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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006

Location: Australia

It's been rather hectic lately. I'm currently recovering from a hangover! no, kidding! We went out last night and i didn't drink a drop (as usual!), but i still managed to wake up with a huge head ache and feeling gross! how does that work?! I stayed at Annie's this weekend with Emalie. We went out for dinner with all the parentals last night, and then we headed for a party in Main Beach. We turned up at about 10.30, so we missed a lot of the action. But thank goodness, as everyone had moved out from the house, onto the street - apparently the floor of the basement was covered in petrol - clever! So we stayed clear! Although, i'm not too sure if i'm too happy with this whole 'being 18' thing! I had a whole list with me when i walked into the 'liquor store'! & the ironic thing is that none of it is for me!! haha! we even went to the trouble of going back to the boarding house to get my passport as a form of ID (don't worry daddy, i haven't lost it!) and the woman didn't even ask to see any ID! So anyway, it was a pretty uneventful night. We were waiting for a taxi for about an hour! but an appartment nearby had music blaring, so we just danced around, which was actually the highlight of the evening! I had about 5 hours sleep, then we had to be up at 6.45 for the rowing introduction. I had a go in the 1st eight - was really fun! it's harder than it looks though! And there's sooo much equipment! i can't deal with it! i'm just used to a float and fins for swimming, but they're go all sorts of things for rowing - it takes about 45 mins to get all the boats, oars etc out, before you even start! But the coach said that Annie and I picked it up really quickly, so i guess that's positive. I'm really into this T.V drama called, 'McLeod's Daughter's' - it's set on an aussie farm in the outback - it's just so cool! i'll have to bring some episodes back. See if you can download it! They're all getting me in to country music as well! it's so good! Everything's going well work-wise. Most of my assignments are over for this term - just got test block in 2 weeks. I've got a drama presenting task from a Tenesee William's play this week though. I've got about 4 fat monologues to learn so thats making me a bit stressed! Apart from that, all is good :) Cross Country on friday, was nice and sweltering!! the weather is improving now, so all the jumpers have come off!
Hope eveyone is dandy!
lots of love, as always