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Katy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Location: Kalberrie, Australia

MapThe beginning of our next planned trip began today! And how exciting was it, absolutely amazing! Tammy and I both loved all the sights and the people whom we met along the way!
This morning, at 6:45am, was our pickup by our driver, Simon! He introduced himself and loaded us onto the bus where 3 other people were awaiting our arrival. We did introductions, and found out that 2 of them were from England (surprise surprise) and ones for the upcomming events which were before us. Once back at the bus, we went to Hangover Bay for lunch. It was quite a nice bay, with FREEZING cold water, but an amazing lunch all the same! Once lunch was done, we went out to the sand doons and had our try at SandBoarding at Sandy Cape! It was absolutely halarious, and alot of work. First, we had to walk up a vertical hill of sand with this board attatched to our backs. Once at the top, we then had to sit onto the board, and fly down the hill, trying to steer with our fingers in the sand back behind us. At the botttom on the doon, there just happened to be a bunch of bunps and ramps which all of us managed to hit, and would go FLYING and then land in the sand... which would go EVERYWHERE! into our mouths, into our hair, into our togs.... haha. Tammy and I have it on video... so you can all laugh at us and watch us make fools of ourselves. haha. Tammy and I also believed that it was alot like snowboarding, so we had our try at standing up and trying to make it down to the bottom. Lets just say that we spent more time on our bottoms than standing up, going down the hill! hehe Once SandBoarding was finished, we went and tried to get the sand out of all the nooks and crannies of ourselves in the freezing cold oceanic water! BURR!!!! Once back of them was frin Canada. Quite Ironic! hehe. Anyways, we then went and picked up the other 5 people. On the bus, is contained many different ages, naitonalities, and personalities, but we all seemed to mesh quite well! The 2 English girls were named Louise, who was 28, and Louisa, who was 22. Ian, the Canadian, was 23, and the only other guy on the trip was an Australian named Frank, who turned out to be 45 in the end, which NONE of us expected! There was also a German girl named Katia, and 2 dutch people, one named Genaveve, who was 24, and her Mum, who we have no idea how old she was because she couldn't spreak English very well at all! It was quite a mix of people, but we found out how to all bind together to make the most of our trip.
The first stop on our trip was breakfast stop at Cataby RoadHouse. A little shack on the side of the road which didn't look very promising, so Tammy and I decided to have the yoghurt that we brought instead! Then, it was onto the PInnacles - an absolutely amazing area of calcified sandstone and limestone. These stoned were so varried in size, some only sticking out of the sand a couple of inches to ones around 8 feet tall! Amazing. We went for a walk all around the amazing creations and took many landscape shots of the beautiful sights! At the end of the walk, we all stopped and Simon said that he liked to have a couple minutes of peace at this spot to just enjoy life. We all st down and just engulfed the sights infront of us and perpared ourselvin the bus, we drove along the Ocean Road, where I sat up with Simon and chatted about what we would be doing and seeing on our trip! Quite interesting. We eventually ended up in Kalberrie at a hostel. An amazing BBQ was made for us, and then it was straight to bed because the wake-up call for tomorrow morning wat 5:30am.
All I have to say is that I'm glad I had earplugs! haha
Love Katy xxx