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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Feb 2006

Location: Australia

MapI'm sick! Well actually, no, thats exaggerating a tad...i've just got a sore throat and a head ache! But i haven't been poorly for ages, so i've forgotten how crappy it is. But i'm still at school cos i don't want to get behind! On saturday i did some sun-bathing on the roof and then we had the TSS/St Hilda's Social on saturday night which was great fun! It felt funny to be at a school 'disco' at 18 years old!! but it really was so fun. Me and a friend went as punks with quiffs etc, so that was pretty funny. I had a musical rehearsal form 9-5pm on sunday. I was knackered but it was so good. Spoke to my parents and the bro on sunday night, which was great. Got a swim meet at TSS today - off in a few minutes time. Then i'm bused back quickly, for another musicals rehearsal! So it's all go! Going to the beach this sunday - need to top up on the tan! How was the ski trip????
lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx