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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

Location: Australia


Golly, February went quickly! Just shows that this year's going to fly past! Been slightly hectic workwise lately. I've got a BOM (Business Organisation and Management) test tomorrow, so for a bit of light relief, a group of us formed a 'study-group' and we went and sat in this Chinese cafe this afternoon and sipped iced- green tea while we revised together! Rather sophis' if you ask me!
Lent starts today!! oooo! I've decided that i'm actually going to give up something this year...and stick to it! so i'm giving up all unhealthy food...should be interesting! I've done well so far; i'll keep you posted!
I've got my easter holidays kind of planned now (i'm staying in Oz, as they're only 2 weeks long). Basically, a group of us are going on a road trip around the Australian Outback! Rather exciting! We're going to stop off at other boarders' houses and stay there, although we're going to bring a tent with us, just in case. If the worst comes to the worst, we might stay in a 'dodgy motel' for the night, which we've always wanted to know the ones in the movies, where people get murdered and have affairs etc!! haha! But its been pretty well planned, so thats good.
Actually cooling down a lot now. It was the first day of Autumn yesterday (strange!), and yet all the leaves stay on the trees! I actually put a jumper on for the first time this term yesterday, which is saying something (although it was discarded after 10 mins!)
Musicals are going well. My drama teacher's told me that i may need to do some climatising, as i'm going to be sooo hot in my full-bodied furry costume! she's suggested sitting in a sauna with the costume on!!! hmmm, how random would that be - seeing some person sitting in a lion suit in a sauna!!!
Swimming is going ok, and i'm really enjoying cross country, as the the heat is not so unbearable! I'm going to try rowing this year, as it sounds pretty good (even though its a 5am start most mornings...AHHHHHH!) But my mum did rowing when she was my age and loved it, so i think i might just give it a go - especially as we use the rowing shed down at TSS (the boys school!) - how school-girly do i sound!!!?!
We got our 'senior jerseys' today. Every school in Australia has a system, where the last year (seniors) get a sort of rugby shirt in school colours etc so it was pretty exciting when we got them! I got 'Cloz in Oz' on the back of mine! They all look really good actually.
anyway, i'd better get on with my numerous assignments! Hope everyone is coping, and not stressing too much,
lots of love,
Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx