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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Jun 2006

Location: Australia

MapSorry i have not written for so so so so so long!! I've been a bit of a busy bee! It was my daddy's bday on 28th may, so..


Went out with Shezaroonie this weekend, and had lots of fun - looked after her 8month old niece - so so cute. For those of you who don't know, i'm coming home 2 days earlier now - so i arrive in england on thurs 22nd june now!! (NOT LONG!!) So get ready for some serious catching up!! Hope ur not ALL going to be away!! None of my friends are 18 here, so i'm craving clubbing!! (yes, i am the mummy of the group! everyone even calls me mummy!) anyway. hope all of ur exams are going well. Australian Big Brother is on here at the mo, and they're using all the twists and ideas that were used in the english one last year!! have they got no creativity?! although everyone thinks it's hilarious that there is a channel in england that u can watch big brother live 24/7!! i guess it is pretty sad! You all seen Da Vinci Code?? was ok i thought - obviously not as good as the book, as they had to squeeze it all in to 2 hours. Anyway, i'll stop rambling on. Let me know when ur all free, so we can have a good old catch up.
Love you all,