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Okay, now there’s no need to get home and watch your friends pretend to be interested in the stack of photos you have to show them. Hand pick a few photos while you’re travelling and post them on your page. Leave captions under each one and that’s it. Your friends will appreciate it. Especially when they are bored at work. But no-one actually does personal surfing at work ... do they?

Photo Page Features

Easy to use

We designed Planet Ranger to make the pain of making a travel page disappear. All you do is choose up to twelve photos that you want to have on a photo page and upload them. Give the page a title and if you want a caption under each photo. Planet Ranger will do the rest, linking it to your diary and making it look nice!

Customise and change

So if you want to be a bit more involved, that's easy too. When you are entering captions to your photos you can change the order they appear, and add an intro to the photo page.

Date and time

If you’re using a digital camera that supports it (and most do), you can sort your photos into the order they were taken. If you like you can specify to show the date and time of the shot on your page.

Rotate and Enhance

When you are on the road, it's not always easy to rotate those pesky photos that you took with the camera sideways. No problem, upload them and you can rotate them using Planet Ranger. Also, if your photo is looking a little dull - you can use our special enhance button to give it a bit more life.

Panoramic and stitched photos

If you have the ability to take wide or panoramic photos with your camera, or you have scanned in a panorama, or even if you have used stitching software to meld two photos together, you can upload these photos to Planet Ranger. It will fit into your page without a problem, just like any other photo.

Your panoramic photos will appear like this on your page.

Common Questions

Sign Up Now
Sign Up Now

If you are about to go travelling, why not sign up for a page now? If you want to make a page from a trip you’ve already done, that’s possible too. Click the icon to the right to sign up for a free account.

I don’t have a digital camera - what can I do?

No worries. Admittedly a digital camera is the easiest way to get your photos from your travels to the web. However if you own a film camera you have some options. Most places that develop film these days will make a CD for you. Some Internet cafés will have a scanner you can use or at worst you can just have no photo pages. Planet Ranger Travel Pages are just as good without photos. You can find out much more about this here on our advice page.

My photo files are pretty big - how long will it take to upload them?

That depends on the kind of Internet connection you are using. Most Internet cafés, even in developing nations have a fairly good connection. On a slow connection with large photo files one page may take a long time. But you’ll find this rare. Planet Ranger will provide feedback as you upload, and if the upload is going to take too long you can cancel and try again somewhere else. You can also resize your photos yourself before uploading, this will reduce times drastically. More information on these issues can be found here.

How many Photos can I upload?

If you have a First Class account with us, you can upload 10,000 photos. If you are using the Basic account, you are limited to 500 photos. Each Photo Page can have up to 12 photos.

Can I change a photo page once it’s done?

Of course! Just a couple of clicks gets you access to the page to make changes, remove or add photos.

Is Planet Ranger a good place to backup my photos?

No. Planet Ranger, resizes your photos when they are received. The originals are not kept. If you’re looking for good ideas on how to backup your photos while you travel. Take a look here.