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Katy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWOW!!! Ok, so saying goodbye to mum and dad and jim was so hard! i didn't expect it to be so bad, but i had to do it and i did, and now i am here!!!! i australia!!! the flights and airtime all together was about 36 hours, and guess how i was able to figure that out... DURING MY LAYOVER TIME!!! haha, but thats ok, i got to fly first class the whole way, and HUGE plus! I cannot stop grinning right now! i met an AWESOME girl named amanda right when i got the the YHA Central Hostel in Sydney, so we decided to go touring together (it's always better to travel in 2's, right grandma! haha) WE WENT EVERYWHERE THERE IS TO GO in Australia... We saw the Syndey Cove "Gateway to Sydney Harbour", we went to the Taroga Zoo (which was a total bust... it 'sucked so much... it's like the Edmonton zoo with Kangaroos, hahaha, but we made the best of it by getting pictures in penguin heads and stradling fake elephants and having good times walking!). We also saw the BEAUTIFUL Sydney Opera house and the Sydeny Harbour Bridge! AMAZING!!! i took lots op pictures, don't worry!!! We went to "darling Harbour" whateer that is, it was basically just a great big dock with a million ships! We went to see the Sydney Aquarium, but found out that it was $30 to get in and decided to skip it because i'll see all that when i go SCUBA DIVING IN CAIRNS!!!! totally awesome! then we went to the kingstreet warf, and say the beautiful resturants that looked upon the ocean and cruis ships, and were in awe of the beauty that was before us! The way we got around was by the "sydney explorer" and it was AWESOME!!! i put on lots of sunscreen and wore my pretty beachy new white shirt, so i didn't burn, but my legs saw quite a bit of sun, so they may be a little burnt tomorrow. lol.
so, onto tomorrow and it's plans. i have to do my SWAP program orientation and see more sights and maybe catch up on my beauty sleep cause i'm not looking to good right now, lol.
Well, i promise to write as often as i can, ok???
love you all