometimes we’re better off waiting a while so that we actually have something to tell yez. As usual we are bout doing great. Hear over three months and still happy. I finish up hear at CAMH on Friday so Iv been trying to find a job for the last while. I had a second interview last Tuesday and really had a good feeling even at the first interview I went to with them. I got back to the office after the interview and a half hour later got a call off them telling me I could start next Tuesday. The company is called Leber | Rubes. It’s a fire safety company that does fire drills and things like that. Well, I’m there new Files Clerk and Administration Assistant. The best thing about the job is that the wages are much better at $17 an hour instead of just $13. Even dough it’s a annual salary Job but I worked it out. Also because it’s a salary job I get paid for all holidays. The only thing is that my office is on the 27th floor and I hate heights but maybe it will help conquer my fear. So it’s all good. Paul is still doing great at his new job. He has never done this type of work before so he is finding it really interesting and learning a lot. Its great us both having Monday to Friday jobs as it allows us to do alot of things at the weekend. This weekend we sat in all day on Saturday and watched the football as we pay $15 a month for Setanta and its well worth it. Sunday we decided to go to Canada's wonderland. We went with Paul's Cousin’s, Girlfriends brother James and his girlfriend Michelle who are over till Friday. The four of us had a great time we got on every rollercoaster even dough im terrified of heights. And as usual Paul screamed like a woman on everything we got on. On one particular Rollercoaster we were told to put all camera’s away and in no circumstances were we to take them out but Paul couldn’t help himself. We were heading up the high part of the rollercoaster when everything stopped and some woman started shouting at Paul over the microphone to put his camera away and show her his empty hands. Me, James and Michelle just put our heads down with shame, we were so mortified even the little kids were shaking there heads in disgust at him while we were getting off. I can always trust Paul to make a show of me. It was very funny. The rollercoaster’s hear are 10 times bigger than back home. I don’t think we will ever be able to set foot in funderland ever again after this. Paul is going to put some photo's up of it later on tonight.

We can really feel the different weather coming in now. I had to buy a hoody the other day because I was freezing. It’s more in the morning time and the nighttime but you can really tell that the winter is coming. Soon we’ll be putting photo’s up of us in wellies and with snow up to our arse’s. We'r both actually looking forward to just seen what its like and experiencing the different season.

So I think that’s all we have to tell you at the moment and we will put another entry up soon. If any of you have any news , we would love to hear it, so just send us a little message we wont display it so dont worry. We love getting little messages.

Hope every one is keeping well

Sinead and Paul

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Recent Messages

From Sinead
I'm loving the pics of NY! Pity we didn't get to see more of ya's but sure we'll see ya's whenever you decide to come back next year and go for a few! (love higgos comment on the pic of us in times square, ha - gas!)

anywho im in work..have to leg later! : )

Response: Yeah we will of course. He loves putting up those little captions. Ha Ha
Talk soon
From Tara
AH deadly you'll be there for your birthday! have a ball k! i put my email up - not sure if you can view it or not though-let me know if you can't!
p.s. is your hair short????
Response: Hey, I just tried to email ye but I keep getting a mail failure notice. You email me and then I'll have it. Yeah going to turn 26 in NY. Going to probly go for a meal and just have a few drinks that night as we have a lot of things to fit in to the couple of days. Yes I got my hair cut short. I wanted to for a long time so just tought I may aswell just do it and I actually like it. Throw me an email and let me know how everything is going with you.
From Tara
HELLO! Glad 2 see ya's are getting on so well. You might not want to come back at all. Are ya's staying in New York for long? It's so nice-you'll love it! Bye for now!
Response: Hi Tara, I dont have your email address so have to write back to you on this. Going to NewYork on the 30th Nov till the 3rd of Dec. But we got great flights we arrive in NewYork at 10 am and leave NewYork at 8pm so we nearly have 4 full days which will be plenty of time. Meeting friends Erica and Sinead there too so cant wait. Send me email so then I'll have your email address. My email address is Hope all is well with you and I'll talk to you soon.
From Doyler
Higgo's face with yer one at the gay pride parade, classic! Hope yis are havin a ball, miss yis loads xxx
From Lisa (Greener)
aaaah how are ya's?? had a goo at your pics.Looks fantastic! I'm very jealous. Just got back from Switzerland and I already have itchy feet but hopefully I will be in Australia by Christmas. My brother is moving there on Saturday for good.So you both seem to be doing great, both got jobs, have an apartment and already met family and done touristy stuff! What's left?? xx
Response: Ah Howya, Cant believe he's going for good. Are you thinking about going over for a while yourself. Yeah we are doing great but this apartment is only temperary and we are having trouble finding another furnished apartment but we have two weeks till we are out. Well, Hopefully we are going to a blue jays game friday and Canadas wonderland soon too. Cant wait!!! Hope your keeping well. Sinead and Higgo
From pat mags mahon
hi paulie and sinead how are u keeping, what is the life style like over there have u been fixed up with work yet stevo has beenput on temp release yet again.He doesent seem to be to bothered.He and chrissie are in the chek republic at moment. Hasent stopped raining since u left,worse summer than last year.Hope to hear from u soon Take care of each other All our love marg pat
From john & jacinta
finally got on the page like the apartment but i'd buy a whirlpool coz the dishwasher looks shite now your on the property ladder doing your own ironing and the washing up yiz might as well get married
From Joanne
Hey, love the pictures. it looks like you're both having a great time and congrats on getting the apartment so quick. You're not missing much over here - just the horrible weather, Paul joined a golf club and ever since that it hasn't stopped raining - I think he jinxed everything so I'm blaming him but whats new! Well keep uploading the photos!

Take care,
Jo :-)
Response: thats typical of paul alright haha the weather has been so warm over here too hot for me 2 handle sinead loves it though. talk soon x
From Emma
Hi Bro (my second) and Sinead of course,
Hope the two of ya are getting on well. Love the pictures you both look great. Just enjoy it and have a ball you both look great have a good one and be careful.


Response: thanks a million emma. we are haven a ball
What do yous mean com on spain, i got bleeden russia in the works buster, yez bleeden mad feckers,
Response: in that case paugde come on russia haha.
From Niamh
Hi guys, Great to hear you're having a good time. Weather looks fab in the v jealous cos its yucky here :( Heading out for Erica's birthday this Friday, pity you'll miss it Sinead but don't worry i'll walk on my knees in your honour :):) Keep in touch and be good x
From collette
hi guys great 2 hear your having fun, you'll be pleased to hear the weather is shit over here, since i was just talking to yous 5 mins ago ive feck al news must go now layla has a muffin in her tuffin if ya know what i mean, lol x.x.x.x.x.x.
Response: thank for all ur txts. we will keep in touch. getten phones soon so it will be easier to contact.
From samantha
hi you too
glad to see you arrived safe,took a while to get the page up but made it hope your having a good time and settling in be good talk soon xx
Hi Paul & Sinead,

Glad to here that you arrive safe and sound and its great to see your first photos Ahearnes has really changed since last Sunday and so has the mill. Your are both in the right place at the minute as the weather here in Dublin is horrible with rain and blustery breezes. Paul and me were to play a game of golf yesterday, but the course was washed out and eventually had to close.
Don't forget to enclude your photos and keep in touch. PS we had a great time last Saturday night at your going away party and it was great to see so many there sending you off, we will keep checking your Planet Ranger site and will keep intouch, keep healthy and safe and look after each other,
Love Pat & Paudge
From baby spice
ahhh im delited ye's got there ok bud. have a fantastic trip and upload loads of pics when ye's can. talk to ye soon
From Niamh
Welcome to Canada!! wanted to be your first msg on this thing :) Hope your flight was ok and you got there safe and sound x
From cale
Welcome to Canada, Hope you had a good flight and any questions just email or call Drew/Mom,be safe and have a great time and Bulmers is called Magners outside of Ireland....
From Owen and Emma
Good Luck tomorrow ye pair of mad things!
From stevo
Gonna miss ya's, hope you's have a great time.
Love ste an kristyna