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Katy’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Apr 2006

Location: Noosa

MapI'm in Noosa and LOVING IT!!!! it's absolutely gorgeous here. When we arrived, we had just gotten off a bus from Hervey Bay that started at 5:55 in the morning. TIRED!!! So, we were picked up by Bob, our courtesy bus driver, and taken to the Noosa North Shore hostel. It is absolutely beautiful and is away from all of the main stream tourist stuff, so nice!!! Tammy and i have just been totally taking the sights and relaxation for granted. There are tons of kangaroos jsut jumping aroung the hostel grounds like rabbits at home. There is a horse stable, a beach right outside the hostel, and 2 pools in the grounds. Our room is a 4 bunk room with a communal kitchen that we share with between 4 and 6 other people (depending of how many people are booked in that night) and just so much fun!!! So, on the 17th, we went to the hostel, set up our beds and such, and then it was off to NoosaVille (the heart of Noosa) with all the shops and such. Bought some presents and gfood, and then went home to meet our new room mates. There were 2 english guys names Tom and Will and a guy from America named Mark and Dutchie from Holland. So, we partied with them for the night and had some good fun.
On Tuesday, we hoped on a bus to go to the Steve Irwin Crocodile Zoo. it was AWESOME! We saw everything there is to see in Australia at this HUGE zoo! (I think even Grandad would have liked it) We saw the world famous crocodile show, fed elephants (SOOOO COOL!!!!!) and pet koalas! it was so good! And after a FULL day at the zoo, Tammy and i were exhausted, and once we got home, we fell asleep and basically slept the whole night away!
On Wednesday, we were given the chance to FINALLY go to a Market, and i jumped on the opportunity! It was SOOOOO good! i absolutely LOVED it! Bought some cute jewelery for really cheap and listened to some really great live music. it was awesome! So, we spent the day at the market and then hopped on the bus home and went out to the little bar at the hostel at aroung 8:30pm. Found out that it closed at 9:30 pm (how bizarre!!!) so, we ended up playing pool and drinking out on the patio. And then.. someone thought up a brilliant plan that there may be a hot tub on the other side of the property, so we all jumped into our suits and ran over to the other side... only to find out that it was just a cold pool with jets and bubbles... quite a disappointment. it was FREEZING, but we had some fun in it and then came back to our rooms for a hot shower!!!! so nice!
On Thursday, we decided to spend it by the pool and sunbake ALL day. it was awesome!!! We also got some new room mates from Isreal, which was really cool!
And todau, we're just trying to get caught up on e-mail and planet ranger, and then go to the Noosa National Park... so that should be lots of fun!
Well, keep on writing!
Love you all
Katy xxx