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Writing a Planet Ranger Travel Diary

Everyone is different. So not everyone is travelling alone, most people don’t in fact. Not everyone likes visiting internet cafés whilst travelling. This page gives some insight into the different ways you can make your diary work, and gives a few pointers on writing a diary too.

A Travel Page for More than One Person

They say that travel can make or break a relationship. This is true, but also can add many interesting anecdotes that are always best told by the person that was a laughing observer to the incident. Sharing a Planet Ranger Travel Page with someone is pretty easy. Just tell them the password (no we don’t mind as long as you don’t) and they too can add diary entries or photos. That’s pretty much it, you didn’t really need us to tell you that did you? Some things to note though:

  • You can change your display name to something like “Peter, Paul and Mary” if you click on “Account Preferences” from the main menu. Then whenever you are referred to by name, all of you will be included.
  • Planet Ranger is not designed to have two people logged in at once. A second person logging in will automatically log out the first.
  • Giving your password to someone is something you need to be careful about. Remember, whoever signed up for the page is the one responsible for it. You are the one we will come after with a pitchfork if there is a breach of the terms and conditions.

Creating a Travel Page after you have Travelled

If you’ve already travelled, it doesn’t mean you can’t share your experiences on the web. You just need to use a little thought. If you wish to have a Planet Ranger page, you need to break your story up into sections, by date. That’s how Planet Ranger works. If you have written a paper diary while travelling, then it’s easy – just get your typing fingers ready. If not, time to get creative. Maybe start by looking at a calendar and figuring out good dates to break the diary up. Photo uploads are not date specific, so if you have some photos – upload them to go with your diary.

Making your Diary Interesting

If you were the type that failed in creative writing at school, never fear, most English teachers will tell you that the best stories told are those written about real experiences. You don’t have to be creative – just use a bit of common sense. Here are some tips from some people who have absolutely no qualifications whatsoever – take them for what they are.

  • Humour, makes everything interesting. Don’t overdo it, but try to dwell more on the lighter things in your trip, rather than how much it rained.
  • Excitement, as with humour, spend a bit more time on your crazy bungee adventure and less on what you had for breakfast before hand.
  • Include your thoughts and feelings, don’t just write one of those “and then I did … and then I did …” diaries.
  • We’ve noticed that when people travel to exotic places, they start to use the word “amazing” often. So we’ll give you a hand and tell you some other words you can use:

<expletive> good

Most importantly, don’t worry about they way you write your diary. People who know you aren’t likely to criticize and will always be interested in what you are up to.

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