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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2006

Location: Australia

MapWow! What a superb 2 week holiday! Was definitely jam-packed:

Day 1-5:
I stayed with Lucy Summers at her house on the Gold Coast and wound down - sunbathed, swam, went to Byron Bay (a hippy little place - a bit like Brighton in a way, just much smaller), bike-riding, boating with their friends....lots of fun.

Day 6-9:
I flew to Sydney with Lucy S and we stayed with her Auntie and Uncle in a town called Avalon (situated on the northern beaches of Sydney - about an hour's drive from the city) They live on the beach that Home and Away use!! How cool is that!!!? we didn't see any of the cast as we went on the weekend when they don't film but we saw Layton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright's house so that was rather groovy! Most days Lucy and I took the bus into the city and walked around the shops (trying to find sales!!!) Only made 2 purchases (bargains of course!) - a bikini top and a smart/casual little number- neither exceeding $30! (£12!) We went out for rather a lot of meals, including sushi (my new favourite!), thai, amoung others...definitely the cause of the hole in my pockets!! One day, we went on a ferry from Manly to Circular Quay (where the Opera House etc is). We sat outside on the top deck and it was lovely..until a mammoth wave completley saturated us!!! It was actually hilarious! We then realised why the majority of the public had situated themselves inside!! We also went and watched a jazz festival in Manly which was very idyllic.

Day 10-14:

I flew to a town called Dubbo (1 hour flight from Sydney) and stayed with my Godmother, Claire, her Partner Poss (actually called Kim, but then Possum as a nickname as he is a night owl - he's a roo shooter -apparently they are pests, as well as a sheep shearer!) They have a little 2 year-old girl called Maisy, who is adorable - we got on like a house on fire! We went to Dubbo zoo, i did a bit of sheep shearing (extremely hard!), met the majority of the suburb!! everyone is just so friendly and welcoming! I went tenpin bowling with Claire's family and that was lots of fun. Had a few moments there where i thought i could actually live there - the way of life is just lovely and simple! It was awesome to stay with my Godmother, as the last time i saw her, i was about 7!! Was definitely one of the highlights of my holiday. So much so that i even bought a 'I heart Dubbo' t-shirt - a replicar of the 'I heart New York' ones!!!!It was very sad to leave, i must say.

Day 15-16:

Back to the Gold Coast and i stayed with Katherine Livingstone for the last weekend. We sunbathed and sunbathed and swam and did some more sunbathing!! Was great fun! Also watched the whole of season one of Grey's you have it in England???? seriously the best thing since sliced bread! makes me want to be a surgeon!!! also did a lot of running that weekend (trying to burn off the afternoon tea cakes that they almost force-fed me in Dubbo!!) We stayed at the guy's beach house on the saturday night as there was a little gathering there so that was nice. anyway, i'll keep you informed more often this term - got more time on my hands! hope you are all well,
love you greatly xxxxxxxxxxxx