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Katie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Apr 2006

Location: Boston, USA

MapSo my unbelievable lucky streak continues - I got into the masters program of my dreams. I'll be studying at Notre Dame's Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies (and yes, I realize this sounds funny - as an English friend said, that sounds a bit like the 'Pratt Institute' does to the Brit ear - it's named for Joan Kroc, who donated a big chunk of money, such that all of us are fully funded!) starting in August for 2 years. The first year, we all live and study together (about 15-20 students in the cohort) in Indiana, and then we go off to various locations around the world (last year's were in South Africa, east Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia) to do some kind of peace work (it takes many shapes) and then come back and wrap up. Then, who knows what? Some seem to go into government work or non-gov't organizations, the UN, or policy making, or education...many possibilities by the sound of it, and the program's been going for about 20 years, so they have a robust alumni network. We shall see.

They've invited students from Liberia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, the Philippines, Japan, China, the US, Canada, Egypt and Iraq. Should be amazing to live, study and work with this group. Hoping to have lots of stories to share soon...

Meanwhile, have found this spring overwhelmingly envigorating... (for anyone who's seen the last update) my friend who was hit by a car in December is recovering pretty well. I've taken advantage of being 'local' and seen friends and family who used to be a rare treat. I'm still loving my work at Peace Games ( - check it out!). I even scored a spot in a belly dancing troupe. (Yep, seriously.) I've even taken to writing a few poems lately, and reading many more than I write. I'll be here enjoying Boston til mid-June (a few visitors are already lined up - get in touch soon if you want to stop in), and I think I might try to squeeze in one last self-indulgent loop around the world before I start school. Anyone want to join me?

Hope the spring is treating you well. Stay in touch