About Us
  The Story
The rainy, wind swept trail.
Planet Ranger is very international but not a multi-national. The idea for Planet Ranger sprang from a tour of Europe made by three Australians. For this tour there was a now defunct website that was updated with photos and text as they travelled. It was written hastily by one such Australian working for a now defunct dotcom in London. It was more popular than they thought it would be. The original website was called "The Ghetto" and you can see it's Planet Ranger equivalent here.

Being the sharing types that Australians can be, the site was rewritten and expanded to involve more than one travel page. The name Planet Ranger was thought up on a wind swept, rainy, solo hike in Scotland, by someone delirious and exhausted. The site was tested first by a Spanish girl named Ainhoa travelling through Australia, her page is here. Its kind of grown from there.

Artwork by Emma Patrick - inspiration for the Planet Ranger Logo.
Who Are We?
Planet Ranger became an internet consulting company, but this site is still our main business and we still travel lots. The site has had many helpers. See thanks below. The company is based in the UK. The site has been run from Australia, Canada, the UK and various other places thanks to a lightweight Apple Laptop. The site was built on a Mac.

Thanks to Nick Jacobs for all his input in the advice section and many of his fantastic photos that became a part of the site furniture, to Ainhoa Pinero-Martinez for being the guinea pig and generally being a bit crazy, Emma Patrick for inspiring (well pretty much designing) the logo, and to all the people who have used the site and sent nice feedback.

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