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Katy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Apr 2006

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

MapHappy Birthday Sarah Bellivance!!!!
Yesterday, it rained almost the whole day, so Tammy and I stayed in and read our books. At night, we partied with the people in our room and learnt some new drinking games. We ended the night at Cheeky Monkeys, and danced the night away! so much fun!
Today, we woke up and headed straight for the beach! Slept on the sand while soaking up the rays of the brilliantly shining sun and watched to surfer boys surf and the little kids play in the sand! so cute! after spending the whole day at the beach, we decided that we needed jeans for the rest of the trip - it gets so cold at night, and my MEC yoga pants just aren't that flattering to go to the bar in, so we decided to go jeans shopping! and we happily found a store which was having a blow out sale on jeans! So many to choose from, but we found a pair each and were happy campers for the rest of the night. We also found a cute little present for our fathers which they can use and take pictures of while they're on their crazy kayaking trips! this is to get you 2 back! haha! we had some new people move into our rooms from the Oz experience bus going north, so they were fun to talk to... we told them all the places to stay and where to go and where not to go and such! Noosa was deffinately in there! We also impresed them with our cooking skills, and had curried chicken for supper - SOOO GOOD! We decided to call it an early night and get our sleep for an amazing trip the next day to the Ligthhouse.
Love Katy