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Katy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Mar 2006

Location: Cairns - Cape Tribulation, Australia

MapWow!!! What an adventure!!! We were supposed to be just coming home from Cape Tribulation, but... plans changed when the crossing at coopers creek to get up to Cape Trib flooded under about 2 meters of water from the insane rain fall that had been occuring in the past 4 days!!! We arrive at the crossing on the 14th, and found out that we were going to try later on that day. We were riding with the company Foaming Fury, and our halarious driver was named matt. We went for breakfast at this shack of a place called Crossroads Cafe. it was basically just a little tin shack with a oven and stove and fridge in it!!! i don't think many people would eat there is they had the choice! We had a choice of what we wanted to eat, and the only thin taht tammy could have was the fruit with the muffin. so Tammy had my fruit (2 pieces of watermelon) and i had a halfcooked muffin. great!!! (not!!!) then it was off to the Daintree Rainforest for a tour around the whole path by a guy they named "Gigalo". We didn't ask! It probably took an hour to walk the whole track and take pictures of the amazing trees! We later found out that the guides were just trying to take up time to see if we could cross the river. Once that was finished, we went to get ice cream at the Daintree Ice Cream place. interesting. the sights were gorgeous though!!! Tammy and i took pictures under the enormous palm trees and infront of the bus! We then got the call in from the "boss", who said to try to waste a little more time and then see if we would be able to cross. everyone was getting a little cranky, so the guides decided to take us to a little middle of no where pub in Cow Bay. guess what the pub was called!!!! Cow Bay Pub!!! wow!!! it was quite a dingy and dirty little place, but Tammy and i made the best of it by watching the rain levels change - both in height and size of raindrops. (just kidding) So, by this time it's like 4 o'clock and we want to just GO SOMEWHERE; the option was presented to us that we can go to a place called Crocodylus Village or go home and get our money back. WHATEVER, tammy and i said. So, we hop on the bus and head to crocodylus. and oh my god, we though the Cow Bay was out of the way, well... Crocodylus was basically just a couple little huts in the middle of the rainforest with a little pub and a restaurant! WOW!!! Tammy and i looked at eachother and just laughed. We decided to call this little trip our "adventure" so we laugh. "It's just another part of our adventure!" we said to eachother! We get booked into our little hut called "silky oak" and order our supper. We then were presented with the opportunity to go on a Night Nature Walk with a man named Possum. ya... "just another part of the adventure", so we go and it's interesting. saw lots of spiders (EEWWWWWWW) and lizards and mice and birds and frogs and things the creep like crickets (HUGE!!!) and such. Get back to the hostel and we're just beat, so we head off to bed.
The book out time in the morning is 10 o'clock. well, we don't even wake up until 9:45. but whatever, we go order breakfast and eat and then go and pack up our bags. Once finished, we looked at eachother and ask, what now? we are in the middle on nowhere and have 4 hours to kill. "Lets go on a walk to Cow Bay!" Tammy Says. "ok," i say, not really knowing what i'm getting myself into. Well, it was a 3.5 km walk, which isn't bad, and it poured the WHOLE time!!!!! , thats the bad part! oh well, once we got there, we couldn't help but laugh about the past 2 days. Cow Bay was quite nice, although it would have been nicer if it were sunny. We walk back through pouring rain, arrive at the hostel, shower up and finally the bus arrives. Our Picker upper, Gigalo, just laughs at us, knowing what we've gone through. Good times. No Worries!
We arrvive back at Travellers Oasis, and are absolutely relieved!
We decided that we were deffinately allowed to have a couple drinks taht night, especially from what our adventure put us through! So, we go to this place called Tropos on Sheild Street. There, it was $8 for all you can drinks from 11 o'clock to 12. good times, tammy and i danced up the dance floors and had a couple drinks. good times!!!
Then, we got home and fell asleep QUICKLY!!!
what an ADVENTURE!!! haha