Getting Help
We hope that using your Planet Ranger Account is trouble free. But since you are a traveller and prone to using just about any kind of computer you can throw a stick at. There can be problems. Before you contact us - please look at the "System & Browser check" below. If anything appears in red on that list, click on it to find out more about why Planet Ranger may have a problem.

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Getting Help with your Account
If you still are having problems with your Planet Ranger account, please fill in the form below to contact us. If you have a First Class Account with us we will endeavour to assist you within 48 hours. If you hold a basic account, we cannot guarantee a response to you. But we will try.

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In addition to the information you provide above, the information in the "System & Browser Check" will also be sent to us. The information gives us technical details about the system you are using and will only be used to help us assist with your problem. Please read our privacy policy if you are concerned.