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Katy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Apr 2006

Location: Kroombit, Australia

MapHello Everyone,
you will not believe where i have just been. Yesterday, Tammy and I left Airlie Beach at 6:30am on the Oz Experience bus with a driver named Matt, to drive 10 hours to go to a little cattle station in the middle of nowhere, called Kroombit. It's not even on the map, it's just out in the outback, in the eastern part of Australia. On the drive there, we took about 4 or 5 stops, just to break up the 10 hours of driving we had to do, and one of the stops was to introduce the Oz Experience passengers to Lawn Bowling, or Bowls as they call it here. How funny is that??? HALARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! can you picture 22 people trying to figure out lawn bowling, and 3 old men trying to explain the fundamentals of Lawn Bowling to us. Not to mention, it was around 8:00am when we got there. SO FUNNY! To put it in a nutshell, its a combo of bowling and curling. You need about 1/4 of the strength of normal bowling and you have to get close to a little white ball. it was halarious! In the end, it turned into "who can hit the little ball the hardest." So Funny. The other stops were just little wee breaks and a lunch break. By the time we arrived in Kroombit, it was 7:00pm. Supper was served at 7:20pm, and then we went into the drinking games and such... Tammy and I learned how to use a whip, how to play some new drinking games, and how to ride a mechanical bull. There were 2 groups of Oz buses at the station, so we decided to have a contest to see who could hang on the longest on this mechanical bull. Well, Tammy went first and i don't think that i have laughed so hard in my life. She was sitting on the mechanical bull, one are up, glaring at the person incharge of the bull, and hanging on for dear life with her legs... the bull bucked forward and so did Tammy, right onto her face! It was halarious, and i have it all on photo! So FUNNY! Then, she got to have another go, and did much better. But, wow, it was one of the funniest things i've seen Tammy do this whole trip, and i've seen her in scuba gear. Halarious. Then, after a while, it was my turn, and i didn't do as well on my first try, but on the second, i stayed on for a long time, and eventually won the contest! BE PROUD!!! the Canadian wins the bull riding! it was so funny, i guess all those 'fun' nights at Cook County, attempting to ride the bull paid off. I won a bottle of giggly and a beer. To funny. After a few other drinks, we headed off to bed for our early wake up call the next morning.
Breakfast was at 7:00am, so Tammy and I decided to get up a little bit early to have showers, not expecting to be woken up so rudely by the friged water pouring out of the showers! Not Nice! But we survived and after our breaky, we went for a walk on the Kroombit grounds guided by the owner Allan, and saw an amazing view of the property ontop of a little mountain. Once finished our walk, we were off to the Rodeo that Kroombit put on for us. We learnt how to rope goats, swing a lasoo, and shoot at plastic plates. Once the Rodeo was done, we were off on a 5 hour drive to Hervey Bay. Corny and i (she's a girl Tammy and i met back in Mission Beach) were on a chocolate benge, so evey stop we bought a new type of chocolate bar, lots of fun and laughs on the bus. And, Tammy and i shared her IPod and listened to country music for the first time in a month! I MISS MY COUNTRY!!!! haha. Once we got settled into our Hostel, Palace Backpackers, all the Oz people met at Beaches for a couple drinks. There were 2 other Oz buses there as well, and ironically there were 2 Canadian blokes from Vancover there. We had some fun chats and beer with them aswell. It was all so fun!
That's Kroombit!

Love you all!
Katy xxx