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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Jul 2006

Location: Australia

MapWell, I'm back in the Merry Old Land of Oz - the last time until i come home FOREVER - how scary is that?! I've got to buckle down and work hard this term, as this term is extremely important in terms of my final overall position...I seemed to get over my jet-lag pretty quickly this time so that's good because it means that I can get stuck-in straight away. I'm playing hockey this term - had my first match this weekend and it was sooooo incredibly fun! It's my new favourite sport! I played Right-Back which is a bit like RD in Lacrosse. I get to do lots of tackling - whoo! I'm also the defence that has to sprint out to the player with the ball on short corners and i'm basically in the shooting space where i can easily get knocked out! so it is rather scary!
I went on leave with Lucy Summers after hockey, as it was her Cocktail Birthday Party. We all had so much fun - sipping pina coladas, margaritas (not too fond of them!), pimms (i brought some along to add a good old taste of Blighty), singing karaoke and cooking pancakes this morning! Definitely a superb weekend.
Anyway, i hope everyones holidays are relaxing and enjoyable. It was immense to see those of you who were around when i was home. Good luck with AS/A Level results, gap years, uni, jobs etc etc. May it all go as planned. Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx