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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Feb 2006

Location: Australia

MapHello! Just got back from St. Hilda's Annual Swim Meet. It was quite fun and i was made to do fly in the medely relay so that was good for a change. Hmmmm...just trying to think what's happened over the last few days... Oo yes. The characters for the Musical had their pictures taken for a rural newpaper and we were interviewed! so that was quite exciting. although, because we don't have our costumes yet, we had to do some major budgeting (!), i.e the tin-man (steve ovett's daughter! ask ur parents - they'll know who he is!), she had to wear a tin tea-pot lid on her head! it was quite funny actually! I had to wear some gross jacket back to front and with my hair down (i'd had swimming that morning so you can imagine how madly curly it was!!) it was a NIGHTMARE! talking of nightmares, we keep on hearing strange things in the boarding house at the moment, so i'm locking my door now...rather scary biscuits! oo yes and the publicity people of the musical asked us the other day, how we would feel about doing a commercial for the radio!! and we were like "ummmm...YEAH!!" so thats tres exciting. We're studying children's literature in english at the mo, and did you know that in Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf actually rapes her???? how awful is that! In drama, we have to make up our own modern tragedy. Me and a friend are making up the story behind Marilyn Monroe and JFK's death ( JFK kills Monroe because his brother bribes him into telling the world about their affair. After he kills her, he can't hack life and because it would not look patriotic for a president to kill himself, he orders someone to assassinate him!) rather clever we thought...could have happened... We've got the boarders social tomorrow night with TSS (like RGS!) and i'm going to see Marco!!Yay! i'm so excited. Also got a musical rehearsal on sun fromm 9-5pm , so a pretty busy weekend! not much room for work - and i've got so much, so thats a bit of a bummer. Also got a swim meet at TSS during the day on mon. Had cross country this morning and nearly sweated to death! nice! anyway, have a good last few days of half term! keep me up to date with what you're all doing. It's lovely to hear from you all,
miss you all
p.s. may be seeing james blunt in brisbane in April!!