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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Aug 2006

Location: Australia

MapWhat a superb weekend.

Went out with Annie, and we went to a stand-up comedy club, called 'The Basement' on friday night, which was so good and extremely hilarious! Had hockey on saturday morning (we lost!) and got wacked in the chin by a stick - bloomin' painful if you ask me! I've got a lovely grape-like lump bruise just under my chin now, and my jaw feels like its stuck together with toffee! Had a nice stress-free afternoon and then got ready to go to Emily Cooper's gathering at her house - parents should go away more often i say! (haha! 'course i'm joking ;) ) Had a great time though. Then we taxied it to some TSS guy's party - was pretty dead! By this time all i wanted to do was go back to my lovely warm, cosey bed, but if you didn't know, annie's a pretty hard partier, so we walked another 2 miles to surfers...Annie and i ended up just clubbing together, which was actually very fun! Eventually got into bed at about 4. (Thank goodness for that!!!!) I definitely couldn't do that every weekend! (2 nights in a row - pretty intense for me!!)
Homework day today (sunday) unfortunately...lots and lots and lots of assignments. so i'd better get going.
Ta-ra xxxxxxxxx