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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Jun 2006

Location: Australia

MapHowdy! This will be my last entry before i'm home! ahhhhhhh! Yes, i fly home on wednesday night and arrive thurs arvo (english time) for those of you who didn't know. I'm extremely extremely excited!!! Finished test block, so all is great! Had my hair done on friday - seriously blonde! Wasn't really intending it to be that blonde! Slightly blinding, but getting used to it...slowly! Went in at 9.45am and came out at 3pm!!! didn't even get a cut! goodness knows what they did to me! My bladder was the size of Brazil when i came out! not to mention how hungry i was! Made up for it though and had the nicest lunch - avacado and smoked salmon on rye bread!! AMAZING! We then had a girly get-togther at annie's that night. Went into surfers and we were contemplating on going on the 'Sling Shot' - an extreme ride where they shoot you into the air about 200 feet high...hmmm we thought not.
It is rather cold here at the mo - i have to wear bed-socks! Oh yes, i had to catch a bus by myself to get to the hairdressers on fri - so there's litttle me sitting at the bus stop waiting for a bus for over half an hour - turns out the bus i'm waiting for comes every 10 mins on the other side of the road...good one, chloe. Never was good with public transport - goodness knows how i manage to get from Engalnd all the way to Australia! Ooo yes, forgot to tell you all that i ate kangarroo the other night (UNINTENTIONALLY!) It was at school and i asked the lady if it was lamb and she did that nodding thing when you don't really hear someone, so yeah...i ended up eating what i thought was baby sheep, until someone goes, "Oh, Chloe - you're a true ozzy now - eating roo..." HUH??! Couldn't sleep that night! haha!
anyway, i'll leave you on that chirpy note. Anyone who wants to go clubbing in london when i get back - let me know...we can crash at my bro's flat after! I'm sure he won't mind! I'll get him to bring some uni mates along if you like! hahaha!! (just joking Ma and Pa!) ahem,
Love you muchly,