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Katie’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Nov 2007

Location: Philippines, Australasia

Mapwow - am more than half way through grad school now, one month left of an amazing 6-month stay in Asia, mostly in the Philippines. Learning a lot about building peace - although that probably sounds crazy. Since I'm short on time, I'll just share my favorite wisdom from one of the indigenous leaders I met with recently, Datu Apo Marshall Daul:

Some don't know how to catch fish because they haven't seen. So they are ignorant....

When indigenous people come to the city they are ignorant of different streets. But in mountains we easily know which riverbed, which path which is for the person, which is for the wild pig. You come to our place you will get lost also. I come to your place, I will get lost.

Where is the meeting ground so we can understand? Let us establish where we can meet so we will not get lost.

When I come to your place, you will guide me. When you come to mine, I will guide you.

If all will look at this, we will have peace.

Lots of love - hope to be with you soon. xo KM