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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Feb 2006

Location: Australia

MapRight-o...well i thought this would be a good place to record all of my adventures, as i'm very good at forgetting stuff. My diary entries won't be as interesting as most poeple's though, as i'm kinda staying in one place, whereas others are travelling all around the world!
Anyway, school is going pretty well at the moment. We're getting a lot of homework - i guess thats expected in grade 12! I swam this morning (5.10am wake up!!?!?1?), but it was great because it really got me fired for the day. Craig (coach) was in a good mood, so it was good all round! We basically just had normal lessons today. i had a re-call audition for the school musical (Wizard of Oz) yesterday and i think it went quite well. I'm desperate for the part of the lion and they gave me that part to read through so fingers crossed! I went shopping this afternoon - just some grapes and some sparkling flavoured water - you have strange cravings when you're at boarding school! I'm off the chapel in a sec and we're having a special Chinese New Year dinner tonight so that should be interesting! Find out what part i get in the musical tomorrow afternoon so that's exciting! got another 5.10 wake-up tomorrow for yet more swimming so that's something to look forward to!! Will write again soon. Chapel is calling...