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Katy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Location: Perth, Australia

MapOn the first day that we arrived in Perth (Sunday, the 7th), both Tammy and I were dead tired, and Tammy wasn't quite feeling up to the weather to go sight seeing, so it was basically a write off.
On the second day that we arrived, Tammy was feeling alot better, so we decided to test the waters in Perth and see what it had to offer, and we were NOT disappointed! It was gorgeous! We walked down Barraks Street to see the infamous Swan Bells. They were amazing. It was this enormous swan like looking structure, that played music unheard of! As we entered the bells tower, we were awe-struken by the beauty and the magnitude that it had to offer. we then stopped on one of the levels to see what the bells instrumentalists looked like. We were shocked to see that they were old people all holding onto ropes in an enclosed room. Once they were signaled, they would all pull on the ropes and magically the loud booming of the bells would begin. I think that this is why no 2 bell ringings are the same. The first 2 or 3 bell falls would be like a downward scale, but after that, everyone was just kind of doing their own thing and pulling the strings whenever they felt like it. It was quite comical, but also amazing to see that this is the way these emormous bells were being made to ring! After the shock had warn away, we went up another level in the bell tower, and were amazed again to see the actual bells which were making this wonderous noise! To give you a hint of the magnitude of these bells, the smallest bell, the Treble Bell weighs 241 kgs; and the largest bell, the Tenor Bell weighs 1,480 kgs. They were HUGE!!! amazing sight to see when they were being chimed! Once at the top of the Swan Bell Tower, Tammy and i took pictures and then walked down the amazing glass stair case to go onto our next adventure. We were going to go to the well raved about Kings Park. On our meander over to it, we were thrown off by a blockade saying that due to a rock fall in June of 2005, we were not able to use the bridge, but if we walked 475m one way, we would come to Jacobs Ladder and be able to get to the Park from there. Ok, Tammy and i said. So, we walk, what seems alot longer than 500m, and found another couple looking quite lost aswell. Once conversing with them and looking on their map, we all decided that the 800 stairs just down the road was Jacobs Ladder. Well, i do believe that i am deffinately out of shape! Those stairs were a killer, but once at the top, the view was gorgeous!!! We went to the War Memorials, the beautiful Botanic Gardens, and did a very cool Tree-Top walk overtop of the Park and the water. Quite beautiful. Once done that, we headed off to buy food for supper. on our way to the grocers, Tammy said aloud that she was craving cheesecake, and then that got me to thinking that i was craving cheesecake. and then, that got us onto buying a whole cheesecake while shopping for a few things for supper. It was a VERY good cheesecake, if i do say so myself! once home to the hostel for some supper, we cooked, cleaned, and then were off to bed after that long day of gorgeous sight seeing.
Today, we decided to go over to Fremantle, a suburb of Perth. We took the Tram Railway over to "Freo", and hopped of to see what there was to see. We were pleasently surprised! There were gorgeous little shops, cute little cafes, a bunch of pubs, and the amazing Fremantle Prison. We took a tour through the prision, which was a maximum security prison until 1991, and were amazed with what the inmates were put through and were allowed to do! It was a very informative and interesting tour, going all through the prison, and into the cells, and seeing the courtyards, and the gallows (creepy!). it was quite enjoyable. We then stopped at a little gelato store called Armino for some incredibly rich gelato. it was the best treat yet (although the cheesecake was amazing!) Now, i am just finishing off writing to all of you about my journeys! hope you enjoyed reading!
Tomorrow, we are off on our 7day Exmouth return trip. Going to go and visit all the top sights along the way, and i'll tell you all about them when i get home! (of back to the hostel!)
love you!
Katy xxx