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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Location: Australia

MapHellooo! Sorry i have not written for so so long. It's been rather hectic! I was planning on writing a detailed despcription for each day of the easter holidays, but alas, time caught up with me! So i hope the pictures will give you all an idea of what i got up to!
I keep on forgetting that i am in Australia, because i've been here for so long! Although it doesn't seem that long ago since i was home. I can now say that i'm coming home next month! that's pretty exciting! 6 weeks and 3 days 'til i board the plane back home! I'm having an immense time but i got a bit homesick on the weekend. But i'm over it now i think!! I'm out on leave with a friend this weekend and we're beaching it etc, so hopefully that will help de-stress me! I think i'm just emotionally drained after all of the hard work and hype of the Wizard of Oz. But it was such a fantastic experience - i could have done it over and over again! We're having the big Musical celebration party next weekend, so that will be a good 'letting hair down' moment. Spoke to my parents on sunday, and my mum told me that my brother is going to go for a job with Citigroup (the one that he is working for now as his placement, in London) after he graduates - but the one in Sydney! So that will be amazing, as it will then give me a reason to travel back to Australia, as i can visit Jake and stay with him, but then i can also go back to the Gold Coast and visit all of my lovely friends! So thats tres exciting! It's getting to a point where i'm realising that this exciting adventure is nearly over, but then i remind myself that i've got thousands of new adventures in the future (staying optimistic!) I've been thinking about uni's and courses recently. But i'm still not too sure. I was desperate to do drama, but then i started to think that so many people want to make it, and that there's such a small chance...but now i'm starting to think that why can't i be one of the ones who make it? Anything is possible. I was thinking of going to uni and doing a totally separate course from drama and then go to drama school after, but then i'll be learning for 6 years!! so i think i'm coming to the conclusion that i am going to audition for the drama schools in London that i want to go to, and if i don't get in, then at least i've tried and i know. Because if i don't, i'll always wonder. Anyway, i'll stop rambling on! Hope everyone is tickety boo.
love always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xxxxxx