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The web is interactive and so is your web page. Your audience is bound to want to leave you a message. Whether its your mum/mom telling you not to sample the mushrooms in Amsterdam, or your friends telling you how your trip looks like it really sucks and they far prefer sleeping at work, your messages will be almost as interesting as your diary. Anyone can leave one, and you can choose whether it appears on your site and you can answer it too.

Messaging Features

Easy for you and your audience

On your page will appear an easy to use place for people to enter a message for you. When you log in you can check your messages. Any new messages will appear for you to read and answer now or later.

Total Control

You have control over what appears on your page. If you don’t want a message someone has left to appear on your page, then you simply delete it. Stops those international stalkers in their tracks. If you can't be bothered replying you can simply post the message without answering.

Edit answers

If you manage to offend someone with one of your answers, you can always go back and change what you wrote. Nothing wrong with changing history now is there?

Common Questions

Sign Up Now
Sign Up Now

If you are about to go travelling, why not sign up for a page now? If you want to make a page from a trip you’ve already done, that’s possible too. Click the icon to the right to sign up for a free account.

How many messages can my page get?

You can receive up to 1000 messages before the earliest ones begin to be deleted. You can have up to 100 messages waiting for you before we stop accepting them. In any case, only the last 25 messages will appear on your front page. The rest of your messages will be only a click away.

Will the people leaving messages have their email address published or used?

It won’t be shown, neither will yours. They can choose not to leave an email, but if they do, you will see it so you can message them privately. As for us using email addresses for spam or advertising - we don’t ever. Period.