Digital Travel Advice - FAQ


We tried to make it easy - but it’s not always the way unfortunately. Here is a list of problems that you might encounter using your Planet Ranger account. If you are having a problem with your account, please check the list below. If you are still unable to fix your problem go here to ask us about it.

The Questions

I just signed up for a basic account and I didn't receive my four digit code. What should I do?

First thing, check that your mail system has not thought that the email is spam. This might occur since the email we send is automatically generated, just like spam. Usually your email system will have a separate folder for these messages, check in there. If you still can't find the email. Send us an email at help@planetranger.com and we will send the code to you again.

I can't log into my Planet Ranger account, my email and password are not being recognised. What should I do?

First of all, did you just receive your four digit code for a new basic account? Are you typing that into the login page after your email address? If so, you need to type in the password you provided when you signed up first. Then you will be asked for the four digit code. We just need the code the first time to make sure you are signing up from a valid email address.
If that's not the case and you are signing in using your email and password and the system still doesn't recognise you, it might be that the computer you are using has a very high level of security that is preventing the Planet Ranger system from working. The browser you are using needs to have javascript enabled, cookies enabled and not be aggressively blocking pop-up windows. Most internet cafe computers probably will be fine. To check and see if your browser is okay click here and check the "System and Browser check" if anything appears in red, click on it to see how to solve the problem. Many people start out there travels by setting up their account on a work or home computer. These computers, especially the work ones can have very high levels of security. Rest assured once you're on the road things should not be so difficult. If you are using the Norton Internet Security package you probably will have problems. This package tends to make you secure by blocking access to just about everything. Try turning it off when you set up your Planet Ranger account.

I can't upload photos, what should I do?

If you click on upload and nothing happens, you most likely have a very aggressive pop-up blocker. For more information on this click here. Otherwise it may be a problem with other settings in your system or browser. To check and see if your browser is okay click here and check the "System and Browser check" if anything appears in red, click on it to see how to solve the problem.

Uploading photos is taking forever, what can I do?

Take a look here for a whole page of tips on uploading photos.

I typed in a long diary entry and the computer crashed - now the entry is gone. Is there anything I can do?

If you are using the auto-save feature, alot of what you typed will be saved. Click on "Edit diary entries" and you will see your unfinished entry. If you are not using auto-save, then unfortunately your work is lost. You can turn on the auto-save feature by going to "Travel Page Preferences". Be warned, however, pop-up blockers can prevent the auto-save feature from working. You will be warned by the system if this is the case.

I'd like to change the email address or username/address of my account. What should I do?

You need to email us at help@planetranger.com from your old email address (if you are changing email). So we know that it's you. Let us know what you'd like to change to and we will do it for you. Unfortunately we can't promise a speedy service on this. But we will try.

How do I make the Top 5's? Can you tell me how many visits I need.

Sorry, no - we can't tell you how many visits you need, because it changes all the time. If you really are eager to get into the top 5's on the front page, your best bet is to put a link to your page somewhere else on the internet, for example a travel forum. This usually gets the visits coming in. If you are particularly popular you could tell all your friends to visit often. A visit is counted only once per visitor per day. We check very thoroughly for cheats!

How do I get one of my photos as a feature photo on the front page of the site?

Please - no requests, we used to do it, but it's getting too popular now. As photos are all checked to make sure they abide by the terms and conditions of the site, we will occasionally pick one we think other people will find inspiring or interesting and put as the feature. Make sure your site is public and not private (we will never link to a private account) and upload photos that are different and well taken to increase your chances.

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