Travel Diaries

Wherever and whenever you like, you can sit down and type. Say what you’ve been up to, how you feel - anything. Ideal for a rainy afternoon. Your most recent journal entries appear on your main page, and all of your entries are accessible for people to read. Best of all it’s easy. Read on to find out about the features of our diaries and some answers to common questions.

Travel Diary Features

Easy to use

Adding a diary entry to your page couldn’t be easier - just click on "New Diary Entry" and you will be presented with a page to enter your entry into. When you are done you just click on "Save" and the entry will appear on your page for anyone to see.

Keeping track of the date the easy way

Okay, even the most seasoned of travellers have trouble remembering what day it is when they've been on the road. It’s only natural. When you add an entry to your diary, Planet Ranger will automatically add the date for you. If the date on the computer you are using is wrong, the Planet Ranger server will do its best to correct it. Of course you can change the date to something else if you’re back-dating your diary.

Location and Map

Each time you type a diary entry you have the option of specifying the country you are in and location. What’s more Planet Ranger will try and guess your location to make life a bit easier - but be forgiving, we don’t always get it right. A map on your travel page will automatically show the country or region that you are in - if you like. Otherwise the map can be fixed, or for those that hated Geography at school, there can be no map at all.

Autosave - protecting what you write

If you want, you can use the Planet Ranger Autosave feature. We all know that internet cafés come in all shapes and sizes. Some are state of the art, others keep you online as often as they make good coffee. While you are entering your diary entries, the autosave feature will unobtrusively save what you have written while you write. So should the connection go down or the computer crash you won't lose too much.You can also choose to save what you have written without posting it on your page. Then come back to it later whenever you choose. It couldn’t be easier.

Common Questions

Sign Up Now
Sign Up Now

If you are about to go travelling, why not sign up for a page now? If you want to make a page from a trip you’ve already done, that’s possible too. Click the icon to the right to sign up for a free account.

How would I add a diary entry to my Planet Ranger Travel Page?

Simply type in www.planetranger.com to an internet browser and use the sign-in section to sign in to your Travel Page Account. When you are signed in, you are presented with a number of choices, one of which is to add a diary entry.

Can I edit the Diary Entry once it’s posted?

Yes. Everything you do on Planet Ranger can be undone or changed. All the tools you need to make your page how you like it are at your disposal and easy to use.

I’ve already been travelling, but I want to make a web page. Can I do it with Planet Ranger?

Certainly! Just remember to change the date and location for each Diary entry to something more appropriate to your travels.

Can anyone look at my page?

Yes. The whole point of Planet Ranger is to share your experiences. If however you'd prefer that only your friends and family look at your page then you can choose our "private" option. This means your page will never be featured on our main page, nor will it show up when people search for it. It will however be accessible by its address.

How many Diary Entries can I put on my page?

If you have a Basic account you can enter 1,000 diary entries. After that you'd need to delete some to fit more. If you have a First Class account, you can have up to 10,000 entries. If you get to more than this send us an email, we'll probably be so impressed we’ll give you more! The character length of each diary entry is limited by the web browser you are using at the time. Usually they can be a few pages long.

Will I embarrass myself?

Chill out! It's no different to talking to your friends and family. People will love to hear what you are up to.