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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Feb 2006

Location: Australia

MapWell it's been a rather jam-packed last few days. We had the results of the Wizard of Oz auditions on thursday afternoon and i got the lion!! so i'm so excited about that. We've basically got 10 weeks of rehearsals until the real thing so it's quite intense! i'm getting my script on monday for the first rehearsal and i'm also going through my individual songs on wednesday - scary! Friday was a big day for us year 12's, as it was Induction Day, where we are inducted as 'seniors of 2006'. Got a handshake with the new headmaster and my prefect badges! Then it was time to rush to the bus and depart to Somerville House for a swimming gala. I didn't swim amazingly but better than i expected. The atmosphere was amazing though! i brought the war paints that i got ages ago and everyone went mad and we were basically covered in blue and yellow! was such a laugh! That's also when i found out that Jake got the job for CityGroup in London (next to Canary Wharf!) so all in all it was a great day! This weekend has been nice and relaxing - had a good pampering morning on saturday - face masks etc! and went shopping in the afternoon. Bought 2 t-shirts ($15! - no wonder they thought Primark was expensive!!) Had my first lie-in for 2 weeks this morning! 9am - not bad! Got to do all my homework today and room tidying (it's a disgrace!) Got cross country in the morn - we all call it 'the morning of running until you puke!' Oh yes, I'm going to try rowing next term just to see if i enjoy it, because my friend Katie (rowing captain) says i'd be a good 4th seater in the eight!? Oh i forgot, my drama teacher randomly goes to me in drama on friday: "I've seen you're kitchen, Chloe! Love the aga! Oh, and i've seen your parents on the train!" and i was like, what?! "and the hamster under your dishwasher!" Turns out that she still keeps in touch with Jacinta and she sent her her travel page with all the pictures!! What a funny world! Anyway, i'd better get going with some work, i'll leave you with a great quote that i took note of from the movie, Pearl Harbour, that we watched last night - "Victory belongs to those who believe it the most..."