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Chloe’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Feb 2006

Location: Australia

MapG'day! Thanks so much for all the lovely messages guys! it was so great to hear from you all. I felt nice and loved! Nothing huge has happened in the last few days. Although we did have the inter-house swimming which is a massive event within the school. I swam about 500 races so it was pretty knackering, not to mention the slight sun-burn! oopsy daisies! The work load is steadily getting heavier, although i think i have it all under control (at the moment anyway!) We're studying Othello in drama; it's so intense - I LOVE IT! Heard you GHS lot are off on the school ski trip soon!! how exciting!! i could kill for some snow! but i guess you can't have the best of both worlds. Rehearsals are all under way for the Wizard of Oz. Got my scripts (they came all the way from New York, and they've been in the hands of some pretty famous people so that's pretty cool - i thought!) Oh yes, we're playing the Harry Potter game in the boarding house (and at day school!) at the moment, and i know it sounds ridiculously immature, but it really is amazing!! you've got to introduce it to GHS! Basically(!), everyone who is playing, has to pick out of a hat, what character they are (i've been Hermione, Scabbers! and Professor Moody so far!), and then a Voldemort is somehow chosen. If you're voldemort then you don't tell anyone. But he has the power to corner you (only when you are on your own) and he can 'kill' you. You have to screm "EXPECTO PATRONUM' as loud as you possibly can, until a player comes and saves you - but hurry, you only have 15 seconds because after that you turn into a Death Eater and you can kill too! the winner is the last one to turn into a death eater! so you can imagine how lively it is in the boarding house! Voldemort has 'killed' people during the night and there's been screams etc etc!! so it's actually quite scary! The highlight of the game was when my friend was killed in a lesson and she shouted out 'EXPECTO PATRONUM'!!!!!! the teacher was rather baffled!! anyway, to cut a long story short(!), i highly reccommend you play it one day!!
I'd better stop waffling and get on with some work! Hope everyone is well and enjoy ur half terms,
lots of love
Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxx