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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Apr 2006

Location: Australia

Got test block at the moment, which means that we only have to come to school when we have tests - so i'm up 'studying' in my boarding room! No, really i am! I've had english and maths so far and i think they went quite well. Got biology today - my worst. GREAT.
Its our last week until we break up for the easter holidays. I'm staying at my friend Annie's house, as well as Katherine's for a few days. I'm staying with Katie on easter sunday on an island called Couran Cove so thats rather exciting! Then Katie, Annie, Katherine and i are going on our ROAD TRIP to claire's house, in Moree - North Queensland ( right in the good old ozzy outback!) Her family are cotton farmers - how cool is that?! And they have a huge dam, and boats, waterskiis, doughnuts etc etc, so we're going to be very busy!
I had a really nice weekend. I had a new rowers induction training on saturday morning. We went in skulls (singles), which are rather difficult - it's really hard to balance! i fell in once! but i think i'm starting to get the hang of it...slowly! Then i studied on saturday arvo. We all went to the movies on saturday night - saw Basic Instinct 2 - anyone seen it?? i was disgusted - so graphic and couldn't get over what kind of a sick person would think of a story line like it! Made London look so dingy and sleazy! But the guys office was set in the 'gerkin' - looks soo immense inside! anyway, while we were all walking back afterwards, a car drove past and egged us! and then drove past and did it again! luckily i didn't get hit! but loads of littlies did and they were crying etc - quite a scary experience for them i guess!! Then went to the beach on sunday morn - my tan is slowly starting to show!! Oh, i don't know if uv heard about the cylcone in north Queensland?? well it wiped out the main banana plant - over $8 million worth of produce. so the price of bananas have rocketed and won't be back to normal for over a year! which means that we're not going to have bananas in boarding for the rest of the time i'll be here! how sad is that?! just some inside information for you!
anyway, i'd better get back to my studying,
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