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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Mar 2006

Location: Australia

MapIt's been a tad hectic recently - test block coming up so been studying hard like a good girl! Had our drama presenting task of A Streetcar Named Desire and i managed to do the psycho bit without psyching myself out! So i was pretty pleased with the outcome of that. We also had a drama excursion up to Brisbane to see it actually on stage - was so inspiring. Treated oursleves to an ice-cream at Souhbank before the performance, called 'Cold Rock'. It's an amazing ice creamery where you pick a flavour and then you pick what ingredients that you want them to add to it and they mash it and bash it into the ice-cream right in front of ur eyes! it's so cool! I had the Australian's equivalent of After Eight Mints bashed into mine!! it was rather divine! We've also nicknamed it by swapping the first letter of each word - rather rude and immature i know! anyway(!), my violin lesson went really well last week and my teacher showed me an antique little book full of Bach's concertos, with his own writing! The prin is microscopic but so cool!
Went on leave with Katherine this weekend. Mainly studying for test block but also did a lot of swimming and scootering as well! also saw the movie 'Cry Wolf' on saturday night - about a murder at a boarding school! Nice! But it was a great weekend.
Got to go. Will add some more later!